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Hydrolyze – Diminish The Look of Dark Under-Eye Circles


Hydrolyze® is an incredibly effective revitalizing under eye treatment that diminishes the look of dark under-eye circles and appearance of bags under the eyes. Hydrolyze® is able to provide truly amazing results because it utilizes an ingredient blend known as Hydroxatone®, which combines three cutting edge skin care compounds along with botanical extracts so as to create a synergistic and truly potent ally in the fight against the appearance of dark circles, puffiness, and wrinkles. And it does all of this without the use of needles or scalpels. You know what it is like to look in the mirror only to see that your eyes are telling you and the rest of the world the story of your harried life. Why not give your eyes the chance to tell the world how youthful and energetic you are by supporting them with Hydrolyze®? It is easy to do and after reading our helpful review here you can go straight to the BeautyBlogTalk Store to take advantage of this offer.Read a Full review of Hydrolyze here.

Facial Toner – New FDA Cleared Finally, Available In America
One of the most exciting products to enter the marketplace in recent years is newly FDA Cleared Facial Toner™ – a high-end Spa quality do it yourself, in the comfort of your own home product for rejuvenating the face muscles to their youthful levels. Facial Toner™ uses the same medical grade stimulation technology that has been used in the medical industry for over 30 years and it is now the latest and best way to stimulate the nerves that cause your facial muscles to contract and relax, mimicking the body’s own movement. Read a Full review of Facial Toner here.

Beenigma - Premium All-In-One Bee Venom Face Cream
We are so pleased to bring this formula to you and have found that Beenigma is the premium choice among Bee Venom face creams in the entire world. New Zealand, where the premium Beenigma face cream is manufactured - is located in the South Pacific at the bottom of the world. There are very few places on earth offering such unspoiled wilderness and purity in flora and fauna. It is this purity and beauty that inspires the very core of the Beenigma cream. The Beenigma story is a new story with old origins. It began in Auckland, New Zealand where the Beenigma team undertook research into Apitherapy and specifically the use of Bee Venom as a means to fight the signs of aging. It has been discovered that topically applied Bee Venom directly nurtures cell regeneration, assists in collagen formation and even helps in the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. The more the Beenigma team learned, the more they were amazed by Bee Venom and its incredible rejuvenating effects. Read a Full review of Beenigma here.

Flex Belt - Rapid Stomach Toning Medical Technology
The stomach toning Flex Belt® is by far the most effective we have ever seen of its kind. The results are astonishing – The Flex Belt is proven to work for everyone. In fact – in clinical trials done with The Flex Belt, 100% of the participants received results in flattening, toning, and firming their stomach in just weeks. The Flex Belt is the first EMS (Electric Muscle Stimulation) product of its kind cleared by the FDA. You get up to 150 perfect contractions on each ab muscle in each 30 minute session. You don’t have to concentrate on your form. You can use The Flex Belt at work, around the house, while taking a walk, cooking, watching TV etc. For consumers who don’t have the time or for those that may have tried to flatten and tone their stomachs before, this product is precisely what they’ve been looking for. It is also great for people that are in awesome shape and already have a great stomach – it will simply make it more strong and defined.

Membrane Integrity Factor – Look and Feel Young Again
This is the absolute best rejuvenating product we have found that works for both men and women from the inside out. Membrane Integrity Factor is a true anti-aging oral supplement containing real HGHR combined with 2-AEP formulated by world-renowned German doctor Hans Nieper. The formula has won awards and has numerous benefits for men and women looking for a way to reduce the effects of aging and feel and look younger again. Be sure to check out the blog posts on this amazing and powerful formulation. Read a Full review of Membrane Integrity Factor here.

Flex Mini® -- Get a Sexy, Shapely & Perky Butt In Just Weeks
Ladies it is time to get your sexy and shapely butt back! This is the first FDA cleared butt toning device we have seen of this kind. The Flex Mini® was designed to strengthen and tone the butt and upper backs of the thighs all while you go about your day. We especially like that the Flex Mini® features varying degrees of intensity allowing you to progress all the way up to level 99 (the highest form of electronic stimulation.) The Flex Mini® does all the work so you don't have to. You will get a very effective workout without even having to think about it!! In fact – you can use it while surfing the internet, taking care of the kids, on the phone with friends, working, walking etc….talk about being all about multi-tasking. Most of us complain about not having the energy to take care of ourselves or simply not having the time because, well we don’t really like strenuous activity in the first place. With this newly cleared technology, women are reporting more positive results and less excuses. Read a Full review of Flex Mini here.

Keranique - Hair Regrowth for Women
The Keranique System for hair regrowth has already created an immediate stir in the marketplace, having been a huge hit on the Home Shopping Network and the Dr. Oz Show. The success of the company is being talked about at CBS Money Watch, Market Watch, and Yahoo Financial to name a few and Molly Novar-Baker, beauty director at Women's Health Magazine says, “For all women experiencing thinning hair, it's going to affect confidence...Keranique is definitely a permanent fix!” Thick, beautiful, shiny and healthy hair – every woman wants it! But, due to the effects of aging and chemical treatments, many women suffer from thinning, lifeless, unmanageable and listless hair. 30 million women to be exact. Men have several products already on the market which are devoted to their hair loss issues. However, using hair loss products formulated for men may cause potentially serious side-effects for female users. Now comes a product designed specifically for women, guaranteed to restore beautiful flowing, shiny, thick hair. The Keranique System includes the only clinically proven and FDA cleared formula to re-grow and beautify hair, and reaction to the products is overwhelmingly positive. Read a Full review of Keranique here.

InstantEffect – Reduce Wrinkles In 90 Seconds
InstantEffect™ is a wrinkle-reducing product that is unlike any other. Reducing the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and crow’s feet by over 30% in only 90 seconds, InstantEffect™ offers you something you might have never before thought possible. Most people think that in order to significantly smooth the skin and promote a youthful appearance they either need to spend months on a consistent skin care regimen or, worse, undergo the physical and financial burden of injection methods or surgical procedures. Yet InstantEffect’s™ revolutionary blend of skin-tightening silica crystals, vitamins, and moisturizing agents brings you truly instant results for a youthful look that lasts up to eight hours and can be applied multiple times throughout the day if necessary. What is even more surprising to many consumers is that they do not need to fork over scads of money to get their hands on InstantEffect™. Rather, they can take advantage of the manufacturer’s amazing 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee. With a product that is backed by both user surveys and outstanding user testimonials, it only makes sense to at least give InstantEffect™ a try. But before you do, read more about the product in our informative review. Read a Full review of InstantEffect here.

Miracle Slim Wrap The At-Home Spa Quality Body Wrap
The Miracle Slim Wrap is an at home version of the SPA treatments that take inches off your problem areas in one session. This effective product works just as well as any SPA treatment and it is a fraction of the cost. Customers lose anywhere from 1-4 inches on a problem area that they use the Wrap on. It is not permanent weight loss, but it lasts for more than a day and with continuous use it definitely does work on those problem areas for long-term results. This is a great product for anyone that wants to look slimmer immediately: Going out on a date, a big event, a business meeting, going to the beach, vacations and so much more. The customers like it. Give the blogs a skim – it definitely is well received. Read a Full review of Miracle Slim Wrap here.

Hydroxatone – Anti Wrinkle AM/PM Cream
Hydroxatone is currently the top rated, award winning anti-wrinkle complex on the market. Hydroxatone® is the only product that contains all four of the most effective and exciting ingredients for reversing and preventing the look of wrinkles. No other formula has combined these ingredients into one cream and the customer’s have been reporting enthusiastic results. The Hydroxatone® website has endless testimonials from customers who have enjoyed their products. The formula combines both of the only clinically proven & patented ingredients for reversing the look of face wrinkles; Argireline® and Matrixyl 3000®, and combines them with SPF for sun protection. We feel, no other product does this because of cost and manufacturing time restraints. Clinical data that your formula works says it all….and Hydroxatone® provides ample proof. This is very valuable information because customers can rest assured it works. If your goal is to look younger, this truly an effective and results driven product. Read a Full review of Hydroxatone here.

Hydrolyze – Diminish The Look of Dark Under-Eye Circles
Hydrolyze® is an incredibly effective revitalizing under eye treatment that diminishes the look of dark under-eye circles and appearance of bags under the eyes. Hydrolyze® is able to provide truly amazing results because it utilizes an ingredient blend known as Hydroxatone®, which combines three cutting edge skin care compounds along with botanical extracts so as to create a synergistic and truly potent ally in the fight against the appearance of dark circles, puffiness, and wrinkles. And it does all of this without the use of needles or scalpels. You know what it is like to look in the mirror only to see that your eyes are telling you and the rest of the world the story of your harried life. Why not give your eyes the chance to tell the world how youthful and energetic you are by supporting them with Hydrolyze®? It is easy to do and after reading our helpful review here you can go straight to the BeautyBlogTalk Store to take advantage of this offer. Read a Full review of Hydrolyze here.

Total Curve – Breast Enhancement Therapy
Age doesn’t have to deprive you of your sexy curves. With Total Curve you can firm and lift your breasts in a natural, safe way. This product is the perfect alternative to surgery, which is too expensive and invasive of an option for most women. We found Total Curve is perfect for women of all ages - those who just had a child, to those who just went through menopause. It can benefit any woman who wants fuller, firmer breasts that are lifted and more youthful. This dual-product system has been scientifically developed and utilizes clinically proven ingredients. The Total Curve system delivers results by working both internally and externally. It is the most intensive and effective breast enhancement system now available. The product has become very popular on the blogs and many are talking about the noticeable difference. Read a Full review of Total Curve here.

Provestra – Female Libido Pills
Provestra is a doctor endorsed completely natural sexual enhancer. This product was specifically developed to meet women’s sexual needs. Many women experience a decrease in their sexual desire at some point, and some women never achieve a fully satisfying sex life. Oftentimes this can be due to hormonal imbalances that deplete energy and turn off the sex drive. The Provestra formula is capable of supporting the female reproductive system and restoring balance so that women can experience fast arousal, intensified sexual pleasure and responsiveness to sexual touch and stimulation. Provestra’s comprehensive formula can provide life-changing results and allow women to experience the sex life they’ve always dreamed of. If you’ve wanted to make a change in the bedroom, Provestra is the one formula to try. Read a Full review of Provestra here.

Nuphedrine® -- Burn More Calories per Day
NuPhedrine® has revolutionized the diet industry with its cutting-edge non-prescription formula. While other products may simply claim to provide results, NuPhedrine®’s makers can state with complete honesty that you WILL burn more calories per day. This claim is made possible because of the clinically proven ingredients included in this product’s formula. The only product of its kind, NuPhedrine® combines real South African Hoodia in the proven 20x strength, Patented Advantra-Z® and Slimaluma—the three most lauded and clinically proven weight loss ingredients on the market today. Never before has a product combined these three in such straightforward potency. With amazing before-and-after pictures from real customers, you will immediately want to purchase NuPhedrine® and get it shipped to your door as quickly as possible. And with a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee, there is no going wrong with this incredible product. Their customers love this product – check out the blog postings….they really say it all. We can safely recommend this product based on what the users have to report. Read a Full review of NuPhedrine here.

Vigorelle - Sexual Pleasure at Your Fingertips
Calling all unsatisfied women! Vigorelle can help women find their passion and amp up their sex life. This product has been used by thousands of women to revitalize their libido and bring back their enjoyment for sex. This topical cream works as a silky lubricant that will stimulate the body’s own natural lubrication process and work to intensify sexual stimulation. With Vigorelle it is pretty much guaranteed that a woman will climax like never before, which makes it much easier to increase a woman’s interest and enjoyment for sex. As seen on Fox News, this effective formula is backed by members of the medical community and contains a proven herbal formula. Read a Full review of Vigorelle here.

Ahh Bra - The Solution to your Bra Problems
With Ahh Bra you don’t have to sacrifice looking good for comfort. This functional and fashionable bra offers the support you need to stay firm and lifted, but does so without the binding and pinching wires of traditional bras. The Ahh Bra slims your appearance with its smoothing benefits and helps to prevent rolls and bulge caused by many traditional bras. The Ahh Bra provides the perfect fit and can even go up and down with you - two sizes. This bra is machine washable, affordable and the most supportive option available we’ve seen! Read a Full review of Ahh Bra here.

ClearPores – Acne Free Beautiful Skin
If you thought another brand of acne product was #1, think again. Right now the #1 rated acne system is ClearPores. You can clear up your complexion today with the ClearPores acne cleansing system. This revolutionary product comes with an herbal supplement to restore internal balance, and topical cleansers and creams to attack external causes of acne. The ClearPores complete system can provide clear results like never before. With this new approach, the pores will be unblocked from the inside out and cleansed of bacteria and dead skin cells. With ClearPores the texture and composition of the skin will be smoothed and finally even. The end result is beautiful, clear, vibrant skin that is free of spots and allows you to look great each and every day. The postings in the blogs have a very high positive response. Read a Full review of ClearPores here.


182 Responses to “Hydrolyze”

Deneen A.: I tried Hydrolyze because I have dark circles, the real kind, not shadows. I was using a different, more expensive product but I didn’t see the drastic improvement I’d hoped for. So I started using Hydrolyze the first day I received it. It felt so light going on I didn’t feel like I was doing further damage needing to ‘massage’ it in. Now at my second week, my husband noticed and commented that I “must be getting enough rest because the blue marks under my eyes are gone.” That for me speaks volumes – I had noticed, but to have him comment positively – let’s just say that he is least likely to notice something missing. I will certainly continue to use this product.

Michael G.: This is not a product just for women. I tried Hydrolyze a few times and after the first week I could tell it really works. It feels good on your skin and I can tell that the dark color under my eyes is showing improvement.

June L.: I’ve tried countless products on the market to make my eyes look more rested, but have not found anything that works as well as Hydrolyze. I also have noticed diminished fine lines around my eyes which was an extra added bonus!

Nikole S.: For years, I have used many high-end anti-aging products, but I never experienced my desired results from these eye creams. I have been using Hydrolyze under eye cream for almost 4 weeks and I have already seen my dark circles lighten up at least two shades lighter. The lines around my eyes are decreasing by the day and they look and feel much firmer. I can’t wait to see the results after prolong usage.

Sharon F.: Thank you for providing this link to your site so that I can tell you how much I love the results I’ve received from using Hydrolyze under-eye treatment. I don’t have dark circles under my eyes, but I did have a problem with puffiness and wrinkles. When I read about the ingredients in Hydrolyze, I really looked forward to trying it. Of course, the proof of any product’s effectiveness is in the results. And results are what I got! After only a few weeks using Hydrolyze over the entire eye area, both morning and night, the improvement was amazing! Now, I rarely see any puffiness in the morning and the wrinkles around my eyes are greatly diminished, both in number and in depth. I am happily looking forward to further improvement with continued use.

Joseph N.: I have battled with dark under eye circles all my life. I always looked worn and tired. Sometimes I’d even wear glasses to hide my eyes. Hydrolyze has made a dramatic difference in my appearance.

Kim H: I have suffered with extreme dark, deep circles around the entire eye area my whole life. In my mid 40’s, after many costly creams, lotions, and disappointing answers from skin care specialists I will try anything with a promise of results. None have worked! I cannot leave the house without cover up, and it has nothing to do with how tired I am. They are ALWAYS there! In addition, because of constant application and reapplication of cover up makeup, to such a delicate area, the skin has become “stretched and creped” both above and below the eye. With my first application of Hydrolyze I noticed an immediate brightening of the area, and the soothing moisturizers seemed to give a smoother appearance to the lines. It also made the application of cover up much smoother, requiring much less product. I am only on my third week, so I know there is more improvement ahead. So far I am very happy with the results! After all this time, I’m thrilled that there is finally something out there!

Amanda W. L.: I am 59 years old and have been using Hydrolyze Under Eye Cream for 2 months, at breakfast, my husband, out of the blue, looked at me and said that the dark circles under my eyes were a lot less noticeable. Needless to say, that brought a smile to my face.

Lydia B.: I am a college student, and nothing could cover up the dark circles left by sleepless nights. The only thing that saves me from looking like a raccoon every day is Hydroxeye. I now look like I’m awake even if I don’t feel like it.

LaDonna L.: My entire life has been plagued with dark, dark under eye circles. I was repeatedly told that these were caused by close surface blood vessels, and short of expensive plastic surgery there was nothing that could help eliminate them. There is no

Anjalin B.: The eye cream really works and I would like to recommend it to anybody expecting genuine results.

Jeanne K.: I love your product. It’s non-greasy and in a week I noticed a decrease in wrinkles. You certainly have a miracle product.

Angie: Okay, I guess I’ll have to reserve my judgement until I’ve used the Hydrolyze a little longer. I’ve now been using it every single morning nad night for 3 weeks now. I forgot to take a “before” picture but I don’t think I see a change yet in my circles. I have the classic hereditary dark blue/brownish circles below my eyes and on my eyelids. I’ve had them always! I even have preschool pictures of me with the dark circles and one of my daughters got them from me. My aunt and Grandma have them too – and my sister to a much lesser degree. I don’t know how long I should give this product but I’m willing to keep trying. I can’t even IMAGINE having NO circles…. but I’ll be happy if they at least lighten up significantly.

Dorothy I.: I have used about every eye product on the market without results. After using the Hydroxeye treatment, I can see improvement in the wrinkles and bags under the eyes.

JoAnn K.: I have used the under eye treatment and it not only diminishes my dark circles but, makes them easier to cover with concealer, and makes the area smoother. I use several, Hydrolyze products and have been happy with all of them.

Laura R.: This is the best under eye product I have ever used. Plagued with under eye circles since the age of 10, I had almost given up!! I no longer need to pile on the concealer to hide these circles. Thank you Hydroxeye! You have a loyal customer for life.

Angela N.: I have suffered for years with puffiness and dark circles under my eyes. This always left me looking tired and I would get comments like, “You sure look tired” or “You look like you could use some rest”. I thought I had tried every product under the sun,spent more money than I like to even think about. I heard the Hydrolyze commercial on the radio. I was very skeptical but decided to try it anyway. One day, about ten days after starting I looked in the mirror and was surprised to see more rested, younger eyes. My dark circles are barely visible, the puffiness is 100% gone and my upper eyelids even look tighter. Thanks for your product. This is my first testimonial ever but the product deserves praise. I’m going to try some of the other products now. THANKS.

Carol K.: When I received my Hydrolyze, I was excited to try this product to reduce the darkness under my eyes. The first thing I noticed was the texture of the cream. It was very smooth and light. After applying it, it instantly absorbed into my skin and it wasn’t greasy. I have used it twice daily and my raccoon eyes are slowly diminishing.

Anne A.: I started using Hydrolyze and could see a difference almost immediately. I have used so many different eye creams that don’t work. I am going to be ordering the rest of the skin care products. I have a lot of allergies and I have had no problem with Hydrolyze.

Margot R.: I had heard from many people that dark circles under the eyes are similar to a bruise, in that they are caused by blood close to the skin surface; so the idea of using something to reduce the leaked blood under the skin sounded more appealing than just trying to cover the dark circles up. I was hesitant at first to try Hydrolyze because I didn’t think anything could really work. After only about 2 weeks I noticed a huge improvement! At first I thought it was my imagination but now that I’m into my second month’s supply, I’m convinced that the darkness has diminished a lot. I’m definitely going to continue using it! I feel so happy to have found a product that really does what it claims.

Julie G.: I have been using Hydrolyze for 3 months now. I had very dark circles under both of my eyes. I was hesitant of purchasing the product because I have tried many others and they have irritated my eyes and I have gotten no results. I always thought that I would live with these forever but after using the product for only a couple of weeks I noticed the lightening of the circles and now after 3 months they are barely noticeable. Hydrolyze never irritates my eyes and I can’t believe the difference it has made.

Clare P.: For as long as I can remember I have had dark circles under my eyes. My mom always commented that I looked so tired. I thought I would always have to wear a thick coat of concealer under my eyes! I have been using Hydrolyze now for 2 months and what a difference! Not only have the dark circles faded significantly, but also the crow’s feet around my eyes have filled in. I hardly use any concealer now and I don’t look tired all the time. WOW.

Debbie P.: I purchased the Hydrolyze Under Eye Treatment in December. I had an appt with a new doctor in early February and when she asked me my age, she was shocked. I told her I was 50 and she said she was only 48 and I looked so much better than her. Hydrolyze really worked for me.

Joanne P.: I am genetically prone for dark puffy circles under my eyes. I had them even as a teenager. As of the last few years they have gotten worse. I am only 28 and am just starting to get fine lines around my eyes. Within a month of use, Hydrolyze significantly decreased both the dark circles and fine lines. I don’t look like I missed a night of sleep anymore.

Christina D.: Earlier this week I received my order of Hydrolyze and only a few days later a few people at work asked me what I was doing differently! I tend to have very dry skin around the eye area and can be quite skeptical about new products but this product is smooth as silk and very refreshing. I only wish I found your products years ago!

Jeanie D.: I am also one of those ladies with a drawer full of eye creams that did nothing for me. I really thought Hydrolyze would be “another waste of time” but after using for two weeks I actually see a difference. I just got off the phone with Hydrolyze customer service a few minutes ago and the service I received was more than I have ever received from other places trying to sell me a product. Lou answered all my questions and made me feel “special”. That convinced me I am going to try more products. This is truly a great product that does make a difference.

Amity: I just purchased a bottle of Hydroleyes from Enutramart, and the bottle is green(not clear like I am seeing in the online pics.), and the spelling on the container is “Hydrolyze”. Also, after reading the box and ingredients it says it contains the main ingeredients:hydoxatone and haloxyl, but no mention of Matrixl 3000. Does anyone know if this is the same product as I’ve read about here in the blog?? I hope I purchased the correct one, because I really need it right now!

Ed R.: I purchased the rejuvenating treatment product primarily for my wife, but have used it on my own face as well. I could see results in my wife’s skin within the first week. Lines around her eyes have reduced dramatically. Where she had darkening under the eyes that also has visibly reduced. She is extremely delighted with the product and intends to purchase the lift product in the near future. My wife uses the product daily. I am not as diligent yet, but am getting better. Thank you for making this product, and for making my wife very happy.

Terri K.: I have had a problem with puffiness under my eyes for years. I have tried just about everything for this problem without any results. I heard a commercial for Hydrolyze on the radio and decided to try it. I have been using Hydrolyze for a little over 3 weeks now. After just a week and a half I woke up one morning with no puffiness under my eyes! I can’t believe how quickly your product worked and will continue to use it faithfully.

Michelle I.: I am 35 and I just starting to notice a dark shading under my eyes and a little wrinkling around my eyes. I’ve read about Hydroxeye and thought I would try it. I’ve been using it for 4 weeks now and my eyes look brighter and much smoother, my eye concealer goes on much better. Before I started using Hydroxeye I thought I always looked tired but now I look so refreshed. I love this product and will continue to use it forever.

CArol G.: This is the best product that I have used for wrinkle reduction; especially around my eyes. You know, those dreaded crow’s feet! I have been using the product since November 2007. I just received my second three month supply shipment.

Marcy M.: I have been using Hydrolyze for two months and just ordered 4 more jars. I have very fair skin and have had dark circles under my eyes all of my adult life. My dermatologist told me that there was nothing that could help the condition. I was amazed to see the difference as the dark circles disappeared! I no longer use a primer eye shadow as I also found that my eye shadow goes on “smooth as silk” over the applied eye cream.

Brittany A.: I have always had dark circles under my eyes. Being anemic doesn’t help. I have never found a product that actually works until now. I started off just searching online for the best products out there and came across this product. I figured I would give it a try, not actually expecting results. Boy, was I wrong! I have been using Hydrolyze for a little over 3 weeks and have noticed it has really lightened up my dark circles and my eyes feel a lot smoother. I was starting to get fine lines and those are now diminishing as days go on. I also have really bad allergies and was so pleased with how gentle it was to my eye area. Wow, a product that works and is gentle; what a relief. I am no longer interested in any other eye cream out there. This is the answer for me!

Branch R.: Hydrolyze is a miracle! I needed something for my dark circles. My circles were so dark that no concealer would cover them. After hearing an add, I decided to try Hydrolyze and guess what? After 2 weeks, I noticed that I wasn’t piling on the concealer in order to cover the dark circles. After 4 weeks, I don’t need to wear concealer at all. This is the best product that I have ever bought, just because it delivers what it promises. Now, my eyes look rested with or without makeup.

Joseph A.: I have been using this product ever since September of 2006. I had a Rhinoplasty surgery that left me with dreaded dark under-eye circles that followed me everywhere I went. I hated them and it made me look tired and brought my confidence down. I looked everywhere trying to find a solution, even surgery. I tried so many products with no results until I heard about a no-risk trial of Hydrolyze on the radio. With using Hydrolyze, I saw results as quick as 3 days!!! Seriously, just 3 days and people were noticing that I looked different. It looked like I had a full night’s rest. It seriously rejuvenated my look and restored me back to what my under eyes looked like before surgery. I was so pleased that I ordered more! Give Hydrolyze a try, you won’t regret it!!!

Lim L.: I used to use all the expensive eye creams available, and nothing seemed to show significant results. I had to use two creams at one time; one for under eye circles and another cream to moisturize. One day I heard the commercial on the radio, although a little skeptical that nothing has worked before, I decided to give your product a try. Within one week of using the cream, I noticed a huge difference, even without all my under eye concealer. I finally found one product with all the benefits!!! I only use one cream now instead of two for my under eye troubles and save a ton of money !!! I am now a faithful user and thank you for such an amazing product!!!

John E.B.: I have been using the Hydrolyze Under Eye Treatment for several months and the before and after results are very impressive. I’ve tried other products in the past, but none had the same effects as this one. It really reduces dark circles, and gives a brighter appearance to the skin. I work late hours and I don’t always get the proper rest I need. This product helps to keep me looking like I do.

Penelope: If you’re looking for more information on hydrolyze here’s a website!

Nancy P.: I started using Hydrolyze over a year ago. I have tried every big name and small product on the market, with the promise to get rid of dark circles and puffiness. I used to use two kinds of cover-up makeup which covered it some what, but never looked too good. Then I heard about your product on the radio. I couldn’t believe it! My eyes look 20 years younger. No more gunkie makeup. The skin under my eyes is no longer puffy or dark, and the little lines are gone too. I love the product, it’s worth every penny.

Twyla H.: I purchased Hydrolyze over a month ago and have been using it twice a day since then. I am plagued with dark circles and puffiness under the eyes. After a months use of this product I have noticed a definite decline in the appearance of my dark circles and puffiness. The skin under my eyes also seems to be softer and not as wrinkled. I am excited to continue this product to see what the next month of use will bring :)

Cecilia S.: As a woman of 39, I have been looking for effective ways to cure my dark eye circles, and fine lines of age. I can hardly see the wrinkles under my eyes; and the dark circles have been reduced after using it everyday for a month. I do not have to use the concealer now. My husband commented this morning that my eyes did not look as tired as before. I was pleased to reorder one month supply again this noon. “This is a product worthy to try”, I will recommend to my girl friends who would like to stay young and pretty.

MaryBeth F.: I have spent thousands of dollars over the years on creams that were supposed to help dark circles, and concealers to hide them. The creams were usually very irritating, and never changed the circles. I tried one more time with Hydrolyze, and to my delight have finally found an effective product. Not only does it lighten the area, it does it with absolutely no irritation!

Mayford O.: Hydrolyze is the most incredible eye cream that I have ever used. I have used just about every brand out there and never before have my eyes looked brighter and softer. I have turned two of my girl friends on to this and both tell me that it is the best money they ever spent. I started using it one month ago and have just ordered the 4 pack. What makes this also special is that science is behind it, unlike other creams.

Antonietta M.: I have been using the Hydrolyze since March 1, and I can see the difference it has made around my eyes. I have used many products out there and this one works the best in reducing darkness around the eyes. A pleasant surprise was the smoothness that has come from being diligent in applying twice a day. Also, the product goes a long way, since not very much is needed to apply around the eyes. I just started to use a new container of Hydrolyze. so one container lasts me 3 months. That’s amazing.

Kati M.: I purchased your under eye treatment after hearing it advertised on the radio. I have used every product imaginable to try to get rid of my dark circles and nothing worked until your product. Even my husband noticed the difference! I can’t wait to try other products in your skin care line.

Laurel C.: I have been using Hydrolyze Under Eye Treatment for the past two months. The skin around my eyes has definite darkness and I was willing to give this product a try. At age 59, soon to be 60, I have used a variety of eye lightening products but have found none that do as they say. I was a skeptic when I saw the ads for the Hydrolyze product but was willing to give it an honest try. I have been pleased with the results so far. I have noticed a definite difference in the both my under eye and eye lids skin. I would give it a 70% improvement. I am going to continue using this product as I feel it took many years for this to develop and I can only hope that I will see more improvement as time goes by. Also, even though the product is pricey, a little goes a long way and my first jar lasted at least 2 months.

Lona V.: I have inherited from my mother, the terribly visible dark circles under my eyes. In the past, even makeup artists have remarked to me their struggle in concealing my dark circles. Thankfully, two months ago I tried the Hydrolyze Under Eye Treatment and have been amazed with the stellar results! My dark circles have been visibly reduced and makeup now glides on under my eyes. I am a busy professional and have had both colleagues and clients comment on how well-rested and rejuvenated I have been looking. I attribute this to the massive diminishment of the dark circles under my eyes because of Hydrolyze. I feel as if I look younger and more vibrant.

nary: i started using hydroleyes for a couple of days now and no complaints here. feel less self conscious abt how sick i look to others now=D

Barbara S.: I just started seeing dark circles and bags under my eyes this year (I am 40). I complained to my friends about it and one day one of my friends showed up at my house with Hydrolyze information and told me to stop complaining about it and use this stuff. I was thrilled – I had heard of things like this – but I didn’t know where to buy it! So I bought it and I have used it two times a day and my dark circles are completely gone now – amazing! The bags are not completely gone – but at least 70% gone – I will never stop using this product – it is unbelievable!

Beate B.: I am 51 years old. I have been plagued with dark circles und swelling under my eyes, which made me feel years older than I am. I have been searching and trying out different products without any significant changes. Then I came upon your product. I have been using it now for about 3 months. Yesterday at work my coworker asked me what I use for my skin since my complexion looks so “youthful.” Now I look in the mirror in the morning, the dark circles are barley visible and the swelling is gone. What a good feeling to start the day.

Rebecca C.: I cannot say enough about Hydrolyze. I’ve got a drawer full of under eye products that have not worked to eliminate my dark circles. Hydrolyze lives up to it’s promise. My under eye area is softer, lighter and I no longer layer it with thick undercover cream to hide the dark circles as they’re gone! I’ve started circling my eye area with Hydrolyze daily. I’m pleased with the positive changes in my skin and how my cosmetics go on smoother. A little Hydrolyze goes a long way. I cannot do without this wonderful product.

Joey S.: A friend brought me your ad because I was complaining about my dark circles. I am Italian and they were really pretty dark…By the end of the second month my eye circles were gone. People even commented, on how young I looked. I just received 4 more of the product. I am almost 70 and with- out the dark circles I look 55. I am very pleased with this product. I have used many others and been disappointed. One very happy customer.

Laurie C.: I have suffered from deep dark under eye circles for as long as I can remember. Every day I had to cake on the makeup just so I did not look like I went a few rounds with a heavy weight fighter. I have been using Hydrolyze for a month and a half and I have noticed a difference in my eyes. I don’t look tired all the time. I would recommend this product to anyone that suffers from dark circles.

Darlene R.: The recent product I tried was for my eyes, Hydrolyze. I thought it could help the tired, black, puffy eye look under my eyes that I had. I started using it everyday and could see a noticeable change in my dark circles. They seem to be paler. It is very good for the delicate part of your eye.

Genevieve R.: My father told me about this product that he found in the paper for relief of dark circles under the eyes. After having gone to a cosmetic surgeon, I was wondering if I was going to truly inherit my grandmother’s bags. I was tired of having people ask me if I was tired all the time! So I tried the product and over the last 2 months, I have noticed my under eyes are brighter, tighter and not as noticeably baggy – and all for such a great price. I have tried other eye products before and haven’t seen the results Hydrolyze gave me.

Rachel: I have to say I am disappointed overall with this product. I was very excited after reading all the reviews and purchased it immediately.However, I have used it faithfully for 8 weeks and have no serious improvement with lines or dark circles. I am young, but sun, heredity, sleep, and allergies are not on my side when it comes to the area around my eyes, so I have tried many other products including $100+ creams from the dermatologist and am still searching for the one that works!This product does however have a very nice texture and lasts a long time…a little goes a long way, but overall I will not recommend it to others for use of serious dark circles and fine lines.

Kellie T.: I purchased Hydroxatone Under Eye Treatment and received a free Gentle Milky Cleanser product over 120 days ago to see if there were any type of product that would actually help the dark circles under my eyes. After 14 days of using this product I knew for a fact that this was something I need to keep in my medicine cabinet. I am 35 years old and I have had dark circles under my eyes for the past 14 years. I couldn’t go a day without putting on facial makeup to cover the dark circles underneath my eyes. I’m now free to wake up in the morning shower and do my hair without worrying about covering up my dark circles. I am so happy to have found a product that has allowed me to feel comfortable with my looks.

Judy A.: I have been using Hydrolyze revitalizing under eye cream for more than six months now. My original order lasted approximately six months and I put it on hold until I needed it again. I have seen extraordinary results on my crow’s feet. They have almost disappeared. I will be sixty years old in November 2008. I have tried the most expensive to the least expensive eye cream which say that there is a considerable decrease in lines, but nothing beats Hydrolyze. My lines are barely noticeable!

Mary P.: I am writing to you today to tell you how pleased I am with Hydrolyze Under Eye Treatment. I am 54 years old and have been trying for many years to find an eye treatment that wasn’t just plain hype. Finally, with Hydrolyze something works. The puffiness and darkness has diminished daily. Within a week I could see a difference. I even use a little around my mouth.

Jessica B.: I’m still one of Hydrolyze Under Eye Treatment’s biggest fans! I started using your eye cream over six months ago after my sister told me about it, and I’m extremely pleased with the lasting results. Recently a cousin I hadn’t seen in 13 years came to visit me and demanded to know when I’d had my eyes “done.” I don’t think she believed me when I said it was the Hydrolyze. My eyes seem to have regained that wide-awake look that younger people have. My upper eye area is a lot firmer now. The under-eye wrinkles have really softened, and the under-eye puffiness has diminished. I can’t tell you how happy this improvement in my appearance has made me. I’ll never give this product up!

Diane B.: I have been using Hydrolyze for about 1 month. I purchased Hydrolyze because dark circles under the eyes run in my family and I wanted to get rid of these dark circles before they get worse. In using Hydrolyze for this short period of time I have notice a great improvement in the appearance of dark circles and crows feet around the eye area.

Karen L.: I rec’d my Hydrolyze on June 11, 2008, and immediately starting using the product. I have always had dark circles under my eyes, not related to allergies or lack of sleep. My daughter also has the same dark circles and I was so excited to hear of Hydrolyze that I ordered a jar for her as well. I have noticed in just over 2 weeks that there is a definite lightening of the circles under my eyes. I am using less concealer make-up in this area now, and have started wearing my contacts more often. My glasses tended to distract from the dark circles so I have been wearing them more in the last few years. I have used a few other products claiming to reduce dark circles but none ever seemed to have any effect. I am a convert to Hydrolyze, and will continue to purchase the product. I am also going to recommend it to my sisters and mother who are also affected by the under-eye circles.

Banan E.: I purchased Hydrolyze to get rid of the dark circles under my eyes. I have only used Hydrolyze for 18 days, and what an improvement it has made. The dark circles under my eyes are fading with each day of use. I highly recommend Hydrolyze to anyone with dark circles, you will be amazed with the results!

seba: hydro is bad

Brenda K.: In my last shipment, I ordered a jar of Hydrolyze for my husband. He has terrible black bags under his eyes – has had this condition for many years. I forced him to try the Hydrolyze – morning and night – for one month. I am amazed at the change in his appearance (and he also admits there is a difference!) Now I am going to try it – if it works on my husband’s stubborn old skin, I’m hopeful it will do wonders for me as well!

Maryann K.: I purchased Hydrolyze and have been using it as directed for about 3 weeks. I’ve tried every product out there for dark circles and puffiness with minimal success. Hydrolyze has a nice consistency. I keep it in the refrigerator and when I put it on in the morning it feels great and reduces the puffiness under my eyes almost immediately. I still have circles under my eyes, but they do appear brighter. It’s only been 3 weeks, so I’m hopeful the results will continue to improve with time.

Pamela N.: I am going to be 65 in November this year and have always had dark circles under my eyes. I have never found a product that works and I have purchased everything at the department stores that say it will work, and does not make any difference. I started using the Hydrolyze when I received it on 6-21-08 and within two weeks the dark circles diminished dramatically. I am also excited about the other products I am using.

Amber W.: I have been using Hydrolyze for a little over a month now (I received my product on 6-12-08 and it is currently 7-17-08). I decided to give Hydrolyze a try for my dark under-eye circles after reading all the wonderful testimonials of what Hydrolyze has done for so many others. I do not have severe dark under-eye circles, but they are bad enough that I have to put a decent amount of concealer on them in order to mask their appearance. Well, it really is working. The darkness has faded! I hardly need any concealer under my eyes anymore, and I can go out in public without makeup for the first time in years without feeling embarrassed about looking tired. I love the product, and it even seems like the thin skin that is under my eyes doesn’t look so transparent anymore, which is a wonderful thing :)

Chris E.: I have been using Hydrolyze for 3 months. I had serious bags and lines under my eyes and very saggy eye lids. I always looked tired even though I have tons of energy (thanks to Longevity!). I have tried many eye products, but will use Hydrolyze from now on. The skin around my eyes has tightened up so much and the lines have really diminished. I look younger and more refreshed. I am very happy!!

Kim D.: I have been using Hydrolyze for several weeks now and am very pleased with the results. It does not leave the area around my eyes oily and doesn’t burn. I don’t really have problems with dark area under the eyes, but a few veins were noticeable and this product seems to help lessen the appearance of these veins. The wrinkles around my eyes have also lessened in appearance. I think with longer and continued use, this product will prove to be the one I stay with – and I have tried a bunch looking for the one that “works.”

Angelika L: I have used the product for the last 2 months and it has made a difference! This is surprising to me since I am usually a skeptic in trying out new stuff. But I do have problems with under-eye dark circles, so I always look tired and therefore also feel tired. I had changed my diet to be more healthy, but the under-eye circles did not go away. So I thought I’d give this product a try and I am happily satisfied. I can wake up in the morning and be happy with the way I look – much fresher than ever before. Now I am ordering my second jar. Thanks for developing this product! I look forward to the continuing research on this!

Mary A.: I had Lasik surgery last year and after 49 years did not need glasses. Unfortunately the dark circles under my eyes were now more noticeable. I tried other creams and make-up to cover-up the circles but these only seemed to accentuate the problem. I’ve been using Hydrolyze since March 2008. This time, I wanted prove that the product did indeed lighten the “dark circles” below my eyes. I had my husband take the “before picture” and a month later an “after picture”. The product does work! The circles were lighter-not gone but lighter, just as the advertising claimed. I also noticed that my laugh lines were not as deep. I have indeed, recommended this product to others.

Jeffery: Ordered the product and started using it…some results already but not sure how long it will take to see REAL results…I will follow up

Jacintha S.: I have had hereditary dark circles under my eyes ever since I can remember and my husband is anti make-up. I have tried everything to make them go away. I heard about your product on the radio and thought why not, I’ve tried everything else. I’ve used Hydrolyze for more than a month now. Last week we attended my nephews wedding and had our picture taken. When I pulled up the file from my camera I was surprised that my dark circles were hardly noticeable and I did not have to do very much touch up to the picture. Wow! That made my day! Your product really does what you say. Now I feel more self-confident about my appearance.

Sarah G.: I have always had dark circles underneath my eyes despite eating incredibly healthy, sleeping 8 hours a night, and exercising. After starting to work at a job that started at 6 am, my circles only got worse. I was very frustrated with every other treatment available at the stores and decided that I needed to stop spending money on cheap things that don’t work. Hydrolyze has definitely worked for me. After the first week, the smaller veins and darkness had disappeared. After the first month, my under-eye circles appeared brighter and I do not have to use as much makeup! People no longer say “you look so tired!” even if I’ve gotten a full nights rest. I am very satisfied with this product and will continue to use it!

Wai Mun C.: I am single and just turned 42. Because of serious under eye dark circles, I looked tired all the time and felt less than attractive. I decided to give Hydrolyze a try. I bought a 4 bottle supply. After one month of use, I can tell the under eye dark circles are lightened and the skin texture around my eyes is visibly smoother. I am now looking as if I am still in my 30+. Even my coworkers comment about how refreshed I look thanks to Hydrolyze. I am a loyal customer for life.

Wesley M.: About a month ago I decided to try Hydrolyze, after hearing about it on the radio. I have struggled with the dark circles under my eyes for years now and everything I have tried has seemed to fail. After receiving Hydrolyze I immediately started using it and after about a week I could see the difference in how much lighter the circles were getting. I’m about to go into my second month of Hydrolyze and I’m really excited to see even more results. I have never in my life seen anything that works as good or as fast as Hydrolyze does. Thanks so much- Firm believer!

Rochelle G.: I have seen results from dark puffy eyes to lighter smoother eyes within a months time using Hydrolyze. I am one that had my doubts about a cream that could prevent the darkness from under my eyes. The bags under my eyes are heredity and have been with me since forever. I use to use powders and covers to hide my dark bags. I went a month without putting any coverage on the eye area. I am please to say, I can look at my own eyes without wanting to turn away. I will continue using Hydrolyze to work on the puffiness. I feel in time the puffiness will go away as the dark circles have. There was no burning sensation, redness, or irritation from using this product and I have very sensitive skin. Thank You for helping a lifetime situation disappear in a months time.

Kathy R.: I’m so thankful that I have found Hydrolyze. Finally, I have found a product that is really working to reduce my dark circles. For years I have been trying different products and wasting a lot of money on products that haven’t given me any noticeable results. I have been using Hydrolyze for about a month now, and I am seeing wonderful results. My dark circles are lightening up and the fine lines around my eyes are definitely softening. It’s nice to not have to continually hear remarks from people about how tired I always look! Thank you for this wonderful product that makes me look and feel younger than my 50 years.

Linda S.: I am 54 years old. I purchased your Hydrolyze Under Eye Treatment approximately 2 1/2 weeks ago. Before I tell you whether or not it worked, I want to give you a brief summary on what I have done to get rid of the dark circles under my eyes. I have spent thousand of dollars on lotions, creams and serums to help with my dark circles. I have had the fat pockets removed from under my eyes and I am currently having Restalyne injections under my eyes to help lighten up the dark circles. Nothing has really worked. I was on the internet a few weeks ago and came across your advertisement. I was looking for yet another product to purchase for my dark circles. After reading all the information about your product, I thought I would give it a try. In my mind I knew it wouldn’t work since nothing else did, but I thought what the heck, it’s just another product that they lie about. I started using the eye cream immediately after receiving it. After 3 days I thought my circles looked a bit lighter, but I thought I was just imaging it because I really wanted the product to work. After about a week my husband asked me what I had put on under my eyes because my dark circles were gone. I told him nothing, that I was using a new eye cream and he said what ever it is it is really working. I went into my bathroom to look at my eyes and the dark circles are GONE!!!! Each day I use the product my eyes are looking brighter, firmer and younger! What ever is in this product really works!! To every woman who is looking for a product that really works, stop looking and purchase this one. I guarantee you will not be sorry. I am sold on the eye cream, I am going to purchase the face cream, I can’t wait to see the results! Please DO NOT STOP making this product!!!

angelina: i just ordered my first jar of hydroleyes.. i am only 23 and i have had “bags” under my eyes my whole life! i inherited them from my wonderful italian ancestors i guess… i am a social worker in manhattan and i don’t get much sleep and i am ALWAYS stressed!! my boyfriend told me about this product as he heard of it on the radio..i really hope it works because i am just about sick of hearing my coworkers tell me “you look exhausted”. i can’t wait to start it and i hope to follow up with some positive feedback! :) thanks for all of the useful info ladies (and gentleman)

Karen B.: I’ve always had dark circles under my eyes, but now with age they’re puffy too. After just one week using Hydrolyze the darkness started diminishing and after 2 weeks the puffiness was definitely less visible. The cream has a lovely light and smooth texture, too.

Barb P.: I have been using Hydrolyze for about 6 weeks and am amazed at the lightning of the dark circles under my eyes. The woman who does my facials even commented. At 58 I have very few lines but the dark circles made me look tired! I’m glad I ordered 4 jars with my initial order!

Alisa S.: I ordered the Hydrolyze product after seeing an ad in our Sunday paper and thought why not give it a try? I have had dark circles and puffiness under my eyes for literally years, and people have commented how tired I look. After using this product for over 2 months now, I can say that the circles are not as dark (they are not gone completely), and the lines around my eyes are lessened and skin looks smoother! I feel that with continued use, my skin will appear better and better. I will be 48 years old in one week, and am glad that there are alternatives to plastic surgery to help those of us that don’t wish to go that route appear younger and more confident!

Terra S.: I ordered the free 30 day trial of Hydrolyze when I heard the advertisement for the product on the radio. I have fairly noticeable dark circles. I am 32, and have nice skin, but my dark circles can make me appear tired and worn down, especially without make up. When I used Hydrolyze for a few weeks, I started getting random compliments from my co-workers. I also noticed that upon meeting new people, they were very shocked to hear I was 32. I began feeling clearer and less tired during the day, and I loved watching my dark circles disappear, and the overall texture and tone of my skin improved. Hydrolyze is the only eye product I have ever used that really made a difference in my eye cream. My whole life has taken a turn for the better, I feel and look better. I can honestly say that of all the money I’ve spent on high dollar skin creams, this is the only one that’s done anything. I have been using Hydrolyze for about 5 months. I love this product and highly recommend it.

Jennifer B.: I purchased the Hydrolyze eye cream and I am very impressed with the results. I noticed a dramatic change in three days. I have tried numerous products and I never had a result. This product really works. It’s worth every penny and more. As with any product, I recommend following the directions for the best results. Give it a try you won’t be disappointed.

Erica M.: I have used Hydrolyze for the past month because I find it very difficult to deal with the wrinkles around my eyes. I have received many comments about my looking better and my husband has told me that he can really see a difference. He has been using it as well and it has even reduced the puffiness around his eyes. This is the first product I have used that has really shown a difference. Thank you for a product that works.

Danielle: Ordered hydroleyes from the official Hydroleyes website and got a green jar just as pictured on the mainpage, however the jar is labled Hydroxatone; AM/PM Rejuvenating Treatment. Now Im confused is this Hydroleyes or was there a mistake in my shippment?

Cynthia S.: I purchased Hydrolyze in the middle of June, 2008. I purchased the product because it was supposed to minimize under eye darkness and reduce fine lines around the eyes. In the past I have purchased products making the same claim but these past products did not do what the advertising claimed. So I can tell you I was elated when after using Hydrolyze for just a couple of weeks that I noticed the darkness under my eyes fading. I also noticed a significant reduction in the lines around my eyes. Hydrolyze does exactly what it claimed! I couldn’t be happier with the results.

Lisa T.: The Hydrolyze Under Eye Treatment is fabulous. I have used so many eye creams over the years; some expensive, some not. This one is the best, and reasonably priced. After the first treatment I noticed my eye area is so smooth and soft. My makeup glides right over that area instead of clumping. Other eye creams have even made my eye area seem dry and parched! Not this one. I’m glad I bought the four pack.

Jeanne T.: I have been using Hydrolyze under eye treatment for 6 months. I have noticeable improvement in under eye circles and wrinkles. This is the best product I have ever used!

Udora S.: I purchased Hydrolyze to remove or, at least, minimize lines beneath my eyes and crow’s feet. I applied Hydrolyze to my eye area twice daily for nearly the past 4 weeks, and I am pleased to notice a decrease in a line under my eye and the crow’s feet are seeming to become less conspicuous. I will continue to use Hydrolyze to experience the benefit extended use of the product has to offer.

Lorraine L.: I have been using Hydrolyze for under eye circles for about eight weeks. I am amazed at the difference – my shadows are almost gone. These shadows have been with me since my early twenties. Even my husband has noticed the difference. I love this product. Something finally works.

Eliza B.: I have had terrible dark circles under my eyes for years. This is due to severe seasonal allergies and lack of sleep. I tried Hydrolyze, following the directions religiously. What a difference! It hasn’t been that long, but my fiancé and I have noticed it working. I don’t look as tired anymore no matter how little sleep I get. I have tried so many different creams and natural remedies. This is the only thing that has worked. I even paid $100 for one small tube of Hylexin that did nothing for me. This is truly a great product. You will see results!

chrstine: Hi I am an African American woman. I would like to know if this product would work for me. Many products in the past have failed me I’ve tried everything!

Kathleen S.: I had been searching for the perfect eye treatment to alleviate dark circles and fine lines. But I was allergic to just about anything sold in the mass marketplace. By chance, I clicked on an ad for Hydrolyze and decided to give it a try. Within a couple of days, I noticed a difference! The skin around my eyes was not dry, and the under eye circles were not as dark. If you’re trying to decide, just go for it! You can get a trial jar. I’ve wasted more money on costlier products and had nothing to show for it. Hydrolyze is fantastic!

Roberta C.: I’ve been using Hydrolyze a little less than a month now. (3 weeks) I bought it because of the puffiness under my eyes that I’ve always had. I’ve been using it every day, 2 times a day. The puffiness is definitely decreasing and to my utter delight, the little lines and wrinkles around my eyes are disappearing! I love the silkiness of the cream and the feel of it on my skin. It has a little “sparkle” too, that I love! I think it brightens my eyes! Thanks for a great product that does what it says!

Debbie C.: I ordered the Hydrolyze because I had been using a variety of products that claimed that they would help with my dark circles, but none of them worked. Your company was the only one that gave an explanation as to how we get dark circles. You seemed to know what you were talking about so I ordered it. I have used hydrolyze for over 60 days and I have noticed an improvement in the area under my eyes. It was not noticeable until after 30 days, but your product was the only one that delivered results.

Bozena P.: I purchased Hydrolyze and instantly saw a reduction (almost elimination) in fine lines. I was amazed. My dark circles were my main concern, and Hydrolyze has reduced the appearance of them after only 1 month.

Carolyn F.: I have been using the under eye treatment for about 3.5 months and I am amazed at the difference I can see. I thought it might just be me thinking that they looked so much less puffy but when I saw an old friend and she “flipped out” when she saw my under eyes I knew it was really working. I am religious about using it and I thank my lucky stars that it is available. I was also around a bunch of friends I hadn’t seen in over a year and they swore I had work done to my face, telling me I looked 15 yrs younger. It doesn’t get much better than that! Thank you Hydrolyze!!

Carol W.: I heard about your product Hydrolyze while traveling in my car. As soon as I got to a place where I could stop and call I ordered the product for puffiness and dark circles under my eyes. I ordered it 07/07/2008 and have used it every day since I received it. It has worked miracles and I no longer have dark circles or puffiness under my eyes! I will use it to my dying day! Thanks for making me feel better about myself.

Jillian: Yeah here are even more facts about Hydrolyze. You can click here to read more.

Kim D.: As a regular user of the fabulous Hydroxatone I thought I’d try Hydrolyze for my eyes, having been unsatisfied with every other eye cream on the market that I tried. After less than one month not only has it moisturized the eye area and smoothed wrinkles, it really has diminished the darkish circles under my eyes. Love it and thank you!

Jeanne H.: I’d like to say that I’ve been using Hydrolyze for over 6 months now, and it’s the nicest product I’ve yet found, for using under and around my eyes. It took awhile to really show results, but daily use, generally twice a day, has made a big difference in my eye area appearance, I’ve virtually no discernable crows feet, bags, or discoloration. For a woman who turns 60 this next January, that is saying something! I hope this product will remain available for a long time to come.

Sharon K.: After 66 years of living in the harsh Arizona sunshine, this product HYDROLYZE, is what I’ve been looking for! After one+ months of using it, following directions, there is a definite difference in the dark circles and bags under my eyes. It takes much less concealer to cover what’s left NOW. I anticipate that more results will follow. The skin under my eyes is much smoother now. Saw the product in our Daily Newspaper with a full page ad. Decided I had nothing to lose and a LOT TO GAIN!! Thanks for such a super product.

Dave G.: I’ve used Hydrolyze for several months and see a dramatic difference in the dark circles and puffiness under my eyes! I’ve tried just about every product out there and Hydrolyze is the first to improve this frustrating problem. I recently went home for a family reunion and people said I actually looked younger and more rested. I’m a believer!

Melissa: I would love to try this product but am wondering if it is something that I have to use forever to keep the dark circles and bags away?

Michael G.: I have used your Hydrolyze for about a month now and am already noticing an improvement to the dark bags underneath my eyes. These have always been a problem for me, but you’re product has been the first to actually show an improvement. I will continue to use Hydrolyze.

Courtney E.: I have suffered from dark circles around my eyes since childhood. I am so tired of people commenting on them, even kids saying “you have purple circles around your eyes.” I didn’t think there was anything out there to help me. I started using Hydrolyze this summer while I was on a two week vacation. I knew that at the end of two weeks, if the product was going to work, I should see results. Well, within one week, the dark circles around my eyes began to diminish. By the end of my vacation, I looked like I had been to a million dollar spa! I looked rested, I felt rested. But the best part is now here it is two months later and I still look like I’m on vacation! Thank you for such a great product!

Irma T.: My name is Irma, I live in Cleveland, Georgia, and I am 57 years old. All my life I have had the very dark circles underneath my eyes, making me appear tired and older than I really am. I was so excited to learn about your product, Hydrolyze and I ordered it about 6 weeks ago. I admit that I started out a skeptic, but I’m a believer now! It took about a month to see a real difference, but now I actually believe that the longer you use it, the more it reduces the circles and brightens the under-eye area. Thank you for such a great product and for renewing some faith in advertising!

Sue B.: I wanted to let you know I have been using Hydrolyze for over a month. I am 54 years old and in great health but I have always had dark circles under my eyes. So I heard the Hydroxatone commercial and thought I would give the product a try. I am a great believer in department store cheap products being the same as some hyped up products. Fancy label etc. Well in this case the fancy product seems to be working. I have noticed around my eyes less of a bag and have gotten a slew of questions about what am I doing lately like have I been on vacation? So it seems subtle but obviously it is getting noticed and I will continue to budget to use the Hydrolyze.

cynthia: After reading all of these comments I’m not sure what to do. I have had dark circles for years. I’m tired of looking like a raccoon. Is it really worth the money? I would really like to be a poster child for this product so we all can see.

Michael B.: I have had dark circles under my eyes for many years. I heard about Hydrolyze over the radio and decided to give it a try. It was the best decision I ever made! I have used Hydrolyze for 4 months and have received amazing results. There are no more dark circles under my eyes and I look 10 years younger!

Alice R.: I have been using Hydrolyze a bit over 2 months and the difference is still remarkable. Within days of using of the product, I could see the difference with diminished circles under my eyes. And it continues. I have tried so many other eye products and concealers, but never could lose that tired look of dark circles. The skin under my eyes now looks brighter and feels more firm. I don’t need to use a concealer. I’ve already placed my next order. The product is wonderful and delivers what it says!

Cindy V.: I am not yet 50, but have had dark circles under my eyes that are completely impossible to cover up. I have tried over 10 other remedies that were guaranteed to reduce dark under eye circle. None worked! Desperate, I very skeptically purchased Hydrolyze, not expecting it to work but figured I could give it a try. I marked the calendar the day I started using it twice daily – and planned on waiting a month before deciding if it worked or not. After 3 weeks, I visited with my
daughters – both who did not know that I was using something new. They both asked me “what are you doing? Your circles are almost gone!” They both had me remove my make up so they could see for themselves – and they were right! There was a huge improvement and actually some areas where there was completely clear skin. While my under eye circles are not completely gone, they are significantly better and seem to be improving each week. I am much more confident, and definitely look and feel younger! Thank you Hydrolyze!

Kathleen H.: I purchased Hydrolyze one month ago and have used it 2 times daily. Prior to using Hydrolyze I had tried many products claiming to get rid of dark circles. This product gives me a visible difference in reducing the dark circles. It is the first time in a long time I can go to work with confidence that I look youthful!

Nora A.: I been using Hydrolyze Eye treatment for about 2 weeks now and have notice more elasticity and toned eye area. Dark circles appear slightly lighter and hope with continued use they get lighter.

laststop: are their any african american women out there that have tried this product? i have a carmel complexion but within the last 2 years i’ve noticed the dark circles forming. this is something that nearly everyone in my family has to deal with. i don’t want to deal with it. i tried Dermitage which didn’t work. it’s also very expensive. the concealer i used is making it worse but i can’t leave out of the house without it. i just want to know if someone with my same skin color has tried this at all. thanks

Kelly S.: I am very satisfied with my purchase of Hydrolyze. I called because I am a 35 year-old with horrible bags under my eyes. I was using too much concealer, and wanted a solution. Within 2 weeks of using Hydrolyze, I noticed a difference in the skin under my eyes. It was brighter and smoother! I’ve been using Hydrolyze for over a month now, and have cut down on the concealer dramatically! I know it will get even better! I would recommend Hydrolyze to anyone!

Pam D.: I have been using Hydrolyze for 3 months and it has drastically reduced my dark circles. My sisters both suffer from dark circles as well and I have recommended Hydrolyze to them. I am very happy with my results.

Jeff B.: I saw the ad, thought hmm, one of those fly by night creams that will be gone in a month. But I decided to get one jar for the hell of it I have had dark circles ever since my 20’s and I’m now 48 and really found nothing that would help. Was diagnosed by a dermatologist with atopic dermatitis and the eye condition is known as atopic shiner. I even had this marker line in my lower eyelid called Dollie’s crease or something like that. He told me there was nothing that could be done; it was genetic and would be passed on to my daughters (implying X linkage). So I decided to test the product. It has been used 1 month now and I have been putting it only on my right eye area keeping the left as a control. My eyes get darker whenever I diet or don’t sleep or am stressed. I just started a diet a few days ago, and I thought I was imagining things today when I noticed my right eye area looked quite a bit lighter than my left, but I thought it was wishful thinking so I finally went to see a friend and asked her to pick which eye was lighter. They said no question the right eye is lighter! So it looks like it really works! Congratulations on a product that works. All the best and thanks for your product!

Rose: I am of African American descent over 50, and have used this product twice. It absolutely works for people of color. It has reduced not only the dark circles under my eyes, but the bags under my eyes as well.

Tracy S.: I started using Hydrolyze four weeks ago. I am 51 and was very skeptical that it could do anything to help the dark circles/bags under my eyes which I have had since I was in my 20’s. I have tried many products in the past. I had seen an advertisement for your product and read the testimonials. I decided to try the product since it was risk-free. I was absolutely amazed and delighted to see my darks circles lighten considerably during the past four weeks. I started seeing results in the first two weeks. With a little bit of concealer my dark circles are gone. I am looking forward to trying some of your other products to see if they work as well. As an owner of a small financial services business I know that referrals are the key. I would definitely refer this product to anyone with dark circles under their eyes.

Margaret E.: I have had severe dark circles under my eyes all of my life. I started using hydrolyze almost a month ago. I had not told my husband of 23 years about using this because none of the other products I had ever tried had worked very well. I asked him 2 nights ago if he thought the dark circles under my eyes looked any different. He very quickly said that he had noticed a difference a few days ago, but did not know why they were lighter. And he would not have felt like he had to lie about it in order for me not to be upset, because I am not that way. The dark circles are not completely gone, but I will continue to use this as long as I get results! Nothing else has ever worked! Thank you for a great product!

aa: um i think it is working but it is gradually i think and maybe im just getting used to it but i think i have less dark circles. i have to wait and see i guess its been like 3-4 weeks now

Suzanne: I never had dark circles under my eyes until I turned 40. I saw an ad for Hydrolyze and decided to give it a try. I have been using the product for a month, and there is a definite reduction of under eye circles and puffiness! I have just placed another order for more Hydrolyze, as I am pleased with this product.

Kathy S.: I ordered Hydrolyze when I heard an ad on the radio that there was a new product out that could actually decrease dark circles under the eyes. I couldn’t wait to try it. I have dark purple rings under my eyes, which I cover up with make-up every morning. I won’t even let my boyfriend see me without first covering up my ugly dark circles. I tried Hydrolyze for 2 months and was about to give up when I suddenly started to notice a reduction in the purple color under my eyes. I was elated, and immediately ordered more of the product. I wish I’d known about Hydrolyze years ago!

Gailya E.: I have been using Hydrolyze for 3 months now and have seen a significant decrease in the dark circles under my eyes. I have had these dark circles since I was child and had all but given up on them. The skin around my eyes also feels like silk! Thank you for this wonderful product! I look forward to seeing even more progress.

Alison K.: Eye creams have always been such a problem for me, even expensive ones like Lancome, because they tend to seep into my eyes over the course of the day, making my eyes water & burn. Hydrolyze is the first high-quality eye cream that I have had absolutely no problem with! No burning, stinging, watery eyes! Plus, I look a lot less tired and a lot younger after having used the product–morning and night–for only a few weeks! I am thrilled to have found this wonderful eye cream!

LOVLIS: It’s been said that I’ll try anything once…so here it goes. Will post an update in 30 days to let ya all know how it goes! Wish me luck – Hydroleyes

James A.: I’ve been using the product for the past month. I adapted well to the cream and used it at night before bed and in morning after showering. I have a sense of smoothness and soft feel to my skin in the periphery of both eyes and I can see a less pronounced eye bag and dark ring that I was getting upset at over the past few years. People used to tell me I looked tired in the morning, yet I had a good night sleep. I believe the product is living up to its testimonials and I would encourage others to try it. I will continue with it.

Cherelyn L.: After years of suffering with dark circles under my eyes I have finally discovered Hydroxatone. I have been using Hydroxatone for 26 days and have seen a significant reduction in the appearance of dark circles and puffiness under my eyes. As a bonus it has also increased the elasticity and firmness of the sensitive skin under the eye. Hydroxatone used in conjunction with Bellaplex has made my 50 year old skin look like that of a woman much younger. People are always amazed that I am going to be 50 in 3 months. The average age people guess is 35. Wow, if that isn’t an incentive to keep using these products, nothing is.

Bhanu J.: I suddenly developed dark under eye circles due to stress & lack of sleep. I tried Hydroxatone Under Eye cream though I didn’t expect anything much other than a lot of money spent. I was pleasantly surprised to see the results almost as if overnight, even the puffiness I’ve always had decreased. My friend noticed the immediate difference & that’s when I knew this thing works. I’ve been using it for 3 months now & my eyes look like they did 5 yrs back. I love it & will try other products they have to offer. The money spent is worth it.

uh huh: All positive posts? Really?

Jim T.: I purchased Hydrolyze Under Eye Treatment about a month ago with hopes of clearing up my dark circles and bags under my eyes. I am a 53 year old man and I have had these most of my life, beginning in high school, as does my mother, leading me to believe my dark circles were hereditary and I was destined to have them forever. I would shy away from cameras, was apprehensive at meeting beautiful women, and was embarrassed when I would see my own pictures. I looked like a raccoon and people would sometimes say, “you look tired”, or “you look bad!” So I decided to do something about it when I heard the radio advertisement for your product. In it, it described exactly what I was experiencing, and why. Before trying Hydrolyze, I had tried other so called “under eye treatments” with zero results. I’ll tell you what! After only three weeks of applying Hydrolyze twice a day, once in the morning and once at night, I noticed the dark circles were disappearing! I couldn’t believe it! I had finally found something that was actually getting rid of my dark circles while at the same time reducing the bags under my eyes and smoothing out my crow’s feet. The skin tone under my eyes is near the same color as the rest of my face after nearly 30 years, and I am only 3/4 way through my first jar! I now have more confidence when I go out, and I look great! I am ordering more of this amazing product, and am excited to see the results I will get in the coming months! Thank you Hydrolyze, for changing my life!

Sonya P.: I am writing to express my satisfaction with one of your products called Hydrolyze for puffiness/black circles around the eyes. It worked beautifully and I really saw a decrease of my black circles. I believe it also made me look and feel younger. It appeared to tighten my skin around the eye area. I would recommend this product to anyone experiencing dark circles under the eyes!

Tina: Um, “uh hu” there are mixed results here read the thumbs, its annoying when poeple just come on here and say odd things… :( I have seen on this site that not everything gets a good rating. The best products are on the homepage. I have not tried this one yet but am considering getting it. Thx for the reviews on all.

Mirian P.: I recently purchased Hydrolyze Under Eye Treatment and it has worked miracles for me. I have purchased many over the counter treatments that claim to diminish the appearance of dark circles and they don’t seem to work. After using this product I have noticed that the appearance of my dark circles has slowly disappeared and the product has smoothed my wrinkles away.

Vickie: I started using Hydrolyze just a couple of days ago and it seems like my eyes aren’t as dark as they normally are. I have suffered with dark circles ever since I was 20 years old and I am 39. I’m not sure if it is my imagination but it my eyes really look “brighter”. I am really a skeptic when it comes to eye creams and I have tried sooo many. I have tried Arbonne, Avon, Teamine, Clinique and so many others. Nothing really worked. I am praying that this works. I will come back with an update in 3weeks.

Elizabeth T.: After using this product under my eyes for only a few days I noticed a remarkable change. Not only does this product diminish the darkness under eyes and on the eyelid itself, but the results in regards to how the skin feels and the lines lessening is truly amazing. I would highly recommend this product to everyone I speak with. It truly out performs any other on the market today.

Nicole A.: I have been using Hydrolyze for about 90 days and am very happy with the results. My dark circles really have faded – so much so that I no longer feel the need to use concealer under my eyes.

Kristine R.: I am a 47 year old female with dark under eye circles. I have been using Hydrolyze under eye treatment for a little over two weeks. I have used tons of eye creams (drugstore, infomercial, high end and very high end). This feels completely different than anything I’ve ever used. It feels like a
very rich cream but cool and gel-like at the same time. It spreads like silk, requires zero tugging and because of this, a tiny amount goes a very long way. The darkness is starting to fade. This stuff is worth a try.

karen e.: this is the first undereye cream that i ever really noticed a difference from too. most of them, i just used since i thouht i should. i bought the hydroleyes about, 3 mos ago or something, as i liked the reviews. and i kept buying because i liked the feel of this cream, but now, i can also see a difference, its not in my head. my eyes do look brighter/less tired, and am seeing fwerer lines too. very nice product.

Philip V.: I started to get dark circles around my eyes and really needed an answer. After using Hydrolyze for about a month I have noticed results and am excited about how I will look after the next three bottles that I have. I have also spread the word and several friends have also tried it although
they need to get their own bottles, lol.

Misty T.: I am 32 years old and have had dark circles under my eyes for a very long time. My dark circles are hereditary so I assumed that there were no products that could help. I decided to try Hydrolyze after hearing about it on the radio. Not long after I started using it, I could see a real difference in my eyes. The circles were much lighter and less noticeable. The skin under my eyes is smoother and brighter. I am very happy with the results!

Darlene A.: I have had very dark circles under my eyes for years. I have tried many products on the market. Hydrolyze has been the only product that has made a difference. When I put your product on, I can see my capillaries pulse and begin moving the collected blood from my under my eyes. Your product has made it easier for me to lighten my circles with makeup.

Ashley S.: Since I was about 13 I have struggled with dark circles under my eyes. It has been something that I am extremely self-conscious about. I will not go anywhere without covering them up; even to the gym. It’s almost depressing because I am only 22 and I feel like I look tired all of the time. I have tried so many products and nothing works! About a month ago my brother heard about Hydrolyze on the radio. The description of the product made him feel that it was legit. As desperate as I was I decided to try it. Although the circles are not completely gone they have definitely lightened up! I cannot even explain how wonderful it is to look in the mirror, with no makeup on, and actually see that they are disappearing. It makes me want to cry; happy tears! My family and friends have also noticed a difference and they are very honest. I am so thankful to have found this product. I can enjoy my twenties with more confidence!

Anonymous: I’m wondering about the “free trial”. The site says free for 30 days just pay shipping now (6.95). How much will I be charged after the 30 days? I can’t find anything on the site about price of the product.

Kris Z.: I first used Hydrolyze with skepticism. I’ve tried a lot of eye creams and they never stood up to what they promised. NOT this time! I’m really picky about eye creams, most don’t relieve the tight dryness, but this stuff immediately melts in and feels heavenly! Wrinkles under my eyes have dramatically improved, and no tightness, puffiness and circles are gone! It’s great stuff!

Maricela M.: I tried Hydrolyze Revitalizing Under Eye Treatment for about 45 days and noticed that my under eye area was more hydrated and the fine lines on the surface seemed to disappear.

Jennifer: You can click here, to get all the info you need about Hydrolyze. :)

Carmen T.: I am 44 years of age, and I have always had problems with dark circles and wrinkles around my eyes. I tried different eye products and still would not get any big results. After using Hydrolyze eye treatment I noticed a big difference in my eyes. My dark circles have faded, and it has increased the firmness of my skin. I am very happy with this product and highly recommend it.

Paula C.: I started using Hydrolyze in November 2008. Bags and dark circles run in my family. I always felt like my eyes looked tired even after the best sleep. I’ve tried everything and nothing seemed to help. I admit I was skeptical but I am happy to say that I am sticking to Hydrolyze. I use it twice a day and the circles are lighter and the puffiness under my eyes has decreased. I actually look refreshed in the morning. Thank you Hydrolyze for brightening my day.

Laura L.: I had suffered from dark under eye circles for as long as I can remember. One day I heard a radio commercial about the product. I could not believe the promises that I was hearing. I decided to take part in a risk free trial. In just a few weeks time I noticed my circles getting lighter. My eyes looked more awake and I did not feel as if I needed to cover up circles with layers of concealer. I have been using Hydrolyze for more than a year now, and can’t picture my life without it!

Nicholas: I’m a 37 year old male. After using this product only for 2 weeks I have noticed a huge improvement in my dark circles and puffiness around my eyes. I can only imagine what the improvements will be after a month.

Ray A. W.: I just wanted to let you know I have tried Hydrolyze, for dark circles under the eyes for 2 months now. The product is wonderful. The darkness is gone and better yet, when other people have said how well rested I look, I know it is not just me thinking that it worked. I have recommended the product to my Mom and friends. Thank you for making me look better and feel better about my self. By the way it has been a pleasure working with James at ext 511.

Jo S.: At age 50’s I am concerned about the changes in the appearance of my skin. I have been using your Hydroxatone Under Eye treatment for 3 weeks. After about 10 days I feel I noticed an improvement my under eye darkness, and the area feels very hydrated. I am very much enjoying the use of this product.

Tony M.: I am of Italian descent. My skin is holding up pretty well as I age, but there is no mistaking the dark circles under my eyes. When I was tired I looked liked I was 100 years old. I’ve been using Hydrolyze for 45 days and I can’t believe the difference. The results were a very pleasant surprise. It worked so well that my wife who is of Greek descent and has the same issues with dark circles started using it. I think that says it all!

Sheila: I have been using the product for several months and I am thrilled with the results. I am glad that I took advantage of the 3 jar special because my husband noticed the results and has also started using the product daily. It is the only product that I am aware of that has Haloxyl and Matrixyl. It works and doesn’t leave your skin feeling greasy.

Marc W.: I have had dark circles under my eyes for many years. I never had any luck trying to hid them, just had to live with it. I saw an ad for Hydrolyze and decided to try it. I have been using it now for about 6-8 months, and see a huge difference. The dark circles have virtually disappeared. I recommend trying Hydrolyze!

Diane P.: I have used Hydrolyze for underneath my eyes for approximately 6 months now, and I absolutely love it. I purchased it for the dark circles I have, after seeing an online survey about different eye creams. I have used many different products, i.e.. StriVectin, and various creams from Lancome, Clinique, etc., and Hydrolyze is the only one with which I noticed a visible difference. The darkness underneath my eyes diminished by, in my guesstimation, at least 50%. I then ran into a friend whom I hadn’t seen in years and I commented on how good her eyes looked – because the last time I saw her she was talking about having a surgical procedure for under her eyes. She said she did not have the surgery but was using a new product that her husband purchased for her after hearing about it on the radio. It turned out we were both using Hydrolyze and after seeing her results, I know I am not imagining what it did for me. I would never use another product for my dark circles and recommend it highly to everyone!

Janet T.: I have been using Hydroxatone for quite a few months now. The bags under my eyes almost completely disappear when I use the product. When I ran out of the product, I found within a short period of time the bags returned. I don’t ever want to be without this product, I truly love it.

Diane: I have been using Hydrolyes for several weeks and have seen no improvement in my under eye darkness. This is a good cream for moisture but did nothing more than creams that sell for much less. I would not buy this again.

Roseanne S.: I had gone through some very bad trauma in the last year. Under my eyes were black circles like a football player before a game. I was unaware that I had cried so much, that I had burst the capillaries under the eyes. I had tried many products to no avail. I sometimes had 5 layers of concealer and that didn’t work. I had literally given up after attending a wedding and keeping my sunglasses on through the entire event. Beyond desperate, I searched the web and found Urban Health. Well, the first jar made my a believer! Not only did the capillaries heal, the circles had GREATLY lessened, and the skin under my eyes has firmed and lifted too! The skin is tightened so much. I am on my 3rd jar and I really see such improvement which I had thought impossible. The difference was seen by the end of the first jar. I HIGHLY recommend this product and I am continuing to use it! It is for those who have given up having normal eyes again.

Tiffany R.: Hi! I’m writing because your AMAZING PRODUCT, HYDROLYZE Under Eye Treatment is a dream come true! I have suffered from dark under eye circles since I was twelve years old, and have tried literally EVERY product on the market no matter what the price. I never found anything that has helped so much to decrease the darkness. That was until I decided to try the free sample of HYDROLYZE and I couldn’t believe my eyes! After one week, my “bags” were fading,and now after one year of use, I can actually leave the house with no makeup! Prior to discovering this cream, I hadn’t even let my husband see me without concealer on! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! If you suffer from dark/black under eye circles, you have got to try this product!

fatima: I am waiting for my under eye ceam. Hopefully i will get it this week.I am really excited about this cream.I haven’t used any eye cream before.I have been useing consela for 9 year.I just hope this hydrolyze eye cream works i have a very sensitive skin.It really hurts me when i see my dark circles. God help me and everyone.

Sandra M.: After years of trying other dark circle treatments and paying hundreds of dollars on individual products, I realized that I still wasn’t getting the results I wanted. I have used Hydrolyze for over a year and cannot sing its praises any higher. If Hydrolyze can make my severe and stubborn dark circles disappear, then they can make anyone’s go away and stay away. I even feel confident going out without wearing concealer! It is a great value as well because one jar lasts for months on end. I feel great telling my male and female friends about it because it is a quality product that holds up to its promises and delivers the results it claims- gimmick free!

Paul B.: I bought this product for my wife and her friend. My wife is in her late 40’s and is very self-conscious of her under eye circles and wrinkles. Since she started using Hydrolyze her under eye wrinkles have improved and even I can see a difference.

Leonard P.: Hello! My name is Leonard Payne and I have been suffering with under eye puffiness ever since I was a teenager. I think it comes from my sinus problems. For the last couple of months I have been using the Hydrolyze under eye treatment and it really works miracles. Now I can actually feel comfortable when conversing with someone face to face. Thanks Hydrolyze for a life changing experience.

stacey sunderland: Didn’t see a difference at all. It actually appeared my circles looked worse. Really think its a sc*m product!

Holly: Is it scented?

Christine: would say, this reads as one of the nicest i;ve seen.

Jo-Anne: I started using hydrolyze two months ago. I noticed some improvement in my dark undereye circles within ten days. It keeps improving. I need very little time now with undereye concealer. I’m afraid to be without it!


Sara: I used this product for 30 days and it doesn’t work. Don’t waste your money!

Maggie: Saw this one on TV the hydrolyze under eye treatment sounds awesome, i love the idea of a nice luxurious cream that helps reduce that ugly look of being ‘tired’ even when i’m not! & from what i can tell this uses a pretty advanced ingredient & the before after pics look amazing.

roxanne V: also was impressed with the before &After photos

Brenda: I have given up on drug store brands of undereye cream.

Tavia: I suffer from under dark circles since birth. many people say it is common in people who are anemic (anemia). I have low self esteem sometimes and at other times I ignore it. I hope this product works as we ll as everyone says it does.

carrie n.: From what I’ve read i do belive the quality goes way beyond what you find at the drugstore.

shannon: I just received Hydrolyze Advanced Under Eye Formula this week. Today will be the 3rd day using. My friend says my eyes look lighter in the morning. I am African American light skinned with dark marks under my eyes that really dont look good in pictures. Looks like a racoon. I am 39 and I hope this cream works, especially since it is not cheap after the trial period. Im hoping it works. I am getting married this year and want to have racoonless eyes.. lol.. I hope it works.

barb D: I’ve been sooo tired lately and it is showing on my face BIG TIME, Hydroleyes seems lke a good one to try, lots of positives for sure.

Hydrolyze – Diminish The Look of Dark Under-Eye Circles

People everywhere struggle to keep their entire bodies in tip-top shape. That is why it can be so frustrating to have one particularly small part of your body betray even your best efforts. Your eyes can do just that simply by looking dark, puffy, and wrinkled. Yet despite so many failed attempts at creating a simple yet effective product that can deal with this problem, the makers of Hydrolyze® have come out successful.

Hydrolyze® contains a truly amazing set of ingredients that are specifically designed to target the issues we have raised here. Hydrolyze® makes it possible for you discover how youthful and energetic your eyes can look without spending very much money at all up front and without visiting a dermatologist. You can learn more about this wonderful revitalizing cream for men and women by visiting the official website or by continuing to read our helpful and informative review...

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 Ingredients at a Glance
Hydrolyze® has an ingredient blend that was formulated with the express purpose of helping users diminish the look of puffiness, wrinkles, and dark circles around and near the eyes. The product’s main ingredients include the three-part Hydroxatone® formula, which contains Dermox SRC, Eyeliss™, and Biophytex™, as well as a blend of yeast and botanical extracts.

Dermox SRC is a truly impactful and simply amazing compound that we feel can reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Dermox SRC is a stellar ingredient.

Eyeliss™ is an amazing substance that helps prevent & fight bags under the eyes. Eyeliss™ is non-invasive and in an easy to apply topical form.

Biophytex™ features a synergistic complex of yeast and botanical extracts, imported from France, to help maintain capillary strength and microcirculation. This makes the look of dark circles diminish. This ingredient improves the look of dark circles.

We think that the blend of yeast and botanical extracts found in Hydrolyze® may provide microcirculatory support to the capillaries just below the skin’s surface. When these capillaries become stressed and leaky they create the appearance of dark circles. Yet with Hydrolyze® these capillaries may be strengthened and the appearance of dark circles can fade.

We should also mention that Hydrolyze® offers level 15 SPF protection from UVA and UVB rays, which can contribute to the skin’s look of wrinkling.

All of these ingredients work together to form a product that is unmatched in its effectiveness. How do we know? Well, consider that – “8 out of 10 participants agreed that they noticed an improvement in the look of their dark circles” and “8 out of 10 participants agreed noticing a decrease in the look of under-eye bags” and “9 out of 10 participants said they would recommend Hydrolyze to a friend.”

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• Amazing testimonials provided
• Contains the Hydroxatone® blend of Biophytex™, Eyeliss™, and Dermox SRC as well as botanical extracts.
• Diminish the look of dark under eye circles, puffiness, and fine lines and wrinkles, as evidenced by the documented results of study participants.
• No needles or scalpels needed.
• There are not really any negatives to this formula.
 Final Thoughts
We believe that there is simply no need to be bogged down any longer by the appearance of dark circles, puffiness, and wrinkles. This has plagued some for months or even years. Now you can use a topical treatment that provides incredible visible results in an efficient and pain free manner. Hydrolyze® is ready to put the look of under-eye revitalization in your hands and in the comfort of your home. Why not take advantage of it?

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