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Klein-Becker is the developer of the entire Strivectin line, which included products, such as: StriVectin-SD®, StriVectin Facial Anti-Oxidant, StriVectin Gift of Youth Set, StriVectin SD SPF 30, StriVectin Neck Cream and StriVectin-HS Hydro-Thermal Deep Wrinkle Serum. However, it is perhaps StriVectin-SD® that has been most heavily sought out by individuals, due to a rather intense advertising campaign. This product is purported to be able to reduce wrinkles, fine lines and sagging by a significant degree. However, these claims do not appear to be supported by consumer rating sites, as StriVectin has scored low in terms of both performance and price. This was not a huge surprise to us given the fact that it uses Striadril as its primary anti-aging agent.

Facial Toner – New FDA Cleared Finally, Available In America
One of the most exciting products to enter the marketplace in recent years is newly FDA Cleared Facial Toner™ – a high-end Spa quality do it yourself, in the comfort of your own home product for rejuvenating the face muscles to their youthful levels. Facial Toner™ uses the same medical grade stimulation technology that has been used in the medical industry for over 30 years and it is now the latest and best way to stimulate the nerves that cause your facial muscles to contract and relax, mimicking the body’s own movement. Read a Full review of Facial Toner here.

Beenigma - Premium All-In-One Bee Venom Face Cream
We are so pleased to bring this formula to you and have found that Beenigma is the premium choice among Bee Venom face creams in the entire world. New Zealand, where the premium Beenigma face cream is manufactured - is located in the South Pacific at the bottom of the world. There are very few places on earth offering such unspoiled wilderness and purity in flora and fauna. It is this purity and beauty that inspires the very core of the Beenigma cream. The Beenigma story is a new story with old origins. It began in Auckland, New Zealand where the Beenigma team undertook research into Apitherapy and specifically the use of Bee Venom as a means to fight the signs of aging. It has been discovered that topically applied Bee Venom directly nurtures cell regeneration, assists in collagen formation and even helps in the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. The more the Beenigma team learned, the more they were amazed by Bee Venom and its incredible rejuvenating effects. Read a Full review of Beenigma here.

Flex Belt - Rapid Stomach Toning Medical Technology
The stomach toning Flex Belt® is by far the most effective we have ever seen of its kind. The results are astonishing – The Flex Belt is proven to work for everyone. In fact – in clinical trials done with The Flex Belt, 100% of the participants received results in flattening, toning, and firming their stomach in just weeks. The Flex Belt is the first EMS (Electric Muscle Stimulation) product of its kind cleared by the FDA. You get up to 150 perfect contractions on each ab muscle in each 30 minute session. You don’t have to concentrate on your form. You can use The Flex Belt at work, around the house, while taking a walk, cooking, watching TV etc. For consumers who don’t have the time or for those that may have tried to flatten and tone their stomachs before, this product is precisely what they’ve been looking for. It is also great for people that are in awesome shape and already have a great stomach – it will simply make it more strong and defined.

Membrane Integrity Factor – Look and Feel Young Again
This is the absolute best rejuvenating product we have found that works for both men and women from the inside out. Membrane Integrity Factor is a true anti-aging oral supplement containing real HGHR combined with 2-AEP formulated by world-renowned German doctor Hans Nieper. The formula has won awards and has numerous benefits for men and women looking for a way to reduce the effects of aging and feel and look younger again. Be sure to check out the blog posts on this amazing and powerful formulation. Read a Full review of Membrane Integrity Factor here.

Flex Mini® -- Get a Sexy, Shapely & Perky Butt In Just Weeks
Ladies it is time to get your sexy and shapely butt back! This is the first FDA cleared butt toning device we have seen of this kind. The Flex Mini® was designed to strengthen and tone the butt and upper backs of the thighs all while you go about your day. We especially like that the Flex Mini® features varying degrees of intensity allowing you to progress all the way up to level 99 (the highest form of electronic stimulation.) The Flex Mini® does all the work so you don't have to. You will get a very effective workout without even having to think about it!! In fact – you can use it while surfing the internet, taking care of the kids, on the phone with friends, working, walking etc….talk about being all about multi-tasking. Most of us complain about not having the energy to take care of ourselves or simply not having the time because, well we don’t really like strenuous activity in the first place. With this newly cleared technology, women are reporting more positive results and less excuses. Read a Full review of Flex Mini here.

Keranique - Hair Regrowth for Women
The Keranique System for hair regrowth has already created an immediate stir in the marketplace, having been a huge hit on the Home Shopping Network and the Dr. Oz Show. The success of the company is being talked about at CBS Money Watch, Market Watch, and Yahoo Financial to name a few and Molly Novar-Baker, beauty director at Women's Health Magazine says, “For all women experiencing thinning hair, it's going to affect confidence...Keranique is definitely a permanent fix!” Thick, beautiful, shiny and healthy hair – every woman wants it! But, due to the effects of aging and chemical treatments, many women suffer from thinning, lifeless, unmanageable and listless hair. 30 million women to be exact. Men have several products already on the market which are devoted to their hair loss issues. However, using hair loss products formulated for men may cause potentially serious side-effects for female users. Now comes a product designed specifically for women, guaranteed to restore beautiful flowing, shiny, thick hair. The Keranique System includes the only clinically proven and FDA cleared formula to re-grow and beautify hair, and reaction to the products is overwhelmingly positive. Read a Full review of Keranique here.

InstantEffect – Reduce Wrinkles In 90 Seconds
InstantEffect™ is a wrinkle-reducing product that is unlike any other. Reducing the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and crow’s feet by over 30% in only 90 seconds, InstantEffect™ offers you something you might have never before thought possible. Most people think that in order to significantly smooth the skin and promote a youthful appearance they either need to spend months on a consistent skin care regimen or, worse, undergo the physical and financial burden of injection methods or surgical procedures. Yet InstantEffect’s™ revolutionary blend of skin-tightening silica crystals, vitamins, and moisturizing agents brings you truly instant results for a youthful look that lasts up to eight hours and can be applied multiple times throughout the day if necessary. What is even more surprising to many consumers is that they do not need to fork over scads of money to get their hands on InstantEffect™. Rather, they can take advantage of the manufacturer’s amazing 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee. With a product that is backed by both user surveys and outstanding user testimonials, it only makes sense to at least give InstantEffect™ a try. But before you do, read more about the product in our informative review. Read a Full review of InstantEffect here.

Miracle Slim Wrap The At-Home Spa Quality Body Wrap
The Miracle Slim Wrap is an at home version of the SPA treatments that take inches off your problem areas in one session. This effective product works just as well as any SPA treatment and it is a fraction of the cost. Customers lose anywhere from 1-4 inches on a problem area that they use the Wrap on. It is not permanent weight loss, but it lasts for more than a day and with continuous use it definitely does work on those problem areas for long-term results. This is a great product for anyone that wants to look slimmer immediately: Going out on a date, a big event, a business meeting, going to the beach, vacations and so much more. The customers like it. Give the blogs a skim – it definitely is well received. Read a Full review of Miracle Slim Wrap here.

Hydroxatone – Anti Wrinkle AM/PM Cream
Hydroxatone is currently the top rated, award winning anti-wrinkle complex on the market. Hydroxatone® is the only product that contains all four of the most effective and exciting ingredients for reversing and preventing the look of wrinkles. No other formula has combined these ingredients into one cream and the customer’s have been reporting enthusiastic results. The Hydroxatone® website has endless testimonials from customers who have enjoyed their products. The formula combines both of the only clinically proven & patented ingredients for reversing the look of face wrinkles; Argireline® and Matrixyl 3000®, and combines them with SPF for sun protection. We feel, no other product does this because of cost and manufacturing time restraints. Clinical data that your formula works says it all….and Hydroxatone® provides ample proof. This is very valuable information because customers can rest assured it works. If your goal is to look younger, this truly an effective and results driven product. Read a Full review of Hydroxatone here.

Hydrolyze – Diminish The Look of Dark Under-Eye Circles
Hydrolyze® is an incredibly effective revitalizing under eye treatment that diminishes the look of dark under-eye circles and appearance of bags under the eyes. Hydrolyze® is able to provide truly amazing results because it utilizes an ingredient blend known as Hydroxatone®, which combines three cutting edge skin care compounds along with botanical extracts so as to create a synergistic and truly potent ally in the fight against the appearance of dark circles, puffiness, and wrinkles. And it does all of this without the use of needles or scalpels. You know what it is like to look in the mirror only to see that your eyes are telling you and the rest of the world the story of your harried life. Why not give your eyes the chance to tell the world how youthful and energetic you are by supporting them with Hydrolyze®? It is easy to do and after reading our helpful review here you can go straight to the BeautyBlogTalk Store to take advantage of this offer. Read a Full review of Hydrolyze here.

Total Curve – Breast Enhancement Therapy
Age doesn’t have to deprive you of your sexy curves. With Total Curve you can firm and lift your breasts in a natural, safe way. This product is the perfect alternative to surgery, which is too expensive and invasive of an option for most women. We found Total Curve is perfect for women of all ages - those who just had a child, to those who just went through menopause. It can benefit any woman who wants fuller, firmer breasts that are lifted and more youthful. This dual-product system has been scientifically developed and utilizes clinically proven ingredients. The Total Curve system delivers results by working both internally and externally. It is the most intensive and effective breast enhancement system now available. The product has become very popular on the blogs and many are talking about the noticeable difference. Read a Full review of Total Curve here.

Provestra – Female Libido Pills
Provestra is a doctor endorsed completely natural sexual enhancer. This product was specifically developed to meet women’s sexual needs. Many women experience a decrease in their sexual desire at some point, and some women never achieve a fully satisfying sex life. Oftentimes this can be due to hormonal imbalances that deplete energy and turn off the sex drive. The Provestra formula is capable of supporting the female reproductive system and restoring balance so that women can experience fast arousal, intensified sexual pleasure and responsiveness to sexual touch and stimulation. Provestra’s comprehensive formula can provide life-changing results and allow women to experience the sex life they’ve always dreamed of. If you’ve wanted to make a change in the bedroom, Provestra is the one formula to try. Read a Full review of Provestra here.

Nuphedrine® -- Burn More Calories per Day
NuPhedrine® has revolutionized the diet industry with its cutting-edge non-prescription formula. While other products may simply claim to provide results, NuPhedrine®’s makers can state with complete honesty that you WILL burn more calories per day. This claim is made possible because of the clinically proven ingredients included in this product’s formula. The only product of its kind, NuPhedrine® combines real South African Hoodia in the proven 20x strength, Patented Advantra-Z® and Slimaluma—the three most lauded and clinically proven weight loss ingredients on the market today. Never before has a product combined these three in such straightforward potency. With amazing before-and-after pictures from real customers, you will immediately want to purchase NuPhedrine® and get it shipped to your door as quickly as possible. And with a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee, there is no going wrong with this incredible product. Their customers love this product – check out the blog postings….they really say it all. We can safely recommend this product based on what the users have to report. Read a Full review of NuPhedrine here.

Vigorelle - Sexual Pleasure at Your Fingertips
Calling all unsatisfied women! Vigorelle can help women find their passion and amp up their sex life. This product has been used by thousands of women to revitalize their libido and bring back their enjoyment for sex. This topical cream works as a silky lubricant that will stimulate the body’s own natural lubrication process and work to intensify sexual stimulation. With Vigorelle it is pretty much guaranteed that a woman will climax like never before, which makes it much easier to increase a woman’s interest and enjoyment for sex. As seen on Fox News, this effective formula is backed by members of the medical community and contains a proven herbal formula. Read a Full review of Vigorelle here.

Ahh Bra - The Solution to your Bra Problems
With Ahh Bra you don’t have to sacrifice looking good for comfort. This functional and fashionable bra offers the support you need to stay firm and lifted, but does so without the binding and pinching wires of traditional bras. The Ahh Bra slims your appearance with its smoothing benefits and helps to prevent rolls and bulge caused by many traditional bras. The Ahh Bra provides the perfect fit and can even go up and down with you - two sizes. This bra is machine washable, affordable and the most supportive option available we’ve seen! Read a Full review of Ahh Bra here.

ClearPores – Acne Free Beautiful Skin
If you thought another brand of acne product was #1, think again. Right now the #1 rated acne system is ClearPores. You can clear up your complexion today with the ClearPores acne cleansing system. This revolutionary product comes with an herbal supplement to restore internal balance, and topical cleansers and creams to attack external causes of acne. The ClearPores complete system can provide clear results like never before. With this new approach, the pores will be unblocked from the inside out and cleansed of bacteria and dead skin cells. With ClearPores the texture and composition of the skin will be smoothed and finally even. The end result is beautiful, clear, vibrant skin that is free of spots and allows you to look great each and every day. The postings in the blogs have a very high positive response. Read a Full review of ClearPores here.


76 Responses to “StriVectin”

Sally: StriVectin is….average, I hate to say. A lot of my friends love it but I just thought it was like drugstore stuff, I wouldn’t go out of my way to buy it again. That being said, the eye cream is good and that I may continue with even after.

Caroline: Hmm, well i don’;t know about this one yet….it’s supposed to be this amazing miracle wrinkle product, and so far I’m not seeing that yet. On the plus side, it arrived promptly and it seems to absorb well. I didn’t enjoy the texture or smell particularly bcs it seemed “medicinal.” I figured maybe that meant it would work. But so far (3wks) i haven’t seen much in the way of wrinkle reduction with the Strivectin. I am worried that this is mostly hype, but I haven’t given up on it yet. will keep you posted about it.

gwen: I think Strivectin is a good moisturizer, seems to be hydrating my skin quite well, but its not erasing my wrinkles that i can see…

Bo: Well, for the same price as Strivectin, you can get Prevage, which in my book is WAY superior. Elizabeth Arden is truly into beauty, and Klein-Becker? sounds like a bunch of mad scientists. I’ll stick with the beautiful, not the Dr. Strangelove’s…

Laurel: My neck has looked awful since last year and I am tired of turtlenecks. I want to try StriVectin neck cream but I would like to here first if it works from anyone who has actually tried this product. I know there are no guarantees but a little assurance would make me feel more confident about making the purchase at this time.

Violette: I remembered when Macy’s first started carrying Stri-Vectin it was big deal then. I always wanted to try it the one for stretch mark. I could allow myself to spend the money until recently. I have to say it was not worth the wait. It didn’t do anything for the huge stretch mark I have on my boobs.

Brooke: I tried the regular StrivectinSD, that’s the original, and it just played HAVOC with my eyes, so I read that if you have sensitive eyes you should buy the Strivectin Eye Cream, which I did, but now around my eyes it still looks wrinkled and the rest of my face looks pretty good, what am I supposed to do now?

Charity: Sadly, the only thing that will really do it for our necks (have you read Norah Ephron’s book yet? About how she got to love her neck? Well, not really.) is the lower face lift. Strivectin neck cream didn’t do as much as the SD did, but cost more money and didn’t work as well.

janice: I’m sorry, but i just think Strivectin was a total waste of money. I will give a chance to any *real* anti aging product but this one, i think is just a bunch of hype. I spent $100 and got nothing out of it.

Kendra: Kept seeing ads for StriVectin SD everywhere, finally decided to try it. Really, I don’t see what the big deal is about it. Its just a moisturizer, its not some instant wrinkle treatment, not for my skin anyway. For the price, I think I’ll keep on looking.

shelly: Well i can’t bash Strivectin completely i thought it worked ok as a moisturizer, and maybe some of my fine lines were less prominent. I could do without that smell though.

Clara: There something about the brand Stri-Vectin that always made me think it was good. Funny, the packaging somehow is very serious like clinical serious but also woman friendly kind of look, I think the little touch of pink does it:) Anyway, I tried the eye cream under one eye and hydrolyzes under the other eye for 2 weeks and I have to say I am going to stick to hydrolyzes. Stri-Vectin eye cream is very nice but in the long run mine does a better job at making me look younger.

Monkey: Any success with Instant Deep Wrinkle Filler?? It’s sounds fantastic, does it work?

Kim: i gotta say, i was a bit disasppointed in the Deep Wrinkle Filler. not too much change to those “frown lines.” Maybe it will work better for you guys though. good luck.

Debbie: have to disagree on that Clara – I think the way StriVectin is packaged makes it look cheap. It does not go with my other products and antique bottles. I like the product alright but I kep it in a bathroom drawer instead of giving it pride of place.

Anne: I tried the StrivectinHS, the hydrothermal deep wrinkle serum, and I’m afraid I wasn’t much impressed. I really think the original formula is the best, so why mess with success? The HS was a LOT of money, and didn’t measure up.

Beth: What’s Hydroleyes? not sure I’ve heard of that one, & its time for something new ! :)

Lila: Monkey, I have tried both Botox and Deep wrinkle Filler and there is just no comparisons. Botox is just 100 times better. With that said it does improve the tone of the skin and gives you a smoother skin, which I think is great. But it won’t make any of your wrinkles disappears.

Alison: The StriVectin Deep Wrinkle Serum was a regular product of mine for awhile, until I found Bellaplex for about half the price (http://www.bellaplex.com/offer ) I like how my skin looks with this a lot better, actually. They offer a seven day trial if any of you gals want to try it to compare.

Telly123: You know what StriVectin makes best? The hand cream! My hands look soft and feel great, price isn’t that bad, and there’s hardly any wrinkles on the backs of my hands, which is always a sure give-away if you’re trying to hide your age, but this hand cream does a good job of making your hands look young. Good purchase.

Danielle: i think strivectin works a little bit for fine lines but not deep wrinkles. its an okay product probably doesn’t deserve all the hate, but it’s nothing all that groundbreaking either. probably all the hate is just a backlash to how they said it was a “miracle” and all that stuff.

Maureen: Here’s what you have to do. Get the Botox, and THEN use the StriVectin as a back up. Perfect combination.

Scarlett: you can never compare products to procedures but StriVectin is good to have around. I would never stop getting Botox but this is good for the interim.

Harriet: I think StrVectin has been way over hyped, I wonder how much it cost when it was just for stretch marks? Be interesting to find out, I smell a money making company behind them…

Kimberly: the StriVectin hand kit is for me. Their other products don’t thrill me but the hand stuff is deep healing. And for me it’s my hands that freak me out most, make me feel my age when I am driving or smoking or shaking hands.

Lavinia: So what’s Pal-KTTKS? That’s the secret ingredient they give for StriVectin’s success. What in the world do you suppose it is????

Berta: Cool, so Bellaplex works better? Bcs I’ve been generally satisfied with Strivectin HS but if there’s somehting even better, sign me up!

jennifer: I’m going to have to disagree with yall…i think Strivectin is incredibly overrated. i don’t’ want to be a naysayer, sure it moisturizes, but so does Olay, or even CVS generic Olay. It is not all it is cracked up to be.

Loren: I like the Phase 2 Antioxidant from Strivectin, i always like the idea of really noursihing my skin and antioxidants are the best for that.

Stephanie: StriVectin seems to expensive 4 what it is. Seems more like Aveeno than a luxury cream.

Ingrid: good to hear about Bellaplex I am ready for a change

Christy: What about the Urban Strength, have any of you used it? I just moved to NYC from a small town in the mountains, is this a better bet than the SD?

Lots_To_Do: An anti stretch mark cream is supposed to work for wrinkles? Is this in the same boat as Preparation H as a cure for eyes? Off market/target/task prescribing, I’d say. Silly.

Myriam: I am not so sure if I like StriVectin-SD or not yet. It’s been only one week since I starting putting it on and the texture is very nice and seems to absorbs fast so I guess I like it. I wish it was pump though, the cream is coming out to fast and I tend to loose some at every use. For $135.00 I would want it to last a long time.

Trish: yeah, and i have heard that Bellaplex actually works for the deep wrinkles…is this possible? any body know?

Janette: Lavinia, that’s a good question and I don;t have an answer as to what the ingredient is. But I will let y’all know, whatever it is, didn’t do squat for me. THeRe, the secret’s out.

Frieda: I’m liking the StrivectinSD, the original formula, think it’s good for my face in a lot of different ways, like keeps it more taut looking somehow, and that’s a good thing at 52, won’t change to any of the other products in the line, think this is just fine. Always best to go with the first idea…

Marissa: StriVectin eye cream stung me. I had heard it was SO GOOD. but not for me.

Freddie: I’m with a lot of you, don’t think the StriVectin is worth the money, a product whose time has come…and gone. New and better things out there, the hunt continues…

Piper: OVerall, I expected a whole lot more from this. I was just fine with my Eucerin lotion until StriVectin came along promising to make the wrinkles disappear. I think I’m going back to the cheap stuff.

savannah: FYI with the Prep-H if your gonna try it you have to get the Canadian version bcs the U.S. kind doesn’t have the ingredient that supposedly worked. Yet anohter reason to move to Canada.

Flicka: I like the StriVectin Anti-Oxidant, esp. because I live in L.A. and sometimes the air is just FOUL! This keeps my skin sort of glowing, even on days when I think I should just stay inside…

Kendall: Haven’t tried Hydroleyes but I do like the Eye Cream from Strivectin, I haven’t had a ny new lines appear this summer from the sun or anything.

Dana: StriVectin is on its way out, I bet. This blog always knows what the cool stuff is and what actually sucks. Thanks for all the good tips. Hope I can chime in one day with one of my own.

brilliant_mind: Isn’t it the Brand Jessica Simpson uses? Seems like that what I saw on in Touch magazine? It must work cause she is stunning!

May: StriVectin is NOT the miracle it claims to be, and honestly? The whole ad theme needs to be redone if they think they’re going to be competition to some of the big boys like Dior and even Clarins. They’re shot their shot it looks like to me. That’s why they keep coming up with all sorts of new stuff, but it’s not fooling anybody.

Katherine: Since the reviews are mixed I am going to go no on StriVectin, Seems like there are many more better options since the last time I was shopping for a beaurty cream.

Clear_all: I wonder if I could find StriVectin-SD at TJ max or MArshall. I would hate spending that kind of money if it didn’t work for me.

Tara: STrivectin’s 15 mins. are over. And for that matter, so are Jessica Simpson’s. No way am i going to believe somebody who doesn’t know chicken from tuna.

Tryer.: Overrated. Did not work for me at all. Good moisturizer, but not at that price?

Shawna: Has anyone out there had any side effects from Sttivectin such as headaches and nausea with vomiting? I just started using this product and had these side effects. When I stopped they went away. Hoping its just a virus as I wanted to give Strivectin a shot. Any others have these symptoms?

christine: This product was a waste of time and my hard earned money. It did nothing for me.

dakota: StriVectin – Just wanted to comment on how poor this product is. I tried Instant wrinkle filler and the neck cream and it did ABSOLUTELY nothing. And I already look very young so I didnt need a lot of help. Save your money. I don’t understand how they can give a guarantee on a product that does not work. Ridiculous…

julia: Somehow Strivectin managed to get this reputation as a “miracle” product, but i was stunned by how *useless* it really was. I mean, in reality this didn’t do anything, which was shocking to me because i paid quite a pretty penny for it. I have these deep liines along side my nose and mouth, theyr’e called “nasal labial lines” and this didn’t do a single thing to smooth those lines. And getting a refund for this is like jumping thru hoops. i was sorry i ever bothered.

JENA: as a caveat i am 24, so i dont have really extreme visible wrinkles, but i do have them around my eyes and forehead. i live in NY and my skin gets very dry during the winter, causing wrinkles to be more pronounced…with that said, i have been using strivectin for about 2 months, and have seen an improvement better than anything i have purchased previously, however, you have to use it daily, and it takes, allegedly, close to 6 months to realize the full effect. my mom is 54, she smokes, and her wrinkles are very pronounced, a few years ago she had botox, and although it helped, it isnt permanent unless you keep going. she has been using StriVectin for 4 months now. I saw her in August, and went to visit for the holidays (she lives in CA) and I saw a big big difference, I am not saying her face looks like Madonna’s or anything from the product, but I would suggest that it is worth the investment, but doesnt work immediately like botox…but it is worth the patience. Sorry so long winded, but I wanted to give as much insight as I could. Good luck!

vic: StriVectin – I think its too expensive and it smells bad. My wife tried it and it didnt work.

Maureen b.: Huh okay, well I really didn’t know people were actually still buying this stuff. I bought StriVectin SD when I first heard about it a few years ago and used it DAILY for a year. I did see SOME improvment in the finer lines, but the deep wrinkles? It didn’t touch them. I bought into that whole “use for 6 months” thing and even doubled it…only to feel as if I wasted a lot of money. I should add, I am 61, pretty healthy although my skin has suffered some sun damage. For most of my adult life I used Lancome products but I thought this sounded stronger when I first started getting deeper lines in my 50s. Anyway, there’s no comparison between this and Bellaplex, really, thats what I use now (and have used for 18 months) My skin easily looks 10 yrs younger, its really gone to town on those lines. Sorry to rain on the StriVectin parade, I just felt compelled to post here when i saw the review & comments.

Elyssa: I received a sample from Macy’s and just loved it and ran out and bought some the same week. I’ve only been using it less than a week and noticed it working the first day. I don’t have really deep wrinkles, so that may be the problem with negative posts. It works on my forehead lines and under my eyes wonderfully! The smell reminds me of Aveda products and I love that fresh peppermint smell. I don’t care at all what the bottle looks like; I am just looking for results. I will follow up after I have been using it longer.

teresa: Hi Elyssa, yes, i think you might be right…i think the negative posts for strivectin (such as mine) are from people who have deep wrinkles and are misled into thinking that this will help with those wrinkles (I guess phrases like “Better Than BOtox!” can get a person thinking that kind of thing). well, it seems to me that Strivectin does NOT work for deep wrinkles, not even the “hydro-thermal deep wrinkle serum” that i bought. so, yeah, i think that mystery is solved. neverhteless, i have to add my thumbs down, because i paid good money and was deeply disappointed.

Wendy: Tried the StriVectin Deep Wrinkle Filler and it burned my skin. Not only was a red, but I felt like I had sunburn and this was the first time I used it. I returned this product for a full refund and would not waste my money.

jennifer: I just bought this product last week I am using it for strecth marks that are 19yrs old. I have to say I see a small difference I tried a little on my face. I am still impressed. I like it my strech marks they seem a bit smaller, I will continue this StriVectin product, since I am so afraid of needles.

teresa: purchased at macys for strectch not a really notable change maybe a small difference, maybe the dosage in the cream of the active ingredients is not strong. – StriVectin

Cup: I just bought the product today. I see a lot of women on here talking about using it for wrinkles. I don’t have wrinkles, but I have dark circles under my eyes. Does anyone know if it works for this problem. I was listening to the sales lady, and who knows if she can be trusted. Please let me know. Thanks :)

Eliz.: Well, i purchased StriVectin for my deep “11″ wrinkles, since it was suppose to be this great miracle product…i also was told when purchasing this from Boscov’s that it would also work for dark circles which i also have. Well i have to say, it fell far short of my expectations. i didn’t notice any improvement in te “11″ lines, which was why i bought it, nor did i even see a reduction in the faint little feathery lines near my eyes. As for the dark circles, absolutely no change. That wasn’t as upsetting to me bcs I wasn’t really expecting that, i thought, hey it will be a bonus if it works for that. But what really got to me was that it didn’t work for the main purpose. I think this is basically a stretch mark prodcut that they are now selling for everything under the sun. I will not buy again., am looking for a real eye cream.

Claire: I don’t know about dark circles Cup sorry. I have been using StriVectin Hydro-Thermal serum to treat my wrinkles. I paid over $150.00 for this serum and yes it makes my skin feel soft but it’s been 2 months and I still have deep lines that don’t seem to get small or less deep. Can you only see improvement under a microscope is that how it works? I am quite upset about it and Macy’s won’t take it back.

Barbara: I have used strivectin sd for a couple of years, I am 73 and according to my sister the product really works (she recently started using). I have a problem tho, the skin on the inside of my mouth sloughs off (a lot). Anyone else noticed this?

DQ: I’ve been using Strivectin SD and the Hydrothermal serum for a couple of years now. When I’d only been using it for a month, my son came to visit. He said i looked fantastic and asked me if I’d had anything “done”. It hasn’t done much for the furrows between my brows or on the sides of my mouth, but has done a great job on my crow’s feet and smaller wrinkles. It has also improved the over-all look of my skin. I am 52 and no one takes me for over 40.

Deborah: I have been using the Strivectin face and neck cream for the last 4 weeks and I don”t see any difference. I Plan to return it and hope there is no problem getting a refund. This product is over priced. I would be better with Olay or Avon. For the price I want to see results.

Suzy: I am 26 years old and my skin is in a good condition as I take very good care of it. I have a few fine lines under my eyes though. But other than that I dont have any wrinkles on my face. I want to know is Strivectin more for mature skin or is it okay to use on younger skin as well. BTW the product that I am interested to use is Srtivectin Facial Sculpting cream. Appreciate your advise and help.. Thanks

twesley: I have been using Strivectin sd and the eye cream for about a week and have seen the furrows on my forehead disappear as well as the crow’s feet and laugh lines diminish significantly. I love this stuff! I just turned 50 and usually people think I am in my early 40’s. I will keep buying this – thank you Strivectin!

Zoethebun: I tried a sample of strivectin facial sculpting creme and developed a nasty rash on my lower face it happened just yesterday and I hope it will go away before monday. The creme does not list ingredients so it is hard to tell if it is an allergic reaction. Be carefull before you spend a lot of money!

tinaz: I’ve been using StriVectin for a few weeks and it seems to have “burned” my skin on my face. Also, the skin in my mouth seems to be sloughing off more than usual and my gums have developed sores. This is not pleasant and I am taking the product I have left back to Macy’s. Back to my old regime, I go!

Lynev: I initially thought it worked well until I discovered that EVERY time I use it I become nause*ted and get a horrific migr*ine. I just took my second dose of Maxalt to rid the horrible head*che, which is unusual…to need a second dose. I will NEVER, I repeat NEVER use it again !!! I only wish I had read the side effe*ts online before spending so much. After this unpleasant experience, I will always read side effe*ts before using face products and creams. Who would have thought ??? ALL MIGRAINE SUFFERERS SHOULD STEER CLEAR OF STRIVECTIN AND MAKE NOTE OF THE ACTIVE INGREDIENTS TO ALSO STAY AWAY FROM. “HEAD*CHES” ARE LISTED ON THE SIDE EFFE*TS.

Faina Jones: I am Sorry to say this .. But I hate Strivectin .. Its Does not show any effects on wrinkle and Fine line .. Its Simply An another product for wrinkle , which sucks Money :(

dede: My face turned r*d the day after applying strivectin sd, I think because of the the niacin type ingredient, will the r*d eventually stop happening if I continue using?

Sierrac: I used the neck cream and wrinkle cream and after the third application I developed a p*inful it*hing r*sh!! My skin is sw*llen and thick feeling. I quit using immediately and washed my face and neck. The p*inful r*sh extended past area of application. I have applied Benadryl cream, taken antihistimines and 2 days later still feel like I have a chemical b*rn. As soon as I go back into public I am taking back to Dillard’s!!!! My face is still sw*llen and p*ffy with red b*mpy r*sh!! My neck is r*ddled with r*sh and p*inful b*mps!!!


StriVectin, a skincare product developed and marketed by Klein-Becker, may be found on sale at a variety of retailers, including high-end ones, such as Sephora. It has actually developed into a skincare line, but this line has clearly been defined by StriVectin-SD®, its original product. It is rather expensive with a sticker price of about $135 on some websites, which is far more expensive than other comparable and more effective formulas. This is an issue that has been raised on many consumers rating websites, where it is often scored very low in terms of cost effectiveness.

Nevertheless, StriVectin-SD® is advertised as being a “multi-action skin perfector” due to its use of “Striadril” their key compound. This element is purported to be able to improve the appearance of facial wrinkles, stretch marks and minor skin problems, by augmenting Collagen production.

 Ingredients at a Glance
The StriVectin product line is defined by one key ingredient—Striadril, which is a compilation of Pentapeptides. This is an element we will explore in depth since it may be the key to determining the capabilities of this product.

 Ingredients in Focus
As noted above Striadril is the “key” ingredient in this product line. However, many people have reported that while this element sounds effective, they have no idea what it really is. This is the beauty of a proprietary formula from the developer’s perspective; however, this may be a big problem for many people.

Striadril is actually a Pentapeptides combination, which is advertised as being “the newest group of amino acids,” which may “renew the skin's outermost layer to reveal smoother, younger-looking skin.” While it is promoted by this developer as being a “new” element, it is actually a technology that has been in play for quite a while. Amino Acids, such as Alanine, Arginine, Asparagine, Aspartic Acid and Cysteine, are already found in the body.

Some Amino Acids are synthesized by the body, while others, called “Essential Amino Acids,” must be obtained from outside sources. Amino Acids are water binding elements and antioxidants, with some wound healing capabilities. While Pentapeptides are promoted as being the most effective Amino acid compilation, our research suggests that Argireline®, which is not used in this formula, is far more effective. In fact, it has often been compared with Botox® due to its ability to relax facial muscles, but it lacks the side effects that come with Botox®. In clinical, studies Argireline® has been shown to be effective in lessening the depth of facial wrinkles—especially those that are caused by the contractions of facial muscles, such as crow’s feet and laugh lines.

StriVectin sales were strong at first, but as time has gone on, they seem to have waned a bit, as has its popularly with consumers. This line is notoriously over priced. In today’s world, it is important to people to get a lot of bang for their buck, and many seem to feel they are not getting that with this product line.

Another issue may be that this developer talks a lot about research conducted on its products, but fails to actually disclose all of the data. For example, they failed to explain who conducted the research. This kind of information is important to savvy consumers, some of which have said, “they also claim that they have done a bunch of research, but you are lucky to even find these reports.” Also, other consumers have expressed disappointment with the results they achieved with StriVectin. For example, one consumer wrote, “I have tried it, and it didn’t work for me, but they did give me my money back . . . eventually.”

• Most retailers offer a money-back guarantee for these products
• Carried on many websites

• Does not contain the most effective Amino Acid complex
• Scored low on consumer sites
• No free trial offered

 Final Thoughts
Many consumers initially try StriVectin because they have seen it on TV or in a magazine ad. In fact, this developer has waged a fierce marketing campaign, which has generated a lot of sales for them. However, when we looked beneath the hype, we found a mid tier product that does not use the most potent Amino Acid complex to ease wrinkles and facial lines. We found that people who tried this product constantly scored it low in terms of performance and price.

Some consumers who are considering this trying this product have said a free trial would have gone a long way toward allaying their fears regarding its viability; however, the company is not currently offering one. This is unfortunate, but many of the more confidant and results-oriented developers make this offer to consumers. We suggest people find a product that comes with a free trial so they can try the product out before they purchase full supply. We believe that if a company is confidant in their product’s abilities, offering such incentive should not be a problem.