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IMMUDERM® is a skincare formula, which was developed by IMMUNOCORP, a Norway-based company. This system is based upon the idea that augmented immune function may significantly enhance skin health. IMMUDERM® is purported to enable individuals to keep and restore their natural suppleness and elastically, as well as increase their ability to repel environmental damage. This formula may contain a wide variety of extracts and elements, but it is purported to rely heavily upon Norwegian Beta 1,3/1,6 Glucan. This element has been shown to have some potentiality for augmenting health, but unfortunately, research may not show it to be an anti-aging agent when used topically. This may be why this product has consistently scored poorly on some consumer-driven rating sites in terms of results.

Facial Toner – New FDA Cleared Finally, Available In America
One of the most exciting products to enter the marketplace in recent years is newly FDA Cleared Facial Toner™ – a high-end Spa quality do it yourself, in the comfort of your own home product for rejuvenating the face muscles to their youthful levels. Facial Toner™ uses the same medical grade stimulation technology that has been used in the medical industry for over 30 years and it is now the latest and best way to stimulate the nerves that cause your facial muscles to contract and relax, mimicking the body’s own movement. Read a Full review of Facial Toner here.

Beenigma - Premium All-In-One Bee Venom Face Cream
We are so pleased to bring this formula to you and have found that Beenigma is the premium choice among Bee Venom face creams in the entire world. New Zealand, where the premium Beenigma face cream is manufactured - is located in the South Pacific at the bottom of the world. There are very few places on earth offering such unspoiled wilderness and purity in flora and fauna. It is this purity and beauty that inspires the very core of the Beenigma cream. The Beenigma story is a new story with old origins. It began in Auckland, New Zealand where the Beenigma team undertook research into Apitherapy and specifically the use of Bee Venom as a means to fight the signs of aging. It has been discovered that topically applied Bee Venom directly nurtures cell regeneration, assists in collagen formation and even helps in the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. The more the Beenigma team learned, the more they were amazed by Bee Venom and its incredible rejuvenating effects. Read a Full review of Beenigma here.

Flex Belt - Rapid Stomach Toning Medical Technology
The stomach toning Flex Belt® is by far the most effective we have ever seen of its kind. The results are astonishing – The Flex Belt is proven to work for everyone. In fact – in clinical trials done with The Flex Belt, 100% of the participants received results in flattening, toning, and firming their stomach in just weeks. The Flex Belt is the first EMS (Electric Muscle Stimulation) product of its kind cleared by the FDA. You get up to 150 perfect contractions on each ab muscle in each 30 minute session. You don’t have to concentrate on your form. You can use The Flex Belt at work, around the house, while taking a walk, cooking, watching TV etc. For consumers who don’t have the time or for those that may have tried to flatten and tone their stomachs before, this product is precisely what they’ve been looking for. It is also great for people that are in awesome shape and already have a great stomach – it will simply make it more strong and defined.

Membrane Integrity Factor – Look and Feel Young Again
This is the absolute best rejuvenating product we have found that works for both men and women from the inside out. Membrane Integrity Factor is a true anti-aging oral supplement containing real HGHR combined with 2-AEP formulated by world-renowned German doctor Hans Nieper. The formula has won awards and has numerous benefits for men and women looking for a way to reduce the effects of aging and feel and look younger again. Be sure to check out the blog posts on this amazing and powerful formulation. Read a Full review of Membrane Integrity Factor here.

Flex Mini® -- Get a Sexy, Shapely & Perky Butt In Just Weeks
Ladies it is time to get your sexy and shapely butt back! This is the first FDA cleared butt toning device we have seen of this kind. The Flex Mini® was designed to strengthen and tone the butt and upper backs of the thighs all while you go about your day. We especially like that the Flex Mini® features varying degrees of intensity allowing you to progress all the way up to level 99 (the highest form of electronic stimulation.) The Flex Mini® does all the work so you don't have to. You will get a very effective workout without even having to think about it!! In fact – you can use it while surfing the internet, taking care of the kids, on the phone with friends, working, walking etc….talk about being all about multi-tasking. Most of us complain about not having the energy to take care of ourselves or simply not having the time because, well we don’t really like strenuous activity in the first place. With this newly cleared technology, women are reporting more positive results and less excuses. Read a Full review of Flex Mini here.

Keranique - Hair Regrowth for Women
The Keranique System for hair regrowth has already created an immediate stir in the marketplace, having been a huge hit on the Home Shopping Network and the Dr. Oz Show. The success of the company is being talked about at CBS Money Watch, Market Watch, and Yahoo Financial to name a few and Molly Novar-Baker, beauty director at Women's Health Magazine says, “For all women experiencing thinning hair, it's going to affect confidence...Keranique is definitely a permanent fix!” Thick, beautiful, shiny and healthy hair – every woman wants it! But, due to the effects of aging and chemical treatments, many women suffer from thinning, lifeless, unmanageable and listless hair. 30 million women to be exact. Men have several products already on the market which are devoted to their hair loss issues. However, using hair loss products formulated for men may cause potentially serious side-effects for female users. Now comes a product designed specifically for women, guaranteed to restore beautiful flowing, shiny, thick hair. The Keranique System includes the only clinically proven and FDA cleared formula to re-grow and beautify hair, and reaction to the products is overwhelmingly positive. Read a Full review of Keranique here.

InstantEffect – Reduce Wrinkles In 90 Seconds
InstantEffect™ is a wrinkle-reducing product that is unlike any other. Reducing the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and crow’s feet by over 30% in only 90 seconds, InstantEffect™ offers you something you might have never before thought possible. Most people think that in order to significantly smooth the skin and promote a youthful appearance they either need to spend months on a consistent skin care regimen or, worse, undergo the physical and financial burden of injection methods or surgical procedures. Yet InstantEffect’s™ revolutionary blend of skin-tightening silica crystals, vitamins, and moisturizing agents brings you truly instant results for a youthful look that lasts up to eight hours and can be applied multiple times throughout the day if necessary. What is even more surprising to many consumers is that they do not need to fork over scads of money to get their hands on InstantEffect™. Rather, they can take advantage of the manufacturer’s amazing 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee. With a product that is backed by both user surveys and outstanding user testimonials, it only makes sense to at least give InstantEffect™ a try. But before you do, read more about the product in our informative review. Read a Full review of InstantEffect here.

Miracle Slim Wrap The At-Home Spa Quality Body Wrap
The Miracle Slim Wrap is an at home version of the SPA treatments that take inches off your problem areas in one session. This effective product works just as well as any SPA treatment and it is a fraction of the cost. Customers lose anywhere from 1-4 inches on a problem area that they use the Wrap on. It is not permanent weight loss, but it lasts for more than a day and with continuous use it definitely does work on those problem areas for long-term results. This is a great product for anyone that wants to look slimmer immediately: Going out on a date, a big event, a business meeting, going to the beach, vacations and so much more. The customers like it. Give the blogs a skim – it definitely is well received. Read a Full review of Miracle Slim Wrap here.

Hydroxatone – Anti Wrinkle AM/PM Cream
Hydroxatone is currently the top rated, award winning anti-wrinkle complex on the market. Hydroxatone® is the only product that contains all four of the most effective and exciting ingredients for reversing and preventing the look of wrinkles. No other formula has combined these ingredients into one cream and the customer’s have been reporting enthusiastic results. The Hydroxatone® website has endless testimonials from customers who have enjoyed their products. The formula combines both of the only clinically proven & patented ingredients for reversing the look of face wrinkles; Argireline® and Matrixyl 3000®, and combines them with SPF for sun protection. We feel, no other product does this because of cost and manufacturing time restraints. Clinical data that your formula works says it all….and Hydroxatone® provides ample proof. This is very valuable information because customers can rest assured it works. If your goal is to look younger, this truly an effective and results driven product. Read a Full review of Hydroxatone here.

Hydrolyze – Diminish The Look of Dark Under-Eye Circles
Hydrolyze® is an incredibly effective revitalizing under eye treatment that diminishes the look of dark under-eye circles and appearance of bags under the eyes. Hydrolyze® is able to provide truly amazing results because it utilizes an ingredient blend known as Hydroxatone®, which combines three cutting edge skin care compounds along with botanical extracts so as to create a synergistic and truly potent ally in the fight against the appearance of dark circles, puffiness, and wrinkles. And it does all of this without the use of needles or scalpels. You know what it is like to look in the mirror only to see that your eyes are telling you and the rest of the world the story of your harried life. Why not give your eyes the chance to tell the world how youthful and energetic you are by supporting them with Hydrolyze®? It is easy to do and after reading our helpful review here you can go straight to the BeautyBlogTalk Store to take advantage of this offer. Read a Full review of Hydrolyze here.

Total Curve – Breast Enhancement Therapy
Age doesn’t have to deprive you of your sexy curves. With Total Curve you can firm and lift your breasts in a natural, safe way. This product is the perfect alternative to surgery, which is too expensive and invasive of an option for most women. We found Total Curve is perfect for women of all ages - those who just had a child, to those who just went through menopause. It can benefit any woman who wants fuller, firmer breasts that are lifted and more youthful. This dual-product system has been scientifically developed and utilizes clinically proven ingredients. The Total Curve system delivers results by working both internally and externally. It is the most intensive and effective breast enhancement system now available. The product has become very popular on the blogs and many are talking about the noticeable difference. Read a Full review of Total Curve here.

Provestra – Female Libido Pills
Provestra is a doctor endorsed completely natural sexual enhancer. This product was specifically developed to meet women’s sexual needs. Many women experience a decrease in their sexual desire at some point, and some women never achieve a fully satisfying sex life. Oftentimes this can be due to hormonal imbalances that deplete energy and turn off the sex drive. The Provestra formula is capable of supporting the female reproductive system and restoring balance so that women can experience fast arousal, intensified sexual pleasure and responsiveness to sexual touch and stimulation. Provestra’s comprehensive formula can provide life-changing results and allow women to experience the sex life they’ve always dreamed of. If you’ve wanted to make a change in the bedroom, Provestra is the one formula to try. Read a Full review of Provestra here.

Nuphedrine® -- Burn More Calories per Day
NuPhedrine® has revolutionized the diet industry with its cutting-edge non-prescription formula. While other products may simply claim to provide results, NuPhedrine®’s makers can state with complete honesty that you WILL burn more calories per day. This claim is made possible because of the clinically proven ingredients included in this product’s formula. The only product of its kind, NuPhedrine® combines real South African Hoodia in the proven 20x strength, Patented Advantra-Z® and Slimaluma—the three most lauded and clinically proven weight loss ingredients on the market today. Never before has a product combined these three in such straightforward potency. With amazing before-and-after pictures from real customers, you will immediately want to purchase NuPhedrine® and get it shipped to your door as quickly as possible. And with a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee, there is no going wrong with this incredible product. Their customers love this product – check out the blog postings….they really say it all. We can safely recommend this product based on what the users have to report. Read a Full review of NuPhedrine here.

Vigorelle - Sexual Pleasure at Your Fingertips
Calling all unsatisfied women! Vigorelle can help women find their passion and amp up their sex life. This product has been used by thousands of women to revitalize their libido and bring back their enjoyment for sex. This topical cream works as a silky lubricant that will stimulate the body’s own natural lubrication process and work to intensify sexual stimulation. With Vigorelle it is pretty much guaranteed that a woman will climax like never before, which makes it much easier to increase a woman’s interest and enjoyment for sex. As seen on Fox News, this effective formula is backed by members of the medical community and contains a proven herbal formula. Read a Full review of Vigorelle here.

Ahh Bra - The Solution to your Bra Problems
With Ahh Bra you don’t have to sacrifice looking good for comfort. This functional and fashionable bra offers the support you need to stay firm and lifted, but does so without the binding and pinching wires of traditional bras. The Ahh Bra slims your appearance with its smoothing benefits and helps to prevent rolls and bulge caused by many traditional bras. The Ahh Bra provides the perfect fit and can even go up and down with you - two sizes. This bra is machine washable, affordable and the most supportive option available we’ve seen! Read a Full review of Ahh Bra here.

ClearPores – Acne Free Beautiful Skin
If you thought another brand of acne product was #1, think again. Right now the #1 rated acne system is ClearPores. You can clear up your complexion today with the ClearPores acne cleansing system. This revolutionary product comes with an herbal supplement to restore internal balance, and topical cleansers and creams to attack external causes of acne. The ClearPores complete system can provide clear results like never before. With this new approach, the pores will be unblocked from the inside out and cleansed of bacteria and dead skin cells. With ClearPores the texture and composition of the skin will be smoothed and finally even. The end result is beautiful, clear, vibrant skin that is free of spots and allows you to look great each and every day. The postings in the blogs have a very high positive response. Read a Full review of ClearPores here.


101 Responses to “IMMUDERM”

Emma: I hated how Immuderm looked and smelled like medication. I like a beauty product to be beautiful. I want it to give pleasure to my eye as well as be pleasing on my skin. I like to look at all my tubes and jars and feel…edified. Immuderm is very ugly and further, it did nothing to improve the quality of my complexion.

Gabriella: Oh, ugh! Not only is this expensive, it doesn’t work! Imagine, 90 bucks for something in a really tacky tube filled with some sort of stinky goo. What a rip off!

Alexa: Immuderm is thick and absorbs nicely, and you get a decent amount of product. I have not noticed any sort of adverse reaction, got a small whitehead on the 3rd day of using it but in fairness it was my time of month. I just felt that as a moisturizer, this was surprisingly ineffective. My skin still felt dry yet slightly oily ..you know that feeling, the old scaly oily thing…without that soft silky texture i would expect. And naturally, i saw absolutely no change to my wrinkles or expression lines. Won’t’ buy again.

ali101: Immuderm is something I would pay 8.95 for at CVS not 90 dollars! It is too thick and heavy to be considered a fine beauty product. It’ s just not what I paid for.

Nelly: Even though I quit smoking 17 years ago, when I was pregnant with my son, my skin is still paying for the damage I did. I was trying to ignore it for awhile but as time wore on my skin just got worse & worse. Finally I opted for Immuderm, mainly, due to the regenerating it was supposed to do for me. I used this for about 4-5 months, it didn’t seem to do much more than moisturize. I’m on a mission now to find something that works, since I’ve already started trying some products. This one wasn’t good, I’m reallly hoping I’ll find one that is.


Janice: My skin feels a little softer since I began using Immuderm, but I would not go so far as to say it looks any healthier. I was counting on having this make my skin just glow, but I see no visible results. Not worth 90 bucks.

elena: I disagree somewhat; i do think Immuderm is a decent moisturizer, but i was not impressed with its anti-aging capabilities. I think this is a case of a product that doesn’t suck, but is a huge letdown bcs it advertises as more than it is.

jacqueline: I guess i thought Immuderm had collagen…but looking at these ingredeints it seems like it doesn’t. Does anybody know for sure?

cammie: Immuderm is alright but I wonder if there are other things I can take to keep my skin elastic – like certain fruits or proteins. I am into the idea of beauty from the inside out. When the tube is finished I do not think I will order again, since it’s fun to mix it up and try new things.

Erykah: Hi so yesterday I got this letter in the mail telling me I should try Immuderm. It was handwritten & unmarked, I don’t know who sent it. Is it from the company? I was so confused when I got it, I’ve never heard of it until now.

cammie: Immuderm is a definite upgrade from the cheapy drugstore stuff I usually buy!

SARAH: Its now day 8 of using Immuderm, I have two large whiteheads on the side of my nose. This is not good. Maybe they are cause by something else but at the same time, I;m not seeing any difference in the wrinkles, either. So i have to say it’s not exactly winning me over. For this price i am expecting a lot more. Will report back.

Nancy: No, no collagen in Immuderm, just some sort of baker’s yeast. I didn’t look very carefully when I bought it, just fell prey to the claims made. It sounded good but is really not as “advanced” as the ad says, if my skin is any proof. No changes in my texture, lines or wrinkles.

Arlene: well, I am not really a glamor girl but lately I realized that I have to keep up with my looks and tried to research on the internet and in fashion magazines which products women are using to combat wrinkles and to get brighter skin. I think I chose Immuderm because it looked clean and not overly girly or floraly. I like what they have to say about environment factors which I know contribute to my skin looking older. I have been using the cream for a few weeks and I am not sure if this is really very good for me or not. It doesn’t seem to seep into my skin which seems weird and it has a frosting like consistency that just doesn’t feel nice. I’m not expert, but I have a feeling bought a bum product this time.

Roxanne: No other cream had ever worked before, but I thought I’d give Immuderm a chance anyway. It seemed to be more researched than the other brands I’d tried, I thought it could be no worse, and maybe actually do something. Ha, was I wrong! It WAS worse, caused a hideous breakout around my nose and little bumps on my chin. I never had that happen before. I’m gonna be more careful about what I buy in the future.

jess: WHAT??? Baker’s Yeast?? I can’t BELIEVE i fell for this stuff…i know its my own fault for not looking up the ingredients…but still, for $90 you would think they could do better than yeast. geez.

Merylon: I suspect that Immuderm does not contain Matrixyl (don’t know if it is claimed to) but I had a teeny tiny sample of a really choice beauty fluid with Matrixyl and my skin looked amazing, radiant, and less creased. Immuderm is very heavy, thick, and clogs my wrinkles, uncool!

Kasia: Its been taking awhile, maybe 3 months, but I think I am finally seeing some plumping action from Immuderm. I didnt expect it take this long, but I am glad I’m finally seeing something from it, I was about ready to give up. Just hope it continues to help..

Leona: Do they offer free samples of Immuderm?

VeraLee: I bought three tubes of Immuderm for the price of 2! big whoop. It wasn’t cheap AND I hate how it feels on my skin! I am either going back to my department store brand unless I can find some thing better. Open to suggestions..

melanie: I’ve been trying to improve my immune system for quite some time now, because i tend to catch colds very easily and i have a whole host of health type problems. The makers of IMmuderm claim that this can boost your immune system in addition to fighting aging, and so i thougt, perfect! I was willing to pay $90 for that. Well i have now been using this stuff for 6 months, and during that time i’ve had 2 colds, one stomach virus, and I look just as old as i did before i bought this. Thumb DOWN,

jen%: Also was interested in Immuderm bcs of what they say about it being different & more effective than other antiaging products; I knew what they were saying, about so many EITHER moisturizing OR exfoliating, but never actually repairing the skin. It all seemed to make sense. I didn’t even mind spending the $90 on it, if was actually gonna improve my skin over the long term. Well, I have been examining my skin very carefully over the past 6 months, and I am not seeing any changes for the better. I keep expecting to wake up one day & discover a younger face in the mirror, but I’m becoming more doubtful every day.

Karen: Yeah, i think Immuderm might just be a bit too thick for my skin type. It definitely clogged my pores and i experienced severe greasiness almost right away. It was depressing. I didn’t even get to use it long enough to see if it worked or not, but from waht you are all saying i didn’t miss much. Anyway, this isn’t right for me.


Regina: Compared to ROC Immuderm is a good skin cream. So far these are the only ones I have tried. Turning 45 this July and trying to stay sane…

Michelina: NO FREE SAMPLES! I had to pay a lot of money, only to discover that Immuderm does not work!!

Brenda: I had a very strange introduction to Immuderm. I received an anonymous email from someone saying “Brenda: It works.” All week long i tried to figure out who among my friends and acquaintances might have done this, but to be honest not to many people i know have such great skin. The only person i know with a gorgeous complexion is my one co-worker…i started thinking maybe it was her, and i bought it. Well, it did absolutely NOTHING. I casually mentioned it to her, saying i figured she was the one who sent the email, but she said she didn’t know what i was talking about.

Summer: Why does Immuderm waste money on sending out articles to people, its seems like it’d be smarter to just send samples so at least we could try it. I was a little freaked out by that letter I got, but if there had been a product inside…that might’ve been cool.

Ava: yeah, has anybody else gotten an “anonymous” email? i never EVER shoulda listened to it but it almost sounded like it was a real email. Well i guess i have been suckered bcs Immuderm was pure CRAP.

markie: What is going on with my skin these days I wonder?! Is it menopause or sun damage or some kind of curse? JK. One day I have blemishes and the next my face looks dull and haggard. I needed help and I found Immuderm online and just clicked order and hoped for the best. The experience was…okay, mediocre at best. I am still using it for lack of a better alternative but it smells like foot cream and feels like cream cheese – pretty gross. I really don’t want to have to get Restylane or Botox but if things don’t change soon I feel I won’t have a choice.

Becky: I found that the “exfoliating” component of Immuderm was much more prominent than the moistuurizing, which meant that my skin was flaking and peeling like crazy. I didn’t care for this at all, and I think it actually made my wrinkles stand out a lot more. No thanks!

Rheannon: The cream feels nice, it absorbs well into my skin, I have not noticed any clogged pores since using Immuderm. I don’t care for the scent, and the packaging is ugly, I think it kinda cheapens the feel of it. The lines are still there but I it looks like their beiginning to fade. Not the best product, but its fine.

Grace: Is Imuderm made from animal products? I don’t believe in exploiting animals for our vanity.

Kyle: what are we supposed to do? Of course w are going to try every cream, serum and miracle promising moisture solution that comes our way. I read a lot about this product first and usually have good instincts so I was shocked when Immuderm was so sticky and thick like a paste. It did nothing for my skin or my self-esteem. Still hoping for something to turn back the hands of time but getting frustrated!

francesca: The ingredients in Immuderm just suck. There is nothing in this that is likely to reverse aging, and definitely nohting that justifies that price! I feel so stupid now.

wanda: i have an allergy to yeast, i cannot use immuderm or anything with norwegian beta glucan.

tara: yeah i received an article via snail mail…it came in an unmarked envelope, very weird. It was mysteroius, almost like having a secret admirer, except i guess this person didn’t admire my skin huh. so i was stupid and bought it and it didn’t work the end.

Melody: Is it me or are the ingredients in immuderm not posted anywhere? I really hate that! I need to make an informed decision and I can’t when I am in the dark. Anyone know?

arlene smith: well now i sure like the idea of making my skin act younger, i’ve been buying a lot of puzzles lately to try to get my mind sharper too. my brain is not really acting any younger but i think they help some. i thought my skin was just a lost cause altogether, its been getting drier and saggier for years now. immuderm feels nice. my skin is smoother, i can’t quite say how its acting but ill keep using it for awhile.

Faith: I don’t mean to complain but 9o dollars is alot for me and I don’t see that I can return Immuderm for a refund? ISn’t there usually one for stuff like this? I would have liked to try it first and I would have learned that it makes my skin breakout.

Sandi: To answer the question, this has some sort of yeast extract, which I guess is bettter for animal rights, but, it hasn’t helped my skin any.

Chris Anne: I didn’t like this Immuderm from the beginning…the texture was weird and too thick. It didn’t sink in very well either, i had to wait a long time before i could apply makeup. And after 6 weeks of use i had no results with it. This is an inferior product and thats probably why they do that weird advertising with the unmarked envolope.

ms_fox68: so i have been reading up on this norwegian beta glucan (the only ingredient i have seen mentioned in immuderm) and all i can find is that its good for the immune system, when ingested. i am really doubtful that this will have any effect whatsover if you put it on your skin. i think amino peptides are the way to go for wrinkles, argireline is one i have read lots about. has anyone tried it? i am more apt to purchase a proven product than this one, based on what i’ve been seeing.

sisterkate: i really like Immutol vitamins so I bought Immuderm for my face which is just starting to look aged but hereing all these comments I wonder weather I should use it. thannks.

emilie: I don’t really think these ingredients are very impressive. How can they claim that this will help the IMMUNE SYSTEM! ! What a joke.

lindsey: my husband told me the other day i was looking a little plump, he was grinning when he said it. i am thinking he meant me skin, from this immuderm, i have been telling him about it. i didn’t want to press it, i’m taking it as a complement that this is working…but i’m gonna give up the ice cream, just in case..

Beth: It’s a good thing the unmarked package of Immuderm didn’t arrive in my mailbox 5 years ago. I would have totally freaked out and thought it was Anthrax or something. I’ll prob finish the tube but would not spend 100 or whatever it is.

lorna: Not to be really gross, but I am prone to yeast infections, and I don’t like the idea of using anything with yeast in it!! I wonder if this can aggravate the problem?

Janna: Immuderm is okay, although, I have not been noticing the lines fading as quickly as I wanted to. But overall I see some improvement. On another note, I have noticed these ugly spider veins developing on my legs, are there any products that will work for that?

Sharon: my scandinavian grandmother had lovely skin until the day she died. She ate lots of fish, I know that but my mother doesn’t remember if she used a special beauty formula. I bought Immuderm to honor my heritage and unfortunately there is nothing to back up my decision. I am only 40 but my face is collapsing; my skin is dry and damaged and the bags under my eyes get worse every day of the week until the weekend when I can sleep in. It’s either retire or find a product that works.

Diana: Wow, lindsey..you’re amazing! I can’t believe you took it as a compliment that your husband said you were “plump”? I mean, it’s not your fault, he was the one who was rude, but…um, I dont think guys even understand the concept of “plumping” in terms of facial wrinkles, lips, etc. On a different note, i got NO results from Immuderm, my husband never said anything to me one way or the other. Which is the way it usually is around here.

Raynelle: My skin was dry before but it seems to have gotten a lot oilier since I began using Immuderm. I probably wouldn’t mind so much, if was a healthy looking shine, but, its just greasy. Kinda accentuates the lines and the dark circles under my eyes more than before, this was not a good purchase for me, I wish I could send it back.

Cindy: I AM SO STRESSED OUT! my skin is looking worse all the time and the stress is making it worse and now I am more stressed because the Immuderm I spent like 80 frikkin bucks on doesn’t do shit. there is said it. relief. have a nice afternoon, ladies. keep up the good work demystifying internet shopping. thanks to this my friends ask my opinion about diet pills and beauty products now. how do you like them apples?

Tree: All I can say is, its nice to find a product that does not make my eyes itch due to the perfumey scent, or complete peel away the top layer of my skin. Immuderm just sinks into the skin, I dont even really know its there.

Angel: I have given up ice cream cold turkey :) with a diet aid made with a thermogenic. It burns calories up. I am hoping to lose 15 pounds by July 5, my anniversary. p.s. I agree about Immuderm, total garbage. I am holding out for Botox.

sue: Well, i haven’t gotten a cold at all since i started using Immuderm so maybe it is boasting my immunity. It is also a nice moisturizer, i wouldn’t say it’s turning back the clock but it feels nice.

Madeline: Janna – (and whoever else is interested) try Venacura, completely eliminated my spider veins http://www.venacura.com/ Good luck!

drea: You know, Immuderm claims to have done “scientific studies” but what ARE the studies? Where were they done? By who? What were the clinical results? this just seems to be sloppy, halfhearted research, if there ever WAS any research in the first place.

chelsea2020: Immuderum was no better than Olay or Ponds or Nutragena. And it was a whole lot more $$$ Thumbs down.

Stefanie: Cannot say that Immuderm has done anything for my immune system, I was blessed with 3 colds this past winter, plus strep throat, which I had not gotten since I was 13. I didn’t know it was even supposed to have that effect on me at all. Anyway, I don’t blame the cream for any of that, I think it works fiine as a moisturizer, that’s all I really expected from it.

Miss60: in the last few years I have actually learned to like the internet – I never thought that would happen. I can spend a boring morning at work happily researching face creams and cleansers and serums and masks and shopping for shoes and artisanal cheeses. I have learned a lot and try to read all the clinical studies or I try to. I kept hearing about Immuderm and seeing it everywhere and I tried to research the ingredients. and came up short. I don’t see what anyone has ever really loved it, I don’t see before and afters and I don’t even see the ingredients.

bethany: Immuderm is a super nice moisturizer. I don’t know about the wirnkles, i only have a few & they look the same. But i looove a nice moisturizer.

Colette: These days the only mail I ever get are credit card offers, maybe some bills or coupons. Nobody sends letters and emails are so impersonal. Getting that little note about Immuderm really brightened my day. I’m not sure who sent it but its good information & a nice gesture.

Rhonda: Hi I am not sure, can I send back the second tube I got of Immuderm? It smells AWFUL, I can’t put this near my face. I’m assuming I’m stuck with the one I opened, but am having a hard time seeing if I can send the other back, thx

Therese: Immuderm is okay for night cream but not for day, too thick and runny. I apply it after a shower more like a mask and I think it may be working.


oodlesofpoodles: my skin was firmer when I was younger and I was healthier then overall- I only ate salad for a while there and was never sick. Immuderm made sense in this way but I m sad to say that the difference is not very much. Maybe a little softer, but still wrinkles. will let you know after another 3 weeks.

Darlene: Immuderm has been nothing but a nuisance and an ordeal from Day 1, when i received their creepy stalkerish envelope in the mail. I thought it was a bunch of crap but when i saw that they addressed me by name and said “Darlene, it works,” I thought maybe somebody i knew was trying to recommend it without hurting my feelings. So i figured i would take the hint from whoever. Well, it WORKED LIKE CRAP, did NOTHING except cause hideous breakouts, oily clogged pores and no difference to the fine lines or wrinikles. Oh, and during the time i used this i got the FLU which i haven’t had since i was a kid! So much for the “immune system.” The final blow? I couldn’t even get a refund for this junk! i wasted 2 weeks trying to contact this company – i shouldve known that a company that sends you anonymous letters is not going to make themselves availabel when you need them!!! This is a TERRIBLE product from an UNETHICAL COMPANY! DONT WASTE UR TIME!

Monika: Well so I have only been using Immuderm for a couple of weeks, I mainly came on here to see what I could expect because, so far I haven’t seen anything significant, good or bad. I think I’ll probably finish the tube, but will lower my expectations, thx

Ronni: I did find Immuderm to be an okay moisturizer, but for $90 i do kinda expect more than that. I can get decent moisturizers at Walgreens for less than $20. So i don’t plan to buy this stuff again.

ginnifer: I am a new mom and sooo tired. I don’t have a lot of time to research products and I don’t know what is new or hot right now. I bought Immuderm because it was there. Their in your face strategy worked with me, because I just didn’t the face cream question taken care of, I am for once getting time to myself to go online and have a look around and I am pleased to see that I am not the only woman who really didnt like Immuderm. Maybe before the baby wakes up I can find a good one.

Julianne: So, I didn’t think Immuderm was a BAD product, I did use it faithfully for 6 or 7 months; if it was horrible, I would’ve stopped straight away. My skin was fine, it just did not exactly improve, yet its no worse for wear. I cannot in good conscience give this a negative rating, it probably works fine for some people & I cant see what harm it will do.

Carol: I’m giving Immuderm the mildest of thumbs down. It hasn’t made me look like Angelina yet but I swear I look less tired than I have in months. The thumbs down is because I had to wait 3 months for my order. After all the harrassing of me they did they could at least be timely.The long term results are yet to be seen but for right now I am cautiously optimistic.

annie_5: When it comes to “turn back the clock” beauty treatments. From now on i will research the product and it’s ingredients extensively. It’s nice to have this site as a resource. Thanks!

barb: how did the company get my name & address? is that legal, i never asked for anything from immuderm, i am a little disturbed by the letters i have received.

vavavanessa: I thought Immuderm was fine all winter but it is definitely NOT for warm weather. What a mess I was this morning!

Deena: Well i do like Immutol too, I need the vitamin support. Cannot really tell yet if the Immuderm is making a huge impact on the lines on my face but I’ll continue to use it for a bit longer, doesn;t seem to be hurting it any.

Nicki: oh, what i fool i was with this Immuderm…i actually thought it would help my immune system! Now I drink that yogurt stuff from dannon, i forget the name if it, but it seems to be helping me to fend off sickness.

Carol G.: This site has been VERY helpful for me for all my diet & beauty questions. I had been considering Immuderm but after reading these comments, I think I will pass… i will continue looking until I find a prouct that is more highly recommended.

maria: great tips, thanks ladies!!

MrsWard: I have seen a lot of products come and go. Most of the bad ones are forgotten before long and I am sure that will happen with Immuderm. I usually buy Nivea from the Walgreens and whatever is on sale. It works well, I think, is creamy but not too heavy. Immuderm came along and I thought I’d try something new and so I used it diligently for three weeks. In that time, it works or it doesn’t. That is how I test things at home. It was basically the same, perhaps a little thicker. but the price difference is astronomical! Why would I pay such a high price for basically the same product? That I will not understand.

leilana: Its so true, in the warm weather months Immuderm is gloppy sticky and disgusting. Basically, unusable. What a breakout i got from a few days of using this!

Charlene: In my whole life I never knew that anyone could actually be allergic to yeast, and I never seemed to have any problems. I always ate bread, maybe felt some discomfort at times but that’s not gonna stop me. Anyway I bought Immuderm, unaware it could be problematic and my skin broke out in a rash. I am not even sure if it was from the yeast, but, I still threw it out. Waste of ninety bucks.

Cecily: I bought Immuderm because I believed what I read about the antioxidant ingredients. I am not impressed, to say the least. It is harsh and abrasive and it has an odor. It is nothing like I would have expected. I am here to tell you that Immuderm is no good.

Brynn: Is it too cheesy to say that the “Baker’s Yeast” in Immuderm left my skin looking “doughy”??? This just was not a good product for my skin. Maybe for others, its great, but for me, it just didn’t work out.

CortneyH: I got an email about Immuderm did a search in google on it and am here. thank you! I feel like I got some straight answers about the product.

amber: don’t know what i was thinking by buying this, i really cant afford this price but i splurged on immuderm. it didn’t work too well before the tube was empty, & i can’t buy more right now to continue on it. guess i’ll go back to the olay or maybe aveeno.

NINA: I don’t see the ingredients for Immuderm either, don’t think it has collagen. Anyone know of a good cream that does? Or ANYthing better than this?????

angeline: I think it’s reasonable to assume that you can easily replace Immuderm with an Olay or an Aveeno. There’s nothing about it that makes it any higher than Walgreens quality. It’s just hype.

Crystal: I like things that are natural and I thought that Immuderm would be but it is not. It smells like vaporub. It clogged my pores. It caused a breakout. what can I get that has natural ingredients but will smooth my skin?

Evelyn: Did somebody really say they were considering Botox over Immuderm? That’s a little harsh. I would never subject myself to that kinda pain, or expense. I’m not really digging this cream but its gotta be better than Botox. Just wish it was working faster.

Lynne: I am so embarrassed that I bought Immuderm. Now I see evidence everywhere that it is a bad product and the company is disingenuous. I like that this is a place where we can speak openly. An online coffee clatch for stay at home moms like me! keeps me from totally talking baby talk all day.

Terry: As far as I can tell, there really is no correlation between this topical cream and the immune system. I can’t really tell what Immuderm is doing though. Not much of anything, really.

tess: I thought that Immuderm was a reliable moisturizer but it caused my face to break out horribly. I;m using the rest as a hand cream.

Teresa: I just received a handwritten envelope addressed to me and post marked Santa Ana, Ca., no return address. Of course I opened it and found a newspaper article about the Immunoderm with a hand written note at the top that said, “Teresa, Get it. It works! J Being the skeptical person that I am and not knowing anyone from California I did some research and found all these negative comments. Thank you all for commenting on how bad this product is. I surely won’t waste my money. I also noticed that this newspaper article had perforations on the left side and Mutual Funds on the backside. It appears that it’s made specifically for marketing.

Nancy: I just recieved that anonymous advertisment with my name and comment written on it. I immediately went to my computer to see what I could find out about itand found myself at this site reading all your comments. Thank you all for posting and saving me from wasting my money as well as wondering who sent it! Many Thanks to you all!!

mike: I also receiver a letter 2 days ago with no return address with an article signed bet it it works! J The article sounded to good to be true. and it only takes 28 days to see significant differance. I was almost convenced and ready to by it as I sometimes believe what I want to be true. I’m only a young 35 male yet for the last 2 days I’ve been fantisizing about looking the way I did when I was only 25 in just a few short months. It makes me feel old when ever I go to buy liquor or go to a casino and they don’t ask for my id any more to see that I’m over 21. I told myself to check the internet first before I bought it and do my reserch. I’m sure glad I did. From what I hear in this forum this stuff is pure crap!!! I’m saving my $90 for something else.

tammy: Got one of those ads also. The backside of mine has the “classified” ad, clever of them. How about the the articles that say “Tammy,haven’t heard from you in a while, you should try this” Glad I’m NOT that gullable

Loretta Farrell: I love it. The first night I used it I could not believe my eyes when I looked in the mirror the next morning! Most all my wrinkles around my eyes were gone. The key is putting a good amount around trouble spots both morning and night.I agree it is oily but I am going to love it in the winter.Aren’t oils good for the skin esp.when we get older? I put a little bit on my lips and they lok pink and healthy. I used to use 3 face creams a day and never got these results. This is less time and less money for me.

JDG: Thank goodness I bought it on AMAzon for half the price. Save your money,it DOES NOT WORK!


As we age, many of us start to notice that our skin has started to lose its resilience and suppleness, which increases the development of facial lines, wrinkles and sagging. In addition, as we age, our skin also loses its ability to fight off the damage associated with the sun, environmental toxins and a poor diet. Luckily, skincare products may assist us in restoring and preserving our natural skin quality—if we use a product that contains an effective complement of extracts and elements.

IMMUDERM® is a skincare formula created by IMMUNOCORP, a Norway-based company. This product line is based on their belief that augmented immune function may significantly enhance skin health. IMMUDERM® is purported to assist individuals in keeping and restoring their skin’s natural suppleness and elastically, as well as increasing its ability to repel environmental damage. Let’s take a look at this formula to see what it may have to offer in terms of easing age related issues.

 Ingredients at a Glance
The full formula for IMMUDERM® may not have been disclosed on its website, but through another site we discovered that it may contain a variety of rather pedestrian elements, such as: Aqua, Helianthus Annus (Sunflower) Seed Oil, B-Glucan, Glycerin, Stearic Acid, Cetyl Alcohol, PEG-20 Methyl Gluclose Sesquistearate, Camellia Oleifera Seed Extract, Panthenol, Allantoin, Retinyl Palmitate, Carbomer, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Sorbic Acid, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract, Calendula Officinalis Flower, Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree) Leaf Oil and Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate.

However, this developer has acknowledged that it uses Norwegian Beta 1,3/1,6 Glucan in its formula, and that this element may be the core of this formula.

 Ingredients in Focus
Often chemicals, herbs, vitamins and minerals may be used in skincare products; however, Beta 1,3/1,6 Glucan belongs to none of these categories—it is actually a polysacelement extracted from the cell walls of Bakers Yeast and certain mushrooms. This element is purported by this developer, and others, to significantly increase immune function. In fact, Beta-1,3-d-Glucan is being heavily studied for its anti-tumor and immune stimulating properties. It is also important to note that this element is also being studied as a way to manage blood sugar and cholesterol. However, most of these studies have centered, and continue to center, on its abilities when taken orally, not when it is used topically as it is in IMMUDERM®.

IMMUDERM®’s heavy reliance on pedestrian elements and Beta-1,3-d-Glucans may be perplexing, given the claims made about its abilities. According to our research, none of these elements have been proven to enable individuals to increase the suppleness, resilience and elasticity of their skin. However, we have seen some products achieve some really amazing results when using a full contingent of proven skin supporters, such as Matrixyl 3000®, Real Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid.

Real Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid are two elements that we look for in skincare products because they have been shown to assist individuals in naturally restoring Collagen and HA levels in their skin. This in turn assists in easing winkles and facial lines while promoting skin health. Matrixyl 3000® on the other hand has been shown in research studies to be able to assist individuals in decreasing the density, volume and depth of wrinkles and facial lines. When these three are used together, they may support increased smoothness, softening and elasticity in the skin, while combating facial wrinkles.

• Multiple supplements may be needed

• May not use Matrixyl 3000®, Real Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid
• May not fully disclose formula on its website

 Final Thoughts
The promise of the inclusion of a new element, such as Beta 1,3/1,6 Glucan, may make IMMUDERM® extremely attractive to some individuals. However, this element’s ability to increase immune function may not guarantee that it may effectively retard the development of wrinkles, fine lines and facial sagging. In fact, there is little research available to suggest it may be effective in this venue.

Fortunately, there are other tried and true anti-aging elements, such as Matrixyl 3000®, Real Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid, which have been shown to create some outstanding results when used alone and together.