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La Mer


La Mer is a New York-based company that has created a line of anti-aging skincare products, which includes eye creams, cleansers, face lifting formulas, lightening formulas, sun blocks and body crèmes. Dr. Max Huber was the driving force behind this product line, which began forty years ago. La Mer means the sea in French, and as its name suggests, this formula is purported to contain a variety of marine based elements that may enhance skin health and ease aging. However, they failed to disclose exactly what elements may be used in this product line, which is always problematic. What is also problematic is that this product has consistently scored poorly on some consumer-driven sites in terms of results. Individuals often reported that they saw little, if any, change in the appearance of their facial skin.

Facial Toner – New FDA Cleared Finally, Available In America
One of the most exciting products to enter the marketplace in recent years is newly FDA Cleared Facial Toner™ – a high-end Spa quality do it yourself, in the comfort of your own home product for rejuvenating the face muscles to their youthful levels. Facial Toner™ uses the same medical grade stimulation technology that has been used in the medical industry for over 30 years and it is now the latest and best way to stimulate the nerves that cause your facial muscles to contract and relax, mimicking the body’s own movement. Read a Full review of Facial Toner here.

Beenigma - Premium All-In-One Bee Venom Face Cream
We are so pleased to bring this formula to you and have found that Beenigma is the premium choice among Bee Venom face creams in the entire world. New Zealand, where the premium Beenigma face cream is manufactured - is located in the South Pacific at the bottom of the world. There are very few places on earth offering such unspoiled wilderness and purity in flora and fauna. It is this purity and beauty that inspires the very core of the Beenigma cream. The Beenigma story is a new story with old origins. It began in Auckland, New Zealand where the Beenigma team undertook research into Apitherapy and specifically the use of Bee Venom as a means to fight the signs of aging. It has been discovered that topically applied Bee Venom directly nurtures cell regeneration, assists in collagen formation and even helps in the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. The more the Beenigma team learned, the more they were amazed by Bee Venom and its incredible rejuvenating effects. Read a Full review of Beenigma here.

Flex Belt - Rapid Stomach Toning Medical Technology
The stomach toning Flex Belt® is by far the most effective we have ever seen of its kind. The results are astonishing – The Flex Belt is proven to work for everyone. In fact – in clinical trials done with The Flex Belt, 100% of the participants received results in flattening, toning, and firming their stomach in just weeks. The Flex Belt is the first EMS (Electric Muscle Stimulation) product of its kind cleared by the FDA. You get up to 150 perfect contractions on each ab muscle in each 30 minute session. You don’t have to concentrate on your form. You can use The Flex Belt at work, around the house, while taking a walk, cooking, watching TV etc. For consumers who don’t have the time or for those that may have tried to flatten and tone their stomachs before, this product is precisely what they’ve been looking for. It is also great for people that are in awesome shape and already have a great stomach – it will simply make it more strong and defined.

Membrane Integrity Factor – Look and Feel Young Again
This is the absolute best rejuvenating product we have found that works for both men and women from the inside out. Membrane Integrity Factor is a true anti-aging oral supplement containing real HGHR combined with 2-AEP formulated by world-renowned German doctor Hans Nieper. The formula has won awards and has numerous benefits for men and women looking for a way to reduce the effects of aging and feel and look younger again. Be sure to check out the blog posts on this amazing and powerful formulation. Read a Full review of Membrane Integrity Factor here.

Flex Mini® -- Get a Sexy, Shapely & Perky Butt In Just Weeks
Ladies it is time to get your sexy and shapely butt back! This is the first FDA cleared butt toning device we have seen of this kind. The Flex Mini® was designed to strengthen and tone the butt and upper backs of the thighs all while you go about your day. We especially like that the Flex Mini® features varying degrees of intensity allowing you to progress all the way up to level 99 (the highest form of electronic stimulation.) The Flex Mini® does all the work so you don't have to. You will get a very effective workout without even having to think about it!! In fact – you can use it while surfing the internet, taking care of the kids, on the phone with friends, working, walking etc….talk about being all about multi-tasking. Most of us complain about not having the energy to take care of ourselves or simply not having the time because, well we don’t really like strenuous activity in the first place. With this newly cleared technology, women are reporting more positive results and less excuses. Read a Full review of Flex Mini here.

Keranique - Hair Regrowth for Women
The Keranique System for hair regrowth has already created an immediate stir in the marketplace, having been a huge hit on the Home Shopping Network and the Dr. Oz Show. The success of the company is being talked about at CBS Money Watch, Market Watch, and Yahoo Financial to name a few and Molly Novar-Baker, beauty director at Women's Health Magazine says, “For all women experiencing thinning hair, it's going to affect confidence...Keranique is definitely a permanent fix!” Thick, beautiful, shiny and healthy hair – every woman wants it! But, due to the effects of aging and chemical treatments, many women suffer from thinning, lifeless, unmanageable and listless hair. 30 million women to be exact. Men have several products already on the market which are devoted to their hair loss issues. However, using hair loss products formulated for men may cause potentially serious side-effects for female users. Now comes a product designed specifically for women, guaranteed to restore beautiful flowing, shiny, thick hair. The Keranique System includes the only clinically proven and FDA cleared formula to re-grow and beautify hair, and reaction to the products is overwhelmingly positive. Read a Full review of Keranique here.

InstantEffect – Reduce Wrinkles In 90 Seconds
InstantEffect™ is a wrinkle-reducing product that is unlike any other. Reducing the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and crow’s feet by over 30% in only 90 seconds, InstantEffect™ offers you something you might have never before thought possible. Most people think that in order to significantly smooth the skin and promote a youthful appearance they either need to spend months on a consistent skin care regimen or, worse, undergo the physical and financial burden of injection methods or surgical procedures. Yet InstantEffect’s™ revolutionary blend of skin-tightening silica crystals, vitamins, and moisturizing agents brings you truly instant results for a youthful look that lasts up to eight hours and can be applied multiple times throughout the day if necessary. What is even more surprising to many consumers is that they do not need to fork over scads of money to get their hands on InstantEffect™. Rather, they can take advantage of the manufacturer’s amazing 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee. With a product that is backed by both user surveys and outstanding user testimonials, it only makes sense to at least give InstantEffect™ a try. But before you do, read more about the product in our informative review. Read a Full review of InstantEffect here.

Miracle Slim Wrap The At-Home Spa Quality Body Wrap
The Miracle Slim Wrap is an at home version of the SPA treatments that take inches off your problem areas in one session. This effective product works just as well as any SPA treatment and it is a fraction of the cost. Customers lose anywhere from 1-4 inches on a problem area that they use the Wrap on. It is not permanent weight loss, but it lasts for more than a day and with continuous use it definitely does work on those problem areas for long-term results. This is a great product for anyone that wants to look slimmer immediately: Going out on a date, a big event, a business meeting, going to the beach, vacations and so much more. The customers like it. Give the blogs a skim – it definitely is well received. Read a Full review of Miracle Slim Wrap here.

Hydroxatone – Anti Wrinkle AM/PM Cream
Hydroxatone is currently the top rated, award winning anti-wrinkle complex on the market. Hydroxatone® is the only product that contains all four of the most effective and exciting ingredients for reversing and preventing the look of wrinkles. No other formula has combined these ingredients into one cream and the customer’s have been reporting enthusiastic results. The Hydroxatone® website has endless testimonials from customers who have enjoyed their products. The formula combines both of the only clinically proven & patented ingredients for reversing the look of face wrinkles; Argireline® and Matrixyl 3000®, and combines them with SPF for sun protection. We feel, no other product does this because of cost and manufacturing time restraints. Clinical data that your formula works says it all….and Hydroxatone® provides ample proof. This is very valuable information because customers can rest assured it works. If your goal is to look younger, this truly an effective and results driven product. Read a Full review of Hydroxatone here.

Hydrolyze – Diminish The Look of Dark Under-Eye Circles
Hydrolyze® is an incredibly effective revitalizing under eye treatment that diminishes the look of dark under-eye circles and appearance of bags under the eyes. Hydrolyze® is able to provide truly amazing results because it utilizes an ingredient blend known as Hydroxatone®, which combines three cutting edge skin care compounds along with botanical extracts so as to create a synergistic and truly potent ally in the fight against the appearance of dark circles, puffiness, and wrinkles. And it does all of this without the use of needles or scalpels. You know what it is like to look in the mirror only to see that your eyes are telling you and the rest of the world the story of your harried life. Why not give your eyes the chance to tell the world how youthful and energetic you are by supporting them with Hydrolyze®? It is easy to do and after reading our helpful review here you can go straight to the BeautyBlogTalk Store to take advantage of this offer. Read a Full review of Hydrolyze here.

Total Curve – Breast Enhancement Therapy
Age doesn’t have to deprive you of your sexy curves. With Total Curve you can firm and lift your breasts in a natural, safe way. This product is the perfect alternative to surgery, which is too expensive and invasive of an option for most women. We found Total Curve is perfect for women of all ages - those who just had a child, to those who just went through menopause. It can benefit any woman who wants fuller, firmer breasts that are lifted and more youthful. This dual-product system has been scientifically developed and utilizes clinically proven ingredients. The Total Curve system delivers results by working both internally and externally. It is the most intensive and effective breast enhancement system now available. The product has become very popular on the blogs and many are talking about the noticeable difference. Read a Full review of Total Curve here.

Provestra – Female Libido Pills
Provestra is a doctor endorsed completely natural sexual enhancer. This product was specifically developed to meet women’s sexual needs. Many women experience a decrease in their sexual desire at some point, and some women never achieve a fully satisfying sex life. Oftentimes this can be due to hormonal imbalances that deplete energy and turn off the sex drive. The Provestra formula is capable of supporting the female reproductive system and restoring balance so that women can experience fast arousal, intensified sexual pleasure and responsiveness to sexual touch and stimulation. Provestra’s comprehensive formula can provide life-changing results and allow women to experience the sex life they’ve always dreamed of. If you’ve wanted to make a change in the bedroom, Provestra is the one formula to try. Read a Full review of Provestra here.

Nuphedrine® -- Burn More Calories per Day
NuPhedrine® has revolutionized the diet industry with its cutting-edge non-prescription formula. While other products may simply claim to provide results, NuPhedrine®’s makers can state with complete honesty that you WILL burn more calories per day. This claim is made possible because of the clinically proven ingredients included in this product’s formula. The only product of its kind, NuPhedrine® combines real South African Hoodia in the proven 20x strength, Patented Advantra-Z® and Slimaluma—the three most lauded and clinically proven weight loss ingredients on the market today. Never before has a product combined these three in such straightforward potency. With amazing before-and-after pictures from real customers, you will immediately want to purchase NuPhedrine® and get it shipped to your door as quickly as possible. And with a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee, there is no going wrong with this incredible product. Their customers love this product – check out the blog postings….they really say it all. We can safely recommend this product based on what the users have to report. Read a Full review of NuPhedrine here.

Vigorelle - Sexual Pleasure at Your Fingertips
Calling all unsatisfied women! Vigorelle can help women find their passion and amp up their sex life. This product has been used by thousands of women to revitalize their libido and bring back their enjoyment for sex. This topical cream works as a silky lubricant that will stimulate the body’s own natural lubrication process and work to intensify sexual stimulation. With Vigorelle it is pretty much guaranteed that a woman will climax like never before, which makes it much easier to increase a woman’s interest and enjoyment for sex. As seen on Fox News, this effective formula is backed by members of the medical community and contains a proven herbal formula. Read a Full review of Vigorelle here.

Ahh Bra - The Solution to your Bra Problems
With Ahh Bra you don’t have to sacrifice looking good for comfort. This functional and fashionable bra offers the support you need to stay firm and lifted, but does so without the binding and pinching wires of traditional bras. The Ahh Bra slims your appearance with its smoothing benefits and helps to prevent rolls and bulge caused by many traditional bras. The Ahh Bra provides the perfect fit and can even go up and down with you - two sizes. This bra is machine washable, affordable and the most supportive option available we’ve seen! Read a Full review of Ahh Bra here.

ClearPores – Acne Free Beautiful Skin
If you thought another brand of acne product was #1, think again. Right now the #1 rated acne system is ClearPores. You can clear up your complexion today with the ClearPores acne cleansing system. This revolutionary product comes with an herbal supplement to restore internal balance, and topical cleansers and creams to attack external causes of acne. The ClearPores complete system can provide clear results like never before. With this new approach, the pores will be unblocked from the inside out and cleansed of bacteria and dead skin cells. With ClearPores the texture and composition of the skin will be smoothed and finally even. The end result is beautiful, clear, vibrant skin that is free of spots and allows you to look great each and every day. The postings in the blogs have a very high positive response. Read a Full review of ClearPores here.


128 Responses to “LaMer”

Joan: I had coveted La Mer for years and at first when I was using it I felt like a movie star but then after a few weeks I realized it was all in my head. It really wasn’t that spectacular for my wrinkles and though as a moisturizer it’s better than average of course I think that celebrities are doing something ADDITIONAL to look so good as they do. Will not be purchasing another jar of the famed cream but would love to hear if anyone here knows of something truly amazing…

aimee: Creme de la Mer is the creme de la creme of moisturizers I know. But who can afford it right now with gas prices through the roof, etc? I want to look beautiful but at what price? There must be something more for regular women. p.s. I was able to use this product on a few occasions when I stayed with my sister-in-law. She gets whatever she wants but we work on a budget in this house.

mia: I was so excited to try the Creme de la Mer moisturizer from la mer, one of my best girlfriends swears it is her HG moisturizer. And i must say it is soft, smooth and oh so luxurious. However, i had a major issue with it. This is a mineral-oil moisturizer, and mineral oil has a tendency to clog pores and not allow them to get oxygen. WHen i put this on i could actually feel that blockage, like there was something suffocating my skin. And soon enough i started noticing some blackheads. I;m also a germophobe and i thought the packaging was a bit unclean. In my opinion you have to make sure you wash your hands thorouhgly or you might get more bacteria on your face,

Trudy: The Oil Absorbing Lotion from La Mer was really a wonderful product. I bought it last year when our financial circumstances were…different. I would love a product that works as well on my combination/aging skin but at a fraction of the cost? Am I too unrealistic?

Gracie: Well I thought for sure that La Mer Moisturizing Cream would be like heaven in a jar, I liked the hand cream I’ve used from them before. You never really know how a face cream will react to the skin though, so I only started with a 1 oz jar. And thank goodness I did, the cream was…fine, but not worth $125. I didn’t think there was anything all that special or different about it, after a month of using it. I’m just glad I didnt splurge & get the largest quanity for $1350.

Sallie: The Tonic by La Mer was a so-so toner…i guess i thought bcs it was so high-end it would not be as harsh as some of the astringent toners i have uesd in the past. But it turned out to be quite drying, even caused my face to flake. I couldn’t believe that, really. I think i can just stick with the cheap Aveeno clarifying toner ive been using and it will do just as well.

Josephine: Hi can someone tell me what is in the Miracle Broth?? I am interested in the LaMer lotion…not sure what this ingredient is all about?

lindsey: LaMer’s gel cleanser is helpful for when i wear a lot of makeup bcs it removes the makeup and cleans the skin very quickly. But overall it dries out my skin and is a bit too harsh for every day use. I think it might be too expensive for me to buy it again. I’m sure there are other effective makeup removers out there that are more affordable and less drying.

Taffy: The La Mer Refining Facial sounds divine, I bet the diamond powder really helps smooth the skin. $75 does not seem TOO ridiculous of a price, if it works. Has anyone tried this, is it worth the price/splurge?

Elinor: you know, I think the idea of miracle broth and really pristine harvesting conditions all sounds wonderful, but is a little bit precious and unrealistic. I consider myself a pragmatist and was not overly impressed with L Mer. It works like any other cream I have tried in recent years (the better ones). I wouldn’t go out of my way to purchase it again and the more I think about it feel a little ridiculous for spending the money (I have it but maybe I should be spending it more wisely).

Catelynn: Well, the Eye Balm from LaMer did a nice job of moisturizing my eye lid area, which does tend to get dry and scaley from time to time. But i was disappointed that it didn’t seem to do very much for my under eye dark circles, which are rather severe. I had hoped that since this is such a high end line of products, it would make a big difference. but it didn’t. For $120 i don’t think the moistirizing effect was powerful enough to be worth it. I’m going to keep looking.

Roberta: Creme de la Mer DOES feel pretty nice & soothing, but I can’t really tell if it is healing my skin. I began using the cream a month ago, no visible changes yet. I expected to fall in love with this by now, but…it’s just okay. Should I give it more time? The jar is getting low, I don’t know if I should look for different brands or try more of this.

Henrietta: I just had Restylane and was thinking of using La Mer to keep my skin looking as good as they do right now for as long as possible. Anyone have experience using the face lifting serum and/or the eye balm after a precedure? Thanks very much.

Lisa: The La Mer Oil Absorbing lotion works great on my acne-prone skin, keeps my skin soft, no shininess.

Tracey: Well i thought the BOdy Serum from LaMer had a very nice silky texture…but so far it doesn’t seem to be providing the level of moisture my skin is craving. my skin just doesn’t seem as soft as i had expected it would be with this. however it just feels so nice, it is hard to give up. oh, one other tiny complaint is that sometimes when it dries, it has a bit of a “fishy smell” so i would definitely be sure to wear a nice perfume.

Delia: I think it’s definitely more disappointing when you have high expectations for a product, Most often I suppose it turns out to be nothing but “hype”. I have a feeling that there are under the radar creams that actually work better than La Mer but ever since we heard that is is used by actresses and socialites we all are desperate for it. I have to give it a thumbs down because it was just so…average…and I thought it would change my life! ha.

Millie: Not so sure about this Cleansing Gel from La Mer. I liked it at first because it really gets my face clean, no residue, the makeup all washes off. But after a few days, maybe a week, it seems to be sort of drying. I wonder if using a different moisturizer would help, I can’t decide if I should experiment more with this or find soemthing else.

Daphne: Hmm, not sure what to do…I have been a devoted Creme De La Mer for many years. In my 20s Creme de la Mer was my HG moisturizer without a DOUBT. but now I’m 34 and am hitting my second wave of acne. Lovely. And im noticing that my Creme de La Mer mgiht be aggravating that somewhat. Its upsetting..i think this might be due to the mineral oil, as others have mentioned above. I also read that mineral oil might actually accelerate signs of aging? Does anyone know about this? Has anyone experienced problems with Creme de la Mer and adult acne? thanks., Daphne

Barb: Periodically I like to try different brands of products to see if I’ll find something that just blows me away. I was using Ecco Bella for awhile, had no problems but when I read about La Mer, I thought maybe it would be better, since my skin had aged in the five years I’d been using the same old products. I splurged on the Creme de la Mer, it sounded wonderful. And it feels really nice, I have to admit. But as far as changes in my skin…its been 3 months, I don’t see any difference. For the cost, I might go back to Ecco Bella, much more affordable.

Madeline: I was quite disappointed in Creme de la Mer….I had heard so many great things about it! I guess maybe it is just not for all skin types, maybe mine is just too oily, i don’t know. but i ended up having some real pore bloackages which lead to black heads.

Mireille: The Whitening Lotion from La Mer should be used very sparingly. I don’t think it was the fault of the product so much as my own because I can be pretty heavy handed but just a word of caution: be delicate with it.

ladonna: whats this bout a broth in the la mer creems? r they using soup in it, i know some vegtables could be goood for the skin, like carrots. i swear i never no what i gonna find in products these days..

Katy: Well i tried Creme De La Mer only once in a department store, so in all fairness i can’t say how well it works on an ongoing basis. But i felt that it was sticky, poorly absorbed, and caused a breakout that very day. VERY disappointing in my opinion. I am glad i tried this out at the store before going a head with it. i had heard such great things.

nan_sherman612: hi i just recently bought the La Mer Mist, and it feels nice & refreshing on my skin, but i have to be sure to keep it away from eyes, it stings a little. has anyone else experienced this? i don’t think its serious, just harsher than i expected.

Melissa: I am sure if you have the money the La Mer line is worth every penny. I tried the Tonic – I don’t know why I chose that, it was sort of an impulse – and It is unlike any other astringent or tonic I have used. Now that I know this level of quality I really don’t want to go back to CVS stuff but I really cannot afford it, soooo, any suggestions ladies?

peg: creme de la Mer is a lovely moisturizer but my problem is i have some deep wrinkles and i didnt find this to be a very effective wrinkle smoother or filler at all. So I’m not sure whehter or not I plan to keep splurging on this simply bcs its such a pleasant creme and so luxurious.

magdelene: the la mer moisturizer really is nice, as far as moisturizers go. my skin feels hydrated, and not greasy. however, i don’t really think its helping me look younger. i began using this last year, and though its preferable to some others i’ve used, i am still not sure i should continue to spend $120 on this.

kimberleigh: I didn’t enjoy the Tonic so much…for my type of skin it was a bit too harsh. I think maybe for a person with oily/combi skin that stuff is like a miracle or something. But for the dry skinned type it is a bit too much. I feel kinda lucky in a way, I’m not all torn up about having to go back to my regular Nivea toner.

Sybill: It says right on the site that the moisturizing lotion may be too rich for warm weather climates and I did not heed their advice. I like this La Mer product and of course will pack it when we travel north to visit family, but here in Crawfordville, it is just too hot and humid for daily use.

Jade: Hi i also had some stinging with the La Mer mist….but wow, i do love the smell. My skin might be looking a bit better too, it’s hard to tell just yet. I hope the stinging will go away bcs this does have its good points.

Darla: Not every La Mer product has worked for me, I have also found the cream to be a bit too thick & causes breakouts, unfortunately. However, I really like the Radiant Infusion, my skin looks bright & refreshed almost instantly after using it. Now if I could just find a decent moisturizer..

madeline: I always feel refreshed after a vacation at the seashore and so I chose la Mer cream with an eye for the marine extracts and botanicals from the healing ocean. The Eye Balm is not as soothing as one might imagine, nor as rich. I had no idea this was such an “it” product and I should have guessed. I pride myself on being ahead of the curve when it comes to products and this one certainly isn’t up to my standards. I’m thinking of going with something made from stem cells now instead.

rebekah: I tried the Radiant Infusion with “deconstructed waters” and while it was refreshing and all, i just didn’t see much of a difference to my skin tone & elasticity. I just don’t know if this product really has very powerful ingredients. I don’t think i will buy this again, not for $90.

Justine: What I was hoping for with this Creme de la Mer was a quick solution to the signs of aging that are so prominent on my face – the lines & wrinkles, the age spots, the dryness, etc. It has only shown moderate improvements at this point, after nearly 8 months of use. I had never spent so much on a moisturizer before, I thought that would make all the difference, but so far, it hasn’t. I have recently read about Bellaplex, it seems like a decent cream for wrinkles. Has anyone tried it?

jenny: I thought the Oil Absorbing Lotion version of Creme De la Mer would be much better for me since i have sensitive skin. But i found the texture of this lotion to be runny and sticky, like when ice cream drips onto your face? Just unpleasant. It didn’t sink in very well. On the plus side, i didn;t notice any inceased oiliness or breakouts. But, i still did not see any great improvements to my wrinkles or overall skin tone.

Hilary: The La Mer Face Serum USED to be nice, but when they changed the formula, it really is no better than the Origins face serum. And that one is a lot cheaper, and natural too. I’d get this again, if they change the formula back, but not til then.

Jackie: The Body Serum is a good moisturizer – no doubt, but it is doing nothing so far as I can tell for the spider veins along my thighs, which is what it is for if I remember correctly. Not a HUGE deal, i will still use it after showers but I WOULD like a remedy for this condition, which makes me look much older than my 34 years, so thanks,j

sage67: What are “deconstructed waters?”

MINNEAPOLIS: So I wanted to treat myself when I turned 50, by investing a high end product for a change, to help my dry wrinkly skin. La Mer seemed like the best around, all the celebs seem to promote it. I tried it for a month, and don’t get all the hype. I much prefer Eucerin for moisturizing, I can get it for $10 and it does the same thing as far as I can tell.

Ricki: so many La mer products to choose from … thought about getting the Radiant Infusion but then my sister who is married to a dermatologist told me we need to get a product made with Matrixyl. She had never heard of La Mer.

Stephanie: I tried the Lifting Serum and the Lifting Intensifier from LaMer recently. I found that these products started off quite sticky and unpleasant but they did sink in and absorb nicely into my skin. I think the two products work with each other to moisturize and tone but I found them to be pore clogging and i developed horrendous pimples in weird places like around my mouth or on my cheeks. maybe this is just my skin tone bcs i have combi skin with a tendency to break out in cystic acne and this was just too agravating for that. Not for me, but maybe it’s good for those with drier skin.

Lindsey: Have to give a thumbs up for the Eye Concentrate from La Mer, even though I cannot afford to purchase it at the present time. I really liked how it felt when I got a sample of this, hopefully I will be able to get it someday soon.

Michelle: I am disappointed after all the trouble I went through to get La Mer beauty products delivered to my own and all the money I spent. The Lifting Serum isn’t what I expected. It isn’t improving the lines at all. I just saw an ad for Garnier Nutrisse eye gel with SJP and I like her and their hair conditioner so maybe I’ll just try that. It’s easy and cheap and if it’s no good I don’t have to feel bad about throwing it out.

carolyn: WEll, the Lip Balm from LaMer was soft and supple, and did moisturize my lips and stop the cracking, which tends to happen to my lips almost year-round. That being said, this is a $45 LIP BALM. That’s right, a lip balm that costs $45. It is good, but it’s just not $45 good. When you consider that you can get lip balms for under a dollar, its just tough to justify paying for this. Maybe if it were a plumper as well, I might not feel so guilty spending that much. But it’s not.

JulieG: Justine – I was not really that impressed with Creme de la Mer for my wrinkles, I had tried some of my friends for a few days but it was too sticky & didn’t seem worht the price. I did some searching for more advanced (and affordable) products, and that’s how I found Bellaplex. If you’re considering switching, I say, do it, its better!

Lauren: That’s funny, I wondered If the stuff the celebs get isn’t the same because I read all about it in magazines years ago but the La Mer Concentrate I have is not all that different from Loreal or Almay. Not even compared to a high end department store line like Dior. weird. I just feel totally cheated. Of course i’ll use more because 1) I spent all this money and 2) what choice to I have. I am trying to be optimistic because I read that pessimism causes wrinkles and I certainly don’t need more of those.

Celie: I think Creme de la Mer Creme is very very elegant. I love to use my mom’s whenever I am home from school. She should just buy me my own already!

Penelope: Do the La Mer products ever go on sale or anything? All of them are a bit out of my price range & i can’t decide if any are worth paying full price for… thanks.

Mindy: well, I can say this that is positive: I prefer La Mer to Bella Ecco, which I used to use last year. I can’t say for sure that this is wonderful because I have only used it 2 weeks and it usually takes longer for me to decide but I’ll try and post again soon when the “results are in”. for now, i think it’s like a B.

Mandi: omg it is so stupid that the Mist from La Mer has some kind of magnet in the bottle to keep the negative ions charged or whatever….this is just a spritz bottle of water. Seriously, i saw no difference in my skin. I’m willing to make myslef look like a stupid idiot here so you gals won.t make that same mistake.

Carly: I’m sorry, but where do you get La Mer cremes? Not on AOL cause I don’t see an order page…if you have to get them from a department store then I am out of luck because we only have a Penny’s that is going out of business and a super walmart going in but this doesn’t sound like the type of stuff that would be for sale there. I don’t know that I even need La Mer because I am only 27, but the magazines say it’s never too early.

katherine: Well I’m just not sure yet about the Creme La Mer…..it IS very hot and sticky in this climate i live in, but maybe once it gets to be fall or something this will work more effectively for me. it does seem to absorb to perfection and leave a smoosth surface but then what happens is when i sweat it leaves a very slick filmy coating to the skin. Hmm.

Carley: What is with all the negativity here, I am simply shocked about what I’m reading about La Mer. These products are simply fabulous, and if you are complaining about the cost, well clearly you are not worthy of such luxurious creams. I mean really, go back to your cheap drugstore brands, if that’s what you prefer, but stop whining about the price of these. I think La Mer is worth every penny.

Jolene: Ladies, let me desmystify something for you if you haven’t seen for yourselves: The Miracle Broth is basically vitamins, mineral oil and kelp. Kelp! I’m no jacques Cousteau but I don’t think some kind of sea plant is going to turn back the hands of time. I need a miracle – either a formula that actually works or a procedure. Still unsure which to do but if I don’t find an actually substantial formula it’s Botox or Bust!

holly: Has anyone else experienced burning & stinging with the La Mer Eye Concentrate? I was SO excited to try it but it is seriously painful!

Tanya: Last year I became obsessed with lightening my skin & searched for products to see what would help. I thought the La Mer line looked good, but I was a little skeptical because I had to buy ALL the products, there was not just one. I bought 4 different products, spent close to $400, and only got moderate results. Around the time I was starting to see some improvements, the Whitening Lotion ran out, and I just couldn’t buy more. I gave up on trying. I guess they maybe work okay, if you give it time & can afford it, but…I can’t.

Edie: The Whitening Essence from La Mer was something i was hoping would help get rid of my acne scars, which are truly embarassing and ugly. This was a rather thick and rich cream, and unfortunately it was a bit pore clogging as well. It very quickly caused my pores to clog and a breakout to happen. and i haven’t borken out in years. I was so so upset because I wanted to remove all traces of the pimples i used to have as a teen, not cause more. I had to discontinue this. It was simply to thick, and i didn’t notice a fading of the scars either.

Christine: I think La Mer creme is delicious. No wrinkles yet and I plan to keep it that way. An excellent beauty cream.

Shirley: Jackie: Have you tried Venacura? i thought that did a nice job of getting rid of my spider veins. Didn’t try the Body Serum from La Mer yet, but I know that Venacura works.

Ellen: La Mer is nowhere near as good as Guerlaine in my opinion. I love to try new products but I just didn’t think this one lived up to all the positive buzz. Just my humble opinion…

Ramona: My daughter gave me the Miraculous Beginnings tote for Mother’s Day because she’d heard me complain about my skin, thought this would be a nice treat for me. I knew she’d spent some money, but I had NO IDEA how much. This kit was $325, and I ran out of three products in a month. I didn’t realize the cost until I was looking to see if I should order more of the cleanser. I’m gonna think twice before getting too attached to La Mer, they really are a bundle. IT truly was a lovely gift though.

barbara: The cleansing foam is nice and rich it foams up very nicely and its not irritating and has a fresh scent, not sure yet if it is going to wash off this new heavy duty mascara i just got,. My one complaint to this is it seems to be drying up my skin a bit. I am a bit concerned that if it keeps up this way it might present some problems. Also I am blackhead prone and i did notice two of them on my nose this week. so its very hard for me to tell. I will put it to the mascara test and report back.

liz999: We know this cream works just about as well as, oh, I don’t know, Regenerist, at 4 x the price. The real deal, according to the makeup artist is a moisturizer made with collagen and matrixyl. still looking for the one. Carry on…

Zorilla3: I personally had a difficult time figuring out why i paid so much for Cream la Mer. It was soft and thick, yes, but it didn’t seem to have any wrinkle smoothing capability and it didn’t absorb particularly well. When i tried to apply it under concealer it balled up and caked and created a very demattifying texture. It ended up (by 5 pm) looking very greasy and patchy, and I really have not seen too much of a difference in my skin.

Jeanine: The La Mer Concentrate was a godsend after the chemical peel I got left my face raw. I won’t use anything else now.

Saskia: I think La Mer is great! I can feel the sea broth working deep into my pores would buy it again.

Lynn: Hi ladies, some have asked about Bellaplex I found it on this site and it is now my personal favorite anti-wrinkle cream. I started with a trial sample http://www.bellaplex.com/magazine hope this helps. My skin now looks healthy, its glowing actually.

Erika: Well for me, the jury’s still out on La Mer….I have been trying the Body Collection and I am still not sure if i see a difference. No negative reax, though…just not sure if i love this. It might have been a slight waste of money.

Jill: I’ve been doing a test….each day i have been spraying one half of my face with la mer’s the Tonic (about $50) and the other side with water (free). I’ve been asking my husband what side looks better and he just looks at me like I dropped off of Mars. But in looking in the mirror, I am sad to say that both sides look exactly the same. I don’t think this stuff works.

Evelyn S.: The Lifting Face Serum & Intensifier has gotta to be as good, or better than a face lift. I have never been big on needles so I don’t think I can say for sure, but I do like how this La Mer combo makes my face look.

charlotte_harlot: I think the cleanser from La Mer foams up beautifully but the smell started to overwhelm me after a while, and it was a pain to have to wash off my makeup separate, since this doesn’t do too great at makeup removal. Bottom line for me is, its too expensive. Maybe if they charged normal prices more people would continue using this stuff.

Rosario: Not so very fond of the La Mer Treatment Fluid Foundation, it was a little too runny, I will probably go back to Chanel, I liked it better.

janice: I bought the La Mer Body Collection because I am trying my damndest to lose weight and felt like my body deserved a treat and inspiration. I am having a really hard time; my metabolism just isn’t what it was when I was 20, or even 30 and know the body creams are almost mocking me. I can’t stand the sight of my naked body. I wish I had figured out how to lose weight first. I have about 45 pounds maybe? I don’t know what to do next.

Kamille: The Radiant facial was decadent and fun at first, til it burned a red splotch onto my face. i was sooooo disappointed bcs I was looking forward to trying this and i was sure it was going to be spa-quallity. instead it was a very expensive mistake, i won’t purchase it again.

Alice: One thing I’ve learned in the past 15 years that I wish someone would’ve told me in my 20s is that it is Very important to take care of your skin. It shows everything, every bad habit, every sleepless night. And now I’m paying for it, and if I have to pay thousands of dollars to get my skin looking healthy, so be it. I will not look like a withered old woman at age 56. La Mer feels wonderful & it feels good to be taking care of it as I should.

Lynn: Janice, here’s my 2 cents: try a diet aid with a fat burner sometimes called a thermogenic. it can boost your metabolism so you burn more calories the way you do with a younger body or when you are more active. Don’t be so harsh on yourself. I am sure you’re doing great. I have also had less than great luck with La Mer products. And have resigned myself to take the loss. I am glad to see other women here feel the same way about this over exposed product line and am definitely interested to open up the conversation. I don’t know much else about which ingredients are really good, so if there is an “expert” among us, please weight in! :)

heidi: Hi what is this “broth” you people are talking about that is made from Sea animals? I dont quite understand. Is this collagen? Do LaMer products contain collagen? I am trying to decide between this and Bellaplex, which was mentioned above. HELP, thanks!

Josie: The SPF is not strong enough for the Caribbean sun! Just back from a cruise where I used La Mer Sun Screen Fluid and I look like a shrimp! I had no idea I was getting so baked. I thought this was supposed to be really quality stuff. It feels better applying than cheaper creams didn’t clog my pores, etc but I know that sunburnt skin leads to wrinkles so …I totally screwed myself!!!!

Marisa: So far, Creme de la Mer really does not feel any different on my skin than the Almay cream I picked up at Walgreen’s the month before I bought this. At the time, I just felt wrong using something so inexpensive, but now I feel pretty silly spending 5x as much for practically the same effects. Not a BAD product, but def overpriced for what it does.

Luanne: La Mer The Concentrate did nothing for my scars. Around my eye I have a cluster of marks that don’t get tan and always look puffy and heinous from when I was in a car accident last year and I just don’t think this supposedly excellent beauty fluid is up to the challenge, oh well, Guess I expected too much. Maybe I should try Arnica.

Sarah: Well I do like La Mer, I treat myself to the creme every year on my birthday and try to make it last as long as possible. I’ve tried some of the other products but its only the creme I like well enough to reorder. Oh, and I would never try any of the products for weight loss, but JANICE: try Nuphedrine if you wanna lose weihgt, I lost 34 lbs in about 3, maybe 3.5 months.

Raxelle: The Radiant Facial is expensive and complicated. I Would have rather just gone to a spa or salon and dealt with a professional. La Mer products are supposed to be excellent but I wasn’t impressed and I am I think a typical female consumer.

Gennifer: Wow, there sure are a lot of posts here on La Mer! I guess when i looked this up I thought the response was going to be all positive, since these products seem so “upscale.” but it seems like the responses are very mixed. In fact, it really seems that a lot of you aren’t as in love with it as i expected. Hm. Thanks for all the responses. Still not sure!

DanaMajor: I am disapointed in La Mer witch is supposed to be very high end. It doesn’t act like that at all and like something else said it is basically like what you get at the store. not for me.

arlene: well i always thought there was a sorta fishy smel with la mer, i never knew they made a sea broth, i guesss that makes sense. i only used this on occasion, its fine but i could never really get past that smell.

Steph: Why would anyone spend over $100 on a beauty cold cream?

April: Right before buying La Mer I was using those stupid Frownies, man what a waste those were too. I thought La Mer would be better, being more high end, but the lines are still there. Nice moisturizer, but… still not the best. If I can get a trial of Bellaplex, I might need to try that instead. I see its mentioned several times, I take that as a good sign, from this crowd.

Jasmine_eyes: I think it’s really good to be honest and say when something doesn’t work. There is so much being sold to us of a certain age and so many mixed messages about appearance, weight, age and health. I too was underwhelmed by La Mer. Real people have to talk about real experiences.

susan: Well, it is hard to pamper your skin when you are not rich. I am on a budget, where if i spend just a bit too much in any one area, it throws everything off. I thought I budgeted for this splurge on the Creme la Mer, but it turned out i also got sick that month and had to pay for some medications that were expensive even with insurance. So then i found myself late on the rent, and behind on my phone bill. I needed to still buy food, so the first thing I had to give up was the cable. My TV is going to be shut off soon. I wish this stuff was cheaper!

valerie: so you can’t buy lamer online is that what someone said, what a pain. where do i get it then.

Cynthia: Who can really afford La Mer right now? I would love to get the Creme again but we need little things like oh, food and gas. It’s a bummer but that’s the job, right? Reliable old mom takes one for the family. :)

Bette: The La Mer lip balm keeps my lips soft, I really like how my lipstick feels but, I really don’t know if I can spend $40 on this all the time. I probably can find something for cheaper that works just as well. Im open to suggestions.

Keira: Well i just don’t think this ‘magic broth’ is doing such a great job on my skin. And especially where i am here in Louisiana, it is EXTREMELY sticky and uncomfortable. I dont know, maybe it gets better, but it is not filling the wrinkles and i can tell you that i am not looking one day younger, for all that money i paid. I seriously doubt i will buy this again but i will update you.

Keeley: Is La Mer available at Sephora? I go there every year when I visit New York City. But now that I see all the negatives posts I don’t know if I want the stuff anyway. What is the new cool product for environmental damage and aged skin?

Sara Kellogg: I spent $129.00 for La Mer and it did not work for me. I am selling it 80% full if anyone is interested in making an offer / sarak68 @ yahoo.com thanks, Sara

Vivica: The Cleansing Gel from La Mer is some weird stuff. Never used a cleanser that didn’t foam. I don’t really see an improvement in the quality of my complexion but I will wait and see. It really should do something.

rayanne: hmm so i am gathering that these products might be ok, but not at these prices. i wonder why they dont just make these La Mer products more affordable for the average person, considering?

Diana: Hmm, Sara, thats a tempting offer…I just still didn’t like the cream quite enough to even consider ordering more. I might just go back to Philosophy in the meantime unless I find something else.

Amy G: The La Mer difference isn’t how it changes your skin but the status. You’re supposed to keep it in your purse to impress other women. :) Everyone knows it is just average.

Natalie: oh you have GOT to be kidding me…you can’t buy LaMer online? I think it sucks when a skincare company doesn’t sell their stuff online.

Vicky: I went to the link posted for Bellaplex and love love LOVE it! Plus, I got a better price on the second bottle, this is now my HG! I finally found it, so much better than the La Mer cream and the price cannot be beat! Thanks for the suggestion, Vicky.

andy: I got La Mer as a gift and I know I should be grateful but it sucks! I can’t believe anyone would pay 200 dollars for this crap?! The tonic is like Mineral oil and seabreeze! yuck!

Tara: Aww. Sara…I totally sympathize with you….but um, no. LaMer was a disaster for my skin. Breakout city. Good luck, tho.

Bethany: I got some La Mer and found out the hard way, its really not that good. Isnt it owned by Estee Lauder, or am I wrong? Seemed like the same type of quality, nothing extraordinary to me.

Hannah: La Mer is not what it is cracked up to be. You could spend a lot on this “famous” cream and enjoy the envy or you could wait and find something that actually works to minimize lines and all the things we are always looking for. Good luck!

lisa: I tried LaMer’s Oil Absorbing Lotion after the Creme la Mer clogged my pores beyond recognition. i figured the lotion would be lighter and less oily (hence the name). And this was true, but the lotion was runny and sticky and didn’t provide very much moisture at all. In fact i think my skin became a bit dry as a result of this. I just think this line of products is not compatible with my skin type. And at those prices, i am not going to gamble on them again. thumb down,.

Annie: Naturally I was curious about La Mer, it really sounded like a quality product that could improve my skin, so I ordered the creme. It was nice, somewhat better than others, but…not THAT great. I just don’t understand why people continue to buy it. I must be missing something, I think its just a basic moisturizer, nothing more. Kinda of like the old Terax creme rinse for hair…

nancy: After i tried the Tonic i lost all respect for La Mer. Anybody who bottles water and sells it for $50 is not deserving of trust in my book.

Stephanie: I am curently using la mer. I have the creme, eye concentrate, the radiant fusion and the lifting serum. At first I did not notice a difference but I remembered what the sell person said, to “wait to see results after the 21 day cell cycle.” I am now amazed what it has done for my skin! I used to have cystic acne scars, they are fading, I still get the acne every now and then but my regimen gets rid of them in about two days. I literally can go out with just pressed powder on my face because my skin looks so smooth. The sells lady told me if I did not like what I saw after 21 days she would refund my money! She can keep it! Because of the cost, I only buy when they have a gift w/purchase or a promotion so that I can get deluxe samples, those last for about a month and a half. Plus the sell lady sends me samples through the mail every once and a while. Sorry you all had back luck with it but I can’t live without it. I am 34 and will be a lifetime devotee!

Namaste_LA: Well i have always thought LaMer was very fancy and “high end” and so when i finally saved up and tried some i was really disappointed. The cream, which was supposed to be so wonderful, was a fine enough moisturizer, very luxurious, but for $129, it didn’t smooth any of my wrinkles or fine lines. and that was what it was for, i thought. And i was pretty disgusted to read about the water that cost $50…that’s immoral to me to sell water for such a price. I’ve since purchased the Hydroxatone system and you get so much more for your money. And this product is more of a “workhorse” than a fancy spa trifle…it actually fills and smooths the wrinkles visibly.

Kelly: This stuff is SO OVER RATED!! What a waste of money!

Alan: LaMer is AMAZING!!! I just turned 30 about 5 months ago and noticed that my face started looking older (not so fresh)-so I went out and bought the whole line- cleanser gel, toner, lifting serum and lifting intensifier, the creme itself, eye concentrate, eye balm (for added support around the eyes- don’t really have to get this, I am obsessive), lip balm, and the refining facial (use after you cleanse your face- easy in the shower) back on December 5th- and in one months time I see a HUGE difference. I have only been using this in the day, because I am a typical guy who doesn’t wash their face at night. I do not work for La Mer- I swear!!! I wish I did so I could get a discount :) Product def. works- don’t care what any of these thumbs downs say- probably are not using it correctly. You can buy it on-line, but I would recommend Bloomendales in nyc- the counter lady was very nice- the SAKS store the ladies were rude and acted as though they don’t care if you spend your money there. Try it- you will not be disappointed!!!!!!!!!!!!!

stephanie: wow, the LaMer Eye Concentrate was a HUGE disappointment! I’d heard such good things about this line and was so excited to try it, i couldn’t believe how bad it was. It caused discoloration, flaking and irritation around my eyes, and i swear the puffiness and bags were decreased! Just the over all irritation also drew extra attention to my fine lines around my eyes. I have seen where others have complained about this product (and this company) before, but i guess i wanted to see for myself. Should’ve listened.

Cahnel5000Perfume: LaMer – Felt just like Crisco in a can to me. I think it’s overrated and “Miracle Broth” sounds like a great story and what has been discovered since this was developed? A LOT !!!!

Andrea: My mother-in-law gave me a sample of each product,(she had been stock piling.)I was really hoping that I would break out or not see a difference, because it was so expensive. I could then add it to the list of products that wouldn’t work for me. This was not the case. I have been using the cleansing gel, and the moisturizing lotion twice a day and the refining facial a couple of times a week. The cream was a little too rich. I have rosacea and also use differin cream. Everything seems to work well together. I have noticed that my skin feels clean and refreshed after cleansing, comfortable after moisturizing and looks so smoooooth! The other day, my husband kept looking at me and after about five minutes said, “Have you done something to your face?” I was mortified until he followed up with,”Your skin looks amazing.” My husband is a nice guy, but he wouldn’t say that if he didn’t mean it. My mother commented on the clarity and smoothness also. For me, having other peoople notice speaks volumes.

bev: was very disappointed in the lifting face serum from la mer. i spent more than $400 for this serum & ended up with tiny red bumps on my face. it went on smooth & i loved it at first, until about 10 days later i started seeing some breakouts. i’m actually glad i didn’t fall in lvoe with this, it is way too expensive. so now im using bellaplex, whichi was hoooked on after getting the trial, my skin has not reacted & the lines are fading.

Carol: I have used La Mer since it first came out years ago. I have experimented with other products in between but always come back to La Mer. I think the good Doctor would not be happy with Este Lauder for adding all the other products. I asked him once why he didn’t add a cleanser and his response was “if the skin becomes irritated with the cleanser I don’t want the people to think it is the cream’. He was adamant about how pure it was. ” Miracle Broth” is not how he referred to it. I don’t like Este Lauders discriptive phrase. The cream should be “broken down” between the fingertips before applied then lightly pressed/patted on the skin. It is the only cream (and I’ve tried many) that doesn’t irritate my skin. I will only use the original Creme De La Mer; none of the other Este Lauder La Mer products. I often wonder what Max would think about them.

jennie: There is no doubt in my mind that La Mer is a quality skin care line, right up there with LaPrairie and Lauder. But right now i am not going for luxury (can’t afford it!), i’m focusing more on getting scientifically proven results without paying a mint. I found a cool skincare system on here, it works great & is totally within my range. Thanks, your rankings and reviews are awesome. Lamer is great but perhaps, at the end of the day, its a bit over priced. thanks again! PS i do love this hydroxatone system!

mechelle: I had thought about getting lamer but after reading all the negative stuff I think Ill stick to my CLINIQUE , which i have used off and on for the past 18 years , Ive tried bobbi brown , lancome, estee lauder, clains, borgesse, aveda, jan marini,keils,revive, olay , noxema , clearsil,neutrogena, orgins,and plenty other expensive and inexpensive products and I some how always return to clinique , they are really good with combination skin (oily, T-zone are). Im 38 now and my skin is looking good . The secret NO SMOKING and lots of WATER . Eat fish three times a week and plenty of fruits and veggies also get enough sleep when u can , and spend money on a good reasonable skin care system like Clinique.

Lenna: I do like LaMer for its luxurious texture and its heavenly scent, it feels wonderful when you apply it, like your face is waking up, you know? and it sinks in wonderfully, no sitting there on my skin. the trouble is, it never seems to do anything noticeable for my skin, not in terms of wrinkles, elasticity or tone. Basically, this is a ‘pampering’ line of products, very enjoyable but not too functional. Recently i have switched up to the hydroxatone system, which might not be quite as luxurious (altho it is nice) but the thing is, it WORkS unbelievably well. i’ve definitely seen my wrinkles start to relax and have less depth, and the loose skin around my jaw has been looking much better. so in the end, i prefer something that’s going to get the job done. i want to look good when i leave my house.another great advantage is that hydroxatone is much more affordable for all you get.

Jill: I am glad I came across this website. I was just about to run out and by the LaMer creme. I will definately pass now. Thanks

belinda: I recently received a sample moisturizer,after the fourth day my throat was itchy and my face developed miniscule sie bumps which I could feel, but not see with the naked eye. So, happy I did noy invest inthe “broth”. What is the reason for the mystery! Consumers deserve to know what we are consuming. – LaMer

Mimi R. de Martin: I was ery disappointed with the cream. It gave me my very first full blown acne condition complete with cysts, blackheads and pimples. A full month after I am still fighting them. Not only was the cream, the lotion and the eye cream super expensive but now I have to pay for dermatologists visits. I have never experienced something like this before. – LaMer

Alan: I wrote a comment 13 months ago about La Mer. I am currently still using it and LOVE it!!! I receive tons of compliments about my skin. I am now 31, and the compliments never get old! I use all products for the face (except make-up) and have a great routine. If you do not use this product correctly it can actually irritate the skin, I found this around the eyes. Now after cleaning/toning, I apply the concentrate around my eyes (kind of like a primer) then apply the serums i.e. hydrating/radiant fusion, lifting serum/intensifier, then the eye concentrate/balm, then the creme itself, and finally the lip balm…works great and I have NO irritation. If you have any questions please post them and I will follow up. ENJOY!

Sally: I too am shocked at all the negative comments. At 57 the creme de la mer is perfect for me. I recently underwent a topical chemotherapy treatment for skin cancer and it was not a fun process. The soothing effects I felt from my creme and concentrate after the treatment was completed was wonderful. True, you need to be able to afford it. I wish it did not cost so much either but I’ll continue to use this product as long as I can.

Thi: I received a jar of cream La Mer. I was so surprised that the cream is heavy like a cold cream and it does not absorb easily into my skin. I use it regularly until I finish the jar and see no result at all. I even regret using it as it clogs my skin and does not moisturize as it should be. This is a complete fraud!!!

MD: This is like putting Vaseline on your face. If your going to pay the money, get la prairie scientific proven

Jacqueline Souhlas: Nia Terazakis grean cream is the way to go.It is a Retinol ,vitamin a gel you apply at nighttime.Product reduces fine lines,acne,and tightens your skin.Dr.Terezakis calls it the facelift in a jar. I have tried every product and this is the best one on the market.

La Mer

La Mer may sound French, but it is actually a New York-based company that has created a line of anti-aging skincare products geared toward different aspects of the aging process. This line includes eye creams, cleansers, face lifting formulas, lightening formulas, sun blocks and body crèmes. Dr. Max Huber, an aerospace physicist, is the unlikely force behind the development of this company forty years ago.

La Mer means the ocean, and this product line is based upon elements found in the sea. In keeping with this concept, their main ingredient is referred to as Miracle Broth™, and it is advertised as being able to achieve the following results: “In a short time, skin becomes softer, firmer, looks virtually creaseless. Aging lines and pores are noticeably less visible. Even the driest of complexions are healed.” However, it is also important to note that this product line has scored poorly on many consumer-driven sites in terms of results. We look at all the data available regarding products we review, including the information found on these sites. However, we most often start with examining the ingredients used in its formulary to see what it has to offer, so let’s take a look.

 Products at a Glance
La Mer product line includes products, such as Crème de la Mer, Moisturizing gel crème, the moisturizing lotion, and the lifting face serum, as well as many other products designed to moisturize, cleanse, tighten and firms skin.

 Products in Focus
There is a tendency in the skincare market for developers to try to keep their formularies a secret. Some developers do this because they wish to protect their formulary from other developers, but others do it because they may use substandard elements that may not measure up with other anti-aging agents. For this reason, we were very curious to see what elements may be used in La Mer’s Lifting Face Serum and The Lifting Intensifier. However, they may not post this information, which may be troubling.

The website may use a lot of really cool phasing to describe how their product may work. For instance, they indicate that it may use a “mesh-like matrix” to physically uphold the skin from within, and that “over time, The Lifting Intensifier trains skin to sustain a smooth, resilient, more lifted appearance.” They also indicate that they may use “Precious marine proteins, sea-derived enzymes and botanicals” in their formulary to create this matrix, but the real question is—how does it work?

Products that use effective elements, will almost always disclose what they are, and discuss in depth exactly how they work. For instance, Hyaluronic Acid (HA) and Argireline® are often used together in some of the more progressive products. Hyaluronic Acid is an element that is already found in the body, where it is used to hydrate the skin and the joints, in order to keep them supple and elastic. However, over time sun damage may hinder its production, but supplements that use HA have been shown to be able to restore the skins natural levels to keep skin smooth, elastic and soft, as well as help fight wrinkles.

Argireline®, an Amino Acid complex, has been shown to be able to assist in calming down facial wrinkles, decreasing the degree of existing wrinkles and impeding their future progression. In some ways, it works very much like Botox®, but without its numbing side effects.

The consistent failure on the part of this developer to disclose their formulary, and talk about it in a straightforward manner, which people could easily understand was disconcerting. It indicates that they really may not wish for people to know what elements they may be using, or that they have a total disregard for the wishes of individuals who desire and need to know exactly what they are using on their facial skin. The reason we briefly outlined Hyaluronic Acid and Argireline® was to show how easy it is to give individuals a clear understanding of how an element works in the body.

• None

• Formulary may not be disclosed
• May not use Hyaluronic Acid and Argireline®

 Final Thoughts
La Mer certainly sounds exotic, and its use of marine-based Miracle Broth™ may make it really intriguing to people. However, the fact that they failed to disclose their full formulary is concerning, and a prime setup for individual disappointment, which may be why this product has consistently scored so poorly on some consumer-driven rating sites. Individuals often reported that they saw little, if any, change in the appearance of their facial skin.

As we get older, skincare becomes more important, and many of people feel like they don’t have time to waste on ineffective products. For this reason, individuals who really desire to get to the core of their age related skin issues may wish to look for products that contain proven anti-aging elements, such as Hyaluronic Acid and Argireline®.